I've been doing some research on America's first Chief Information Officer Vivek Kundra, and came across some interesting facts.  You may recall that Kundra was a controversial appointment that had a criminal record.

It has now come to my attention that Vivek's sister, Kavita Kundra, was also busted for theft in 1996.  A year later, she plead guilty and was fined $500, of which $400 was suspended.  The charges were almost identical to Vivek's, who was busted 38 days prior.  Were the Kundras operating some sort of shoplifting ring at the time?

Don't forget, Vivek Kundra had to take a fuckin' leave of absence to clean up the shitstorm that erupted after his former partners in crime got popped in a Washington D.C. contracting scam.  Does anybody think that a middle-aged cracker with an arrest record and this kind of bagage would get a cabinet level appointment? 

Of course not. 

But since this Desi douchebag has the genetic marker of Hindi genius (a notion perpetuated by the high-tech junta) , he gets a pass on all his prior transgressions.  This is typical in today's America.  We have been fed the lies about Hindu superiority for years, and the Desi retards (the average IQ of Indians is 81) have been forgiven for their ineptitude and poor communication skills for well over a decade now. 

They have risen to the upper echelon of our academic, business, and government institutions because of their exceptional skills at felatio and anus kissing, not because of some percieved racial mental superiority (they're allegedly good at "maths"), although the typical Indian will tell you otherwise.  They are now entrenched in our society, like NASSCOM spy Sunil Mithas and USINPAC shill Vivek Wadhwa,  furthering their campaign of occupational apartheid that I blogged about last year, and Vivek Kundra is just another example. 

Can the American techie feel safe while this klepto is in office?  Already, he has instituted a program to "re-educate" (as low-paid teachers) the techies that have been displaced by his patrons in the Indian outsourcing regime (more on that later).



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United States Bobby Jindal
May 27. 2010 15:10
Bobby Jindal

Check it out...another Indian heavily supported by the "conservative" tea party supremo, Palin - http://www.nikkihaley.com/.

And see how conservative bloogers are blaming the accusations on her as "taking down Indian lady" - www.redstate.com/.../

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United States James
May 27. 2010 20:57

Talk about kleptos. The lastest trend for IT bodyshops to steal qualified Americans' resumes, then put Indian or Chinese names on them and submit them for jobs. India and Chinese recruiters are keeping America's best IT workers out of the U.S. workforce.

Shops like Triple Crown Consulting:


I get 2-3 emails from these guys a month asking for my resume. Funny, every one of their recruiters is Asian, but I have never been hired once despite 18 years in the software biz and 20 commercial software products under my belt.

Call them up and ask for Mark Chen. Ask him if he is a PLA spy or works for the Chinese government.

The FBI needs to shut Triple Clown Consulting down because they are breaking Federal law and comitting visa fraud.

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United States James
May 27. 2010 22:44

Boy they really did a good bleach job on Haley. Her parents were Indian immigrants? With a name like Haley?

Oh I get it now... get into America, change your name to something to American, pop out a daughter, bleach the hell out of her so she looks white, then get her into office so she can subvert the nation and promote the interests of India, Inc. and the further takeover of America.

There is no length Indiots won't go to in order to rip off the U.S. economy. And promote India. No racsim going on there, right?

These people are spies!

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United States Rodney
May 28. 2010 01:32

Her real name is Randhawa Nimarata Haley.  The "Haley" is from her American husband, Mark.
She attends Methodist church.  If her parents are Christian, it means they likely faced discrimination from Hindus in India.
I don't know anything about her, but I presume she's very conservative.  In South Carolina, the Democrats are more conservative than most Republicans nationwide.

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United States Bobby Jindal
May 28. 2010 11:15
Bobby Jindal

With Booby (Piyush) Jindal already at the governor's mansion in Louisiana, its cool if Nikki (Randhawa) Haley takes the South Carolina mansion.

Ain't it sweet that both of them are from your favorite party, the GOP!!!

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May 28. 2010 11:18
tunnel rat

We all here know the difference between Westernized and articulate people of Indian decent and the typical arrogant, putrid, marble-mouthed Hindu-facist slumdog who is working in I.T.


United States Crapstory
May 28. 2010 15:59

Hey Tunnel Rat, first learn some proper English, it's Indian "descent" not "decent", and you are the one who goes around calling everyone else's English as vernacular, it's funny to see what a joke of a creature you are

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United States Rodney
May 28. 2010 18:00

Vivek Kundra

Weren't there "issues" with his resume also?

Was he the guy who claimed to be CIO/CEO of a company that didn't exist?

Plus, there were problems with his alleged academics at the Univ of Maryland.  Does have a BS in biology or psychology?  Does he have an MS in anything?

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May 28. 2010 20:05
tunnel rat

Yes Rodney, his is a typical bloviating Desi with fabricated credentials.  


United States James
May 30. 2010 13:47

He has an MS in B.S.

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