How pathetic. Liberal icon Tom Brokaw groveling at the lap of Vivek Wadhwa, peddling the reverse brain drain myth. Picking on the poor "geniuses" we are sending back to India is not politically correct. Nevermind that this slumdog Kunal Bahl launched Snapdeal, which is an identical clone of Groupon, a site launced by Americans in America.

This is typical of the Indian inability to innovate and tendency to merely emulate. Until the liberals get it, American techies will be pinned between the pro-business right and the anti-American left. Brown man good, white man bad seems to be the mantra, and Brokaw the collaborator bought the H-1B lie hook, line, and sinker. Americans would be better off watching Dan Rather's hard hitting pieces on visa fraud that he has been reporting on at HDTV.

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You can read the transcript and comment here.  Fire for effect, insurgents.


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United States James
March 4. 2011 14:50

Figures. Seems some of our truth exposed on the web is trickling down to people and they are getting the message. Have to shore up India and hype the hell out of it. I smell some NASSCOM $ here.

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United States db
March 5. 2011 10:49

IT outsourcing was created years ago by Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric (GE). GE owns NBC, who put out the propaganda piece mentioned in the above article. Don't they also run a outsourcing sitcom?

See India Express (Daniel Lak) published 2008 pages 38-41 for documentation.

This media propaganda does not surprise me at all because I know how everyone is connected. Outsourcing isn't just some innocent economic anomaly.

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United States Dragon
March 5. 2011 13:41

All I can tell you this; the media is controlling by the Jews. Most of the Jews are controlling the economy of the US. The one who controlling the media can do whatever they want by the benefit of the riches. They don't care million and million of unemployed American. There is no doubt this video clip and article from MSNBC is a propaganda one, Bill Gates is owning a portion of MSNBC. Everybody knows Bill Gates is the king of supporting he cheap slave labor. Like I said before some how we must control the minimum wage or minimum salary for those Guest Workers and I am very sure none of them want to bring those slum dogs in the US because its cost is too damn expensive or equivalent to hire a local guy.

There are so many ways to control this mess but none of the US leaders are willing to do so because of money laudering... At the other end all of the US workers are taking care of the ugly tabs done by those crooks..


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United States H1b machine
March 6. 2011 12:47
H1b machine

no big deal.  we bribe a journalist. he new spokes journalist for h-1b. next story will be about how h-1b save American company with expert skill.  we will send transcript to Brokaw and he will read from teleprompter. once story complete we send him bribe check.

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United States Bobby Jindal
March 7. 2011 16:35
Bobby Jindal

Yep...entire H1 is liberal conspiracy.

BTW tea party supremo Sarah Palin is visiting India and talking to politicians and executives. You know very well what those executives want.

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March 7. 2011 19:35

What happens to an Indian nobody who has a great idea?  Would it be respected as his idea, or would it be stolen from him by the rich? And if he complained, would he be heard or merely hushed up?  This is the thing that America used to have that made it great: the absoluteness of individual rights, including rights to intellectual property.  But this American quality is waning fast in the wake of globalism.

If you think the economy is bad now, you haven't seen anything yet.


United States James
March 7. 2011 22:35

Sorry slumdogs, American manufacturing is still almost 50% bigger than China's

That must mean that it's 20 times the size of India's. BAWAHAHAHA!!!!

And all those American tech companies Indiots saved with expert skill? You must mean the ones like Microsoft who have seen their stock drop 80% on your watch. Or Sun, or Bell Labs, or Quark. Lot of FOR LEASE signs in Silicon Valley these days thanks to your "expert skill".

Delusional maderchods...

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India john
March 9. 2011 01:11

Its not big deal to see. some of our truth exposed on the web and it is trickling down to people. Its not fine.

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United States Joshua
March 10. 2011 18:36

I can't believe it, there is now another article trying to
support H1B immigration, what is going on?
How can anyone support bringing more slumdogs into this economy!
its insane!
now cnn is reporting this, are they crazy, how do they report this
today and reconcile with the GAO report from just days ago?
shocking lies

no site

March 10. 2011 22:10
tunnel rat

Yes, Josh.  I asked the same thing.  I was told that this happens every March, just before the April H-1B quota is open.

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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