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    What kind of experience do you need for IT jobs?

    Article by Tech Times. Where are the IT jobs? IT crosses almost every public and private sector: major corporations, the Government and especially the Department of Defense (the largest employer of the IT workforce), small business, the non-profits, education. Wherever there are computers, which is everywhere practically, there is the IT industry behind it. There are many career sites on the Internet to pick from, here is just a few career sites of the most popular ones. The IT consulting arena is another avenue of opportunity. What kind of education or experience do I need? There are careers in IT for people in all walks of life. Most of it is not rocket science 🙂 Some IT positions,…

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  • Marketing

    What is Affiliate Marketing?

    Affiliate marketing occurs when one Web site (an affiliate publisher) promotes another web site’s products or services (a merchant) in exchange for a commission. The merchant provides banner ads and text links for the affiliate to place on their website, and if an ad (which links to the merchant’s website) results in a sale, a sign up or a click, then the affiliate earns a commission. The best part about it for affiliates is that, hey, it’s free and easy – you refer your web site visitors to something they like, somebody else does the hard work of providing the product or service, and you receive the commission! The best…

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  • seo tips by Pierre Zarokian

    5 SEO Tips

    Article provided by Pierre Zarokian. 1. Write Keyword rich titles Titles matter. Without a keyword rich title—regardless of the type of content you’re creating—you won’t get much traffic, clicks, or conversions from your content. Improving your titles can not only improve your click-through rates but it’s also a way to help your brand stand out from the competition.  Here are a few ways to think about improving your titles:  Try to include your root keyword in your title Be as specific as possible  Include numbers in your headlines if relevant Use power words when possible If you’re having trouble coming up with a compelling blog title, Google to look for…

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  • link building pierre zarokian

    Are all backlinks good for SEO?

    Article by Pierre Zarokian. In 2019, Google made some announcements that created some waves in the SEO industry. First, the “nofollow” link attribute was going to be treated as a hint, rather than a signal not to count a link when determining a page’s ranking. This means that Google can choose to take some nofollow links into consideration when ranking certain pages. Second, they announced two new options intended to be the next evolution of the nofollow tag. Site owners are able to tag their links with “sponsored” or “ugc,” which add more specificity to identifying the types of links they want Google to ignore. However, SEO experts have admitted…

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    Alternatives to Amazon for Best Tech Buys

    B&H Established in 1973 B&H, is an electronics store in NYC that also has an online store. If you ever been to the actual location, you may have noticed that most the employees are Jewish, so they are closed on Saturdays. They specialize in cameras, computers, laptops, PC accessories, pro audio and video equipment. They usually have discount on major brands such as Apple, Canon, Nikon, Sony, LG, Dell, Fuji, Kodak, Leica, Olympus, Pentax, Samsung, HP, Panasonic…and many more! Has daily fresh deals Free shipping Newegg Newegg.com is an online marketplace like Amazon, but it specializes in electronic goods such as desktop computers, laptops, televisions, digital cameras, and more. By focusing…

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    3 ways you can make your website speed faster

    1- Optimize your images When you create your images, save it in the smallest form possible without loosing much quality. There are also tools to optimize images after the fact. WordPress also has some plugins that allows you to optimize all images of your website 2- Get rid of extra code Get rid of extra unused code on your page such as JavaScript and CSS. These kinds of things cannot easily be done by most basic web designers. You may need a good developer to do this for you. 3- Use a CDN What is a CDN? it stands for Content Delivery Network. It is a service that stores a…

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