From Bloomberg:

Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp., the biggest U.S. sponsor of H-1B visas for foreign information technology specialists, says a civil rights lawsuit accusing the firm of bias against workers who aren’t from India is all wrong.

Three former employees claim they were forced out of their jobs and replaced with “less qualified” South Asians after being poorly treated by their Indian supervisors and colleagues, given unjustifiably low performance ratings and denied promotions...

...Cognizant received 29,000 H1-B visas last year, according to Homeland Security Department data, about twice as much as Tata Consultancy Services Ltd., second on the list. The biggest U.S. technology companies, such as Inc., Microsoft Corp., and Google Inc., are much further down the list with fewer than 5,000 sponsored visas each.

TCS may have to face a class-action trial later this year in Oakland, California, by American workers who claim they lost their jobs because the company is biased in favor of South Asian IT employees. The same Washington law firm representing the workers from TCS and Cognizant is pressing similar claims against Infosys Ltd. and Wipro Ltd., two other IT outsourcing firms.

TCS, Infosys and Wipro are all based in India. Cognizant’s headquarters is in Teaneck, New Jersey.


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United States Indian-Rapist
March 28. 2018 07:03

that's funny. I hope curry-lovin' companies like this get sued every day, all day, until they go out of business completely.  What other country on Earth, in the history of Earth, would allow this ?  When this happens somewhere else, riots and violence occur, but that just won't do in liberal snowflake idiot-dominated America, where nothing that middle class citizens work for is deserved in any way.  I'm not a big fan of litigation, but I say more and more lawsuits like this are needed.  Drive up the cost of doing H1B job robber business in the U.S., let them all move to Canada.  Time for job robber trash to go home, for good

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United States MAGA
March 28. 2018 07:09

Time for a #MeToo for tech workers who lost their jobs due to such discrimination.

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United States James
March 28. 2018 10:53

Vicious does not begin to describe it.

Just look at this face of hate. These people are here to hurt and rob us.

Millions of them are here now targeting every white American they can find for removal.



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United States James
March 28. 2018 11:00

They will never win in a CA court. No CA court will rule against immigrants.

Guy Santiglia of Sun tried this same thing back in the early 2000s when the same thing happened to him at Sun. Judge laughed st him and he lost.

The Indians and Chinese workers destroyed Sun BTW. It is no more.

What the article also doesn’t mention is that these bodyshops are using the L-1 visa to bring in MILLIONS of these losers. L-1 caps have no limits and these looters remit every dollar they can right back to India where they are worth a fortune. The Americans they threw out of jobs would have spent or saved their pay back into the US economy.

And we wonder why we have such economic problems with millions of these frauds here draining our economy dry.

On top of that WE train them and they steal our trade secrets so they can move our industries back to their own countries.

Federal Governemnt are you even remotely listening?

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United States James
March 28. 2018 11:10

“Cognizant says the alleged discrimination isn’t covered by law”

It most certainly is. Here, I’ll draw them a diagram:

- Civil Rights Act of 1964 makes illegal race as a determinant in hiring. We all know slumdog bodyshops HATE white people and only hire 99% Indians.

- Title 8, Section 1182 Inadmissible Aliens, Subsection 5 makes it illegal to even admit ANY foreign national to the US for purposes of work if Americans are unemployed. Right now 90 million Americans are unemployed.

- US fraud laws. If Americans are training their replacements, then their replacements don’t have the special skills claimed which means they got their visas and entered under fraudulent pretenses. Fraud is a federal crime UNDER LAW.

- Slumdog recruiters steal Americans’ resumes, paste Indians’ names on them and send them in for the jobs. Americans never get hired, slumdogs get hired on fraudulent resumes. More Federal crime violations.

- Slumdog shops pay below the prevailing wage which means they are also breaking that law.

There, I just showed 5 laws SST’s are breaking. Not covered by law?

No, most clearly covered by law.

Keywords for a google to use so our incompetent govt can figure out what’s going on:

Fake resumes
Fake degrees
Azim Premji
Border Patrol
Foreign Industrial Espionage

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United States James
March 28. 2018 11:40

Sorry slumdogs, the jig is finally up:

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United States ScammersGoHome
March 29. 2018 01:44

Cognizant's blatant lie that the world is flat (they don't discriminate in favor of indians in OUR country) is justifiably being met with a class action lawsuit.

Oh, is it our imagination that the Cognizant contractors appear to the human eye to all be indians? These very dishonest individuals would apparently like to convince us so. Let's follow the progress of this lawsuit and hope for stinging convictions.

But fines and new laws that are never enforced won't do it.

Following conviction, what is needed are prison time followed by deportation of the officers who are not yet U.S. citizens or hold green cards.

We have EEO laws for a reason. Who do indians think they are that they can flout them?

