Tunnel Rat posted on March 23, 2018 11:30

The latest from Prof. Norm Matloff in Medium:

...This stranglehold on foreign workers enables firms to pay low wages. Academics with industry funding claim otherwise, but one can see how it makes basic economic sense: If a worker is not a free agent in the labor market, she cannot swing the best salary deal. And while the industry’s clout gives it bipartisan congressional support concerning H-1B and green card policy, Congress’s own commissioned report found that H-1B workers “received lower wages, less senior job titles, smaller signing bonuses and smaller pay and compensation increases than would be typical for the work they actually did.”..

 ...Another dirty little secret in all this is that the H-1B program is an enabler of rampant age discrimination in the tech industry. Age is actually one of the core issues in H-1B. Mind you, we are talking about age 35 as being “old” here, not 55. Almost all the H-1Bs are young, and younger is cheaper. And young H-1Bs are even cheaper than young Americans.

Age gives employers an excuse to shun American applicants, on the grounds that a given job opening requires only three to five years of experience, rendering the Americans “overqualified.” Or the employer will load the job description with unnecessary requirements, making the Americans simultaneously under- and overqualified. That doesn’t leave much room, does it?.. 




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United States patriot
March 23. 2018 15:08

One possible solution is for Americans to start fabricating and lying on their resumes. Heck the Indian
curry wage scumbags do it all the time and get away with it. Time to give these dirtbags a taste
of their own medicine! Fake degrees and experience can also be fabricated.

The American politicians in CON-GRESS don't care about Americans they care more about lining their pockets
with kickbacks from the Indian mafia and corrupt bankers and getting re-elected. Hell they care more about
foreign illegal criminal dirtbags than law abiding US Citizens!

The better path is to get enough politicians and greedy bankers scared out of their wits with mass protests and
violence to shake in their boots to actually make changes and abolish the guest worker visa system and heavily
fine and penalize outsourcing.

TRUMP is trying to actually do something about this but the majority of Congress is compromised already.

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United States James
March 23. 2018 19:58

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United States indian american
March 23. 2018 23:04
indian american

We don't take you or your threats very seriously at all.  Look at the title of this blog.  Even you refer to yourself as a "grunt."  Not Life of an IT Master.  Not Life of an IT Boss.  But Life of an IT Grunt.  That pretty much sums it up.

There are some 3.5 million Indians spread out across America.  H1b is a subset of IT, and IT is in turn a subset of Indians.

It would be like saying "Let's make the NBA white", and you do that, and you somehow think you've done something about the 40 plus million black Americans.  It's a joke.

We'll fight back this year and in 2020.  You white Americans don't control the world let alone your own country.

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India Brahmins
March 25. 2018 19:26

What I see is the conspiracy by the american elite to bring highly intelligent Brahmins to USA and drain India off its brain power. And you have to also understand the additional benefit US gets - the most wanted high IQ brahmins at lower wage.

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United States PolishKnightUSA
March 26. 2018 05:34

Philosophical observation: Many of the laid off tech workers in Silicon Valley and other metro regions have been flaming leftists who loved affirmative action as long as they felt they were above it.  This includes many women and non-Indians who thought they were going to get an easy race/gender card gravy train for life for "historical oppression" that never applied to them.

Obama's father was a immigrant who came to the country willingly and enjoyed a middle class lifestyle and his white mother.  Technically, anyone whose half white has their "privilege" cancelled out by their oppressed half.  For women in particular, any historical oppression women supposedly suffered was moot since they also inherited privilege from their father.  This is how a feminist could ride around in Daddy's BMW to rallies to talk about how oppressed she is.  Elizabeth Warren's 2 percent or so Native American ancestry is a joke.  She's 98 percent oppressor.  

Now even for those groups that have legitimate claims to ancestral oppression (full blooded Native Americans, descendants of African-American slaves), most of them have lived their lives in an era of effective reparations: Affirmative action and welfare.  

It's largely only white males alive today that have experienced actual, personal experience with legal civil rights discrimination.   Indians are one of the few examples of a race card group so successful they've managed to make nearly everyone else victims of legal discrimination as well.

So when we talk about "retribution", it will require a massive adjustment of the white guilt/libertarian attitude of most tech workers.  It will mean radically readjusting the current mindset.  It won't be solved merely by hoping to wait for the problem to go away without having uncomfortable discussions.

For the evolved, it can sometimes be painful waiting for the rest of the world to play 'catchup".  You'll all get this eventually and I'll laugh as you claim it was your idea all along.  

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United States James
March 26. 2018 17:48

India Incs now have a stranglehold on ALL US tech hiring. They only hire Indians. Total violation of US law. They are also stealing our industrial secrets.

True mastery of programming takes a lot more than 3-5 years, trust me.

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United States Indian-Rapist
March 28. 2018 06:35

Poor unfortunate Bay-area California.  How nice it was so long ago.  Today, Silicon Valley fucks have turned it into a steaming pile of curry-and-Millennial-Snowflake moron stew. Why does anyone want to live up there?  I get calls all the time, "move up to SF, great paying jobs!!!!"...yeah, awesome.  Stepping over human shit, liberal idiots abound, homeless people everywhere, $4K/month cramped apartments, indians galore, drug epidemic...what's not to love ???!!!  I think the most perplexing thing about that place, is how can an area be so concentrated with liberal snowflake dummies, so into claiming how they are all for societal causes, and at the same time you have the worst concentration of self-absorbed, selfie-snapping, most greedy and materialistic and uncaring class of people ever to plague the landscape.  They're all for H1B's flooding into this country - as long as it doesn't get in the way of their pursuit of stepping on everyone else.  They all hate Trump with every cell in their body, but they'd do anything and screw anyone over to assume his lifestyle. It's the biggest phony-baloney bullshit place in this country.  They moan and groan about social causes, but they can't import in enough H1B slaves to help fuel their stop options; their social justice warrior efforts end right before they interfere with any wealth objectives they harbor. As far as I'm concerned, all of the H1B trash should just be concentrated up in that area, a job-robber zone if you will, and then just keep it isolated from the rest of us.

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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