What kind of experience do you need for IT jobs?

Article by Tech Times.

Where are the IT jobs?

IT crosses almost every public and private sector: major corporations, the Government and especially the Department of Defense (the largest employer of the IT workforce), small business, the non-profits, education. Wherever there are computers, which is everywhere practically, there is the IT industry behind it. There are many career sites on the Internet to pick from, here is just a few career sites of the most popular ones. The IT consulting arena is another avenue of opportunity.

What kind of education or experience do I need?

There are careers in IT for people in all walks of life. Most of it is not rocket science 🙂

Some IT positions, typically in the larger companies, require a college degree in a computer science, information science or related engineering discipline.

Some IT positions require that you have the skill set in a particular hardware and/or software that is in use by the employer, or on the project. Learn new skills either through online training programs, or through self-study courseware using audio, video, and computer based training (CBT) packages.

An IT certification shows that you have knowledge in a particular technology, such as a certified Java Developer, a Microsoft Certified Professional, an Adobe Certified Expert. Certification is looked upon very favorably by prospective employers, which conveys a professional image as well as a technical proficiency. Find out more on the certification page.

And some positions require that you just be in the right place at the right time! To gain more experience, you could easily volunteer your services in your community in order to get your foot in the door, literally! Contact your Chamber of Commerce, local business associations, churches, and your local school systems. Gain experience and insight about your interests and talents in IT while lending a helping (and very needed) hand.

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