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United States patriot
March 30. 2018 01:15

Americans need to start recording job interviews where Americans are unfairly treated by all INDIAN hiring panels and also of the INDIAN dominated office parks in America. Send to local media, press government to enforce laws that are not being enforced to shut down this racist process.

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United States SeeingThings
March 30. 2018 11:06

Oh, absolutely the Cognizant way is rampant discrimination against Americans and especially against American women.  I will volunteer my testimony as a very creditable witness.

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United States Old Skool Dev
March 31. 2018 05:03
Old Skool Dev

I hope they keep at it and keep the low quality staff.  These programmers/dbas/systems people is absolute crap.

Visit any Forum, QA, or support board.  Look for a stupid question or two and just follow the thread.  These "Experts" do Not even a have a basic understanding.

Here's one :

Read through some of the basic questions.  This fools been at it since 2006 and still has no idea.  Cannot troubleshoot and doesn't even know where to start.

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United States patriot
March 31. 2018 11:57

Agree most of these slumdogs lack the IQ of a 2nd grader! Check this out:

These Indiots cannot even figure out stuff that I knew as basic common sense when I was 12 years old!
AND why exactly are we importing or sending jobs overseas to these morons?

It will cost us in the long run as well due to the short sighted greed and stupidity of the bankers and fat cat
execs and corrupt bought and paid for US Congress.

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United States indian american
April 1. 2018 06:48
indian american

We don't even have to outnumber you.  We just need to take key positions in the federal government and democratic party, and from there we can keep the blacks and hispanics agitated against you.

You are rapidly in decline to 50% of the population or less.  There are billions of colored people around the world who want to come to America.  Even as I write this, there are central Americans headed through Mexico to America.  Read for yourself:

Meanwhile, you guys are such losers that you have to sexpat in Asia and breed with ugly Asian women, creating ugly whasian kids.

Part of me actually didn't want to believe this was happening, because I like some of you.  But the evidence is there:  white Americans are in terminal, structural decline.

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United States Amit Arora
April 1. 2018 09:51
Amit Arora

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United States patriot
April 3. 2018 01:10

Jeezus! WTF is it with racist slumdogs coming on here now to harass Americans?

Idiots like this turd Indian American are bragging that they are the master race when they are morons. INDIA is a corrupt third world shithole that is why they want to all leave their country and infect the USA and west. Everything these Indiots touch turns to crap.

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United States James
April 5. 2018 19:49

Billions of colored people around the world who want to come to the US.

Yes and that would destroy the US since if they can’t make their own countries work then they sure can’t help the US.

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United States PolishKnightUSA
April 10. 2018 09:37

“We just need to take key positions in the federal government and democratic party, and from there we can keep the blacks and hispanics agitated against you.”

This certainly works as long as the pony tailed silicon valley cuck white male liberals refuse to see the light and think that white male bashing is the way to go.  That results in uniting not only the blacks and hispanics but also Muslims along with gays, feminists and Jews in one massive political coalition that makes about as much sense as asking an untouchable to hand feed grapes to a Patel.

When that whole race card entitlement game goes belly up, NOBODY will want to hang around with Indians if only because Indians openly demonstrate they’re the most racist people in the universe especially against Hispanics and blacks.  Nearly all blacks and hispanics would rather drink with me than hang around with an Indian.  Heck, I think Indians are sort of like the poison pill for this whole race entitlement thing. They’re the turd in the punch bowl.

Run an Indian American for president?


They’d put Trump and then Ivanka in for the next 20 years if only to avoid that.  

The left will need to run a populist candidate which is difficult because douchebag leftists such as Sanders and Hillary have made themselves irrelevant.  Obama was a historic president but now the question all Democrats will ask is: If they run another African American, does that mean that the other groups no longer matter?  So the natural thing will be to run a Latino but that will require them to find someone who, like Obama, won’t totally turn off the (few remaining) white liberals out there.  Someone like Rubio but in Democratic party form.

For the record, I’m rather glad that Indians have revealed themselves to be (nearly) incapable of little more than scamming and sleazy racists.  If they really were tech geniuses, I would be worried.  

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United States James
April 15. 2018 23:09

H-1Bs not best and brightest

The entire H-1B program is a wealth redistribution mechanism and International Socialism.

It is also an industrial spy program for foreign powers.

Foreign countries are looting our industries blind.

Epic Systems wins $940 mln U.S. jury verdict in Tata trade secret case

Asia’s rampant cheating problem

Why do Chinese students think it’s OK to cheat?

The SAT has a cheating problem in Asia

India's renowned education system has a flip side: Ingrained cheating

Chinese Student Spies Overwhelm US

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United States James
April 18. 2018 05:18

Another Kevin Flannagan courtesy of the Indian Mafia

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United States James
April 18. 2018 05:19

The Indian Mafia strikes again!

