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3 ways you can make your website speed faster

1- Optimize your images

When you create your images, save it in the smallest form possible without loosing much quality. There are also tools to optimize images after the fact. WordPress also has some plugins that allows you to optimize all images of your website

2- Get rid of extra code

Get rid of extra unused code on your page such as JavaScript and CSS. These kinds of things cannot easily be done by most basic web designers. You may need a good developer to do this for you.

3- Use a CDN

What is a CDN? it stands for Content Delivery Network. It is a service that stores a copy of your website on hundreds of servers over the internet and serves a copy of your website to the user that is closest in location to them, hence resulting in a quicker load time. Not only this is beneficial in speed optimization, but also CDN’s give you protection against hacking and denial of service attacks (DOS).