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The Trump administration is tightening the rules for companies that contract out high-skilled workers who are in this country on H-1B visas.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services agency issued a new policy memo on Thursday that requires "detailed statements of work or work orders" about the work that will be performed when an H-1B visa worker is employed at