Broadband advisor picked by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai arrested on fraud charges

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United States James
April 18. 2018 09:58

Another nasty slumdog exec shitcanned

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India Vaishali Mishra
April 20. 2018 12:16
Vaishali Mishra

Here is the problem Indian-American:-

You keep wishing for whites to become some subserviant populace who will lose out to other non white immigrant groups and yet love to gloat as this being some sort of boon for the Indian-American community there.

Well sir, let me tell you something:

1). Whites are never going to lose out to others. Yes, there will be a period of turmoil and strife owing to unnatural and over the top immigration issues including criminal illegal aliens. But knowing the very high IQ, creative ingenuity and above all outstanding if not excellent team working skills that whites and perhaps North East Asians possess, they will always end up the victors. Even if civilsation for some reason completely ends tommorrow. Whites in America or Europe owing to their highly sophisticated and well structured Christian cultural values will probably carve out their own lands and rebuild their civilizations to even greater heights in a relatively short span of time - making them the envy of the world once again!

2). Now, lets look at the scnario you propose. Even if those caravans of illegal Central Americans come in ( which I highly doubt considering Pres. Trump's border security plan) or for that matter your urban democrat voting Blacks, Muslims et al take over. How do you think this is going to pan out for Hindus in America?

Answer: Not good at all. It would simply be catastrophic for Indian-Americans especially Hindu Americans. Why? Because, these non white/ non western groups won't show the level of tolerance, benovelence and altruistic sense of good will that white Christian Europeans whether in Europe or America tend to show towards us Hindus. The Muslims, blacks and even the Chinese will eat us alive. Like Africa, once the Blacks took over - they will first target the weakest sections aka Hindus and after persecuting is will kick us out of America. Idi-Amin did the same with Hindu settlers in Africa. The Mexican cartels & Muslim gangs/ terrorists will have a field day chopping our heads-off or blowing our temples and businesses to pieces.
After all hell breaks loose, you will perhaps beg and pray to take-away every hatred and ill-will you had towards whites and Christians in general. You will beg for the white man to return and restore order and civilization. You will beg for a white nation where you can both prosper and live a very high standard of qualiy life.

Be careful what you wish for Indian-American. The trouble is that, it might just happen & trust me, you won't like it one bit!

Namaste Bhai!

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United States James
April 20. 2018 18:42

Now the slumdogs raped and murdered a 9 year old girl.

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United States James
April 21. 2018 12:16

@Vaishali MishraApril

Incredibly well written and articulate. Bravo!


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United States Indian-Rapist
April 22. 2018 00:50

I always get a hardy laugh out of listening to indian shits crow about how superior they are, or the pro-H1B arguments to the effect of how "immigrants created America", and how some percentage of CEO in America came from other countries, as if all of that somehow justifies cheap third world H1B con artists coming here and stealing. You can always count on one thing in this world: if someone is determined to steal from you, they'll come up with any argument - the more xenophobic and racist the better - in order to justify separating you from what is rightfully yours. You see it throughout history, in every culture and race, white's too.  Today, and for the last 20 or so years, stupid indians have convinced themselves that they are entitled to go to other countries to "harvest" jobs and opportunities, and no argument could ever convince them otherwise.  If you happen to read the comment sections in some online articles pertaining to the "H1B Struggle", you will in fact see some indians actually making common sense statements.  These few though are immediately attacked by all the hindu scabs; how dare you rain on job-robbing parade and buck the party line!!!  Common sense never figures into robbing others. If you ask a bank robber why he's stealing, I'm sure he'll come up with the best arguments as to why this is appropriate course of action for his situation; his morals are inarguable. Indian culture and morality, in any definition, don't mix.  Indian culture is that of any means justify your ends, anything.  It's a culture of stealing and graft and corruption and lying.  They'll argue to death that in fact india is NOT like that, but all one has to do is go there and see how those predominant factors will make sure that india is forever a turd world shithole that can never rise higher than that level. Institutionalized corruption, woven into facet of society, everyone stealing from everyone else, and all of it being sanctioned institutionalized larceny, it's in their DNA. So is it then expected that when they take a plane ride over here, that all is supposed to change in a day?  You might say that india is so far away and a completely different place where our laws of societal determination don't operate; I say look no further than Mexico right below us, which operates in much the same way as india.  Mexico and America started off their independence at a similar time in history, and weren't all that different in terms of living standards back then.  Fast forward 200 years later, and you can see the resulting differences between a society that embraces hard work and looks down on corruption, versus one that worships corruption and punishes hard work and innovation. At the end of the day, whether they want to believe it or not - and it's my belief that most of them do in fact acknowledge it - indian slaves were brought to the US to toil as cheap indentured servants in IT to break the monopoly of creative innovative higher-paid non indians; how often do you see most companies thinking forward to the future instead of in the immediate short-term quest for get-rich-quick profits at the expense of future opportunities? IF a company can bring in a cheap indian slave and boost up the stock price today, who cares if that ends up wrecking the company 5 years later, let the next CEO deal with that problem. If a company's stock price isn't going up at some ridiculous rate, do you think the first thing the CIO thinks is, "I better replace these hardworking efficient Americans with more expensive and more efficient indians" ?  indians are cheap slaves, as they always have been, either whether subjugated by Europeans or their own, and that's why companies love H1B, because if American companies had their way, EVERY employee would be a slave, just like America enjoyed the fruits of slavery centuries ago for its industry, to build railroads, etc.  H1B's are modern day high tech coolies with fake CV's and bad hygiene. But nothing lasts forever, and even cheap h1B turds now have to contend with even cheaper dumber know-it-all turds, and guess what, these new turds don't need to come over here on H1B's, and these new cheaper turds speak English, and know to take take baths on a regular basis, and buy into Western societal norms.  Yes, the Millennials are here Raja and Kumar.  You don't have to worry so much anymore about older white males complaining about your gaslighting and lying and stupidity, you should be a lot more worried about some 25-year-old know-it-all with tattoos, a beard and man-bun, who is a citizen and doesn't need to travel home for an arranged marriage to some fat well-fed Desi hairy woman. I'd be a lot more concerned with that if I were you.  And although this new breed of hipster IT person claims to be a liberal snowflake open to all other races and ethnicities, trust me when I tell you that when since companies love cheap slaves more than life itself, when it comes to choosing between you Raja and some Millennial turd that's already here, will work for less than you, and will code all day and night in a hackathon for the price of some free Coca Cola, you don't stand much of a chance, you'll be wishing for the good ol' day of dealing with seasoned American professionals that operate like adults. When it's all about slaves, as cheap as indians are, they still aren't as cheap as Millennials who can barely afford apartments and programming for fun on  Good luck with the next generation of American IT slaves, who don't know they're slaves and are happy to have any job that doesn't involve flipping burgers or making lattes  

