Is IT mostly about computer programming?

No, but computer programming is part of IT. IT revolves around the development of computer systems to solve business problems or enable opportunity. Computers need computer programs. Think of it this way – a computer without software is like a tape player without a tape, like a Nintendo without a game cartridge, like a DVD player without a DVD – just a dumb box or board. Computers without software are useless. Therefore, computer programming and software engineering is a very critical component of IT, but just one of many key components and aspects of the IT field.

There are three sides to this house:

  • the hardware side of IT – the design, manufacture and maintenance of the hardware in which the software runs.This includes everything from computers as we know them, embedded electronics, telecommunications equipment — the stuff you can literally put your hands on.
  • the software side of IT – the software development life cycle that includes analysis, design, development, test, documentation, maintenance and ongoing support of software. There are two types of software, applications programs and systems programs. What is software? Instructions to electronic componentry in a language that it understands.
  • the peopleware side of IT – the people and processes that surround the development, delivery and maintenance of a computing system and it’s usage “from cradle to grave”.

Suffice to say that many different skills are needed in the IT field, not just programming know-how!