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United States indian american
April 22. 2018 05:05
indian american

I would rather team up with the jews, blacks, hispanics, asians, and muslims, than the white man.

We hate and despise you all, every last one of you.  We all wish you had long ago decided to stay in your shitty villages in Europe and left the world alone.

You Indian cucks can be servile to the white man and see how far you get.  You are smelly brown subhumans to them.  They all want you back in India, as proven by this blog.

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United States PolishKnightUSA
April 22. 2018 11:02

In a previous hellhole I worked, I sometimes wondered if the curry odor and mess in the pantry (the microwaves in particular.
Whew!) would achieve a sort of sentient consciousness that the H-1bs seemed to never acquire.  

It turns out, my horror has come to life better than any film could envision:

It's alive!!!!

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India Vaishali Mishra
April 23. 2018 01:10
Vaishali Mishra

James, what is worse is that an 8 year old Muslim girl was sodomized, raped brutally and killed by an Indian minister of the ruling nationalist BJP government and a high ranking Police Officer. The little girl's name was Asifa. This is India - a land of chaos, dirt and worse of all, lawlessness and Goondagiri. This is the third world!

I'm proud of my Hindu heritage but even I feel a state of utter disgust & despair when I see how our fellow Indians ruin things. Fact is we can't run a civilized nation. A nation or world run by third world people and I hate to say this, but even my own kith and kin will be infintely worse than that run by Europeans and their progeny whether in continental Europe & the UK or for that matter their satellite nations in North America ( US/ Canada) and Oceania ( Australia/ New Zealand).

A great example of devolution and lowering in the standard of living of an erstwhile 1st world nation which was run successfully by White European Christians aka South Africa has now turned into a near third world cesspool where even clean water in not available in cities like Capetown when Blacks take control.

This is a sad reality we will have to acknolwledge. I do not begrudge anyone, but I'm aware and red-pilled to reality! Democrat supporting Indians like the ones above are clueless to reality. By atempting to destroy European influence and people, they will only accelerate their own demise. The Indian economy and scientific-industrial infrastructure heavily depends on western & Russian ingenuity. No  white man! No modern India. Its really that simple!

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United States James
April 23. 2018 08:30

Watch as these looters discuss how to manipulate the US

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United States Bigen
April 23. 2018 11:35

Check out this thread. More and more people have wised up to the threat of slum dogs to America.

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United States James
April 23. 2018 21:11

15 years ago this month, April 2003, @BankofAmerica employee, Kevin Flanagan, killed himself after training his replacement & being let go. Let’s do a #remembrance for him, and perhaps many others #hidden cases, on how #h1bKills. #RememberKevinFlanagan. Please spread/RT. #endH1B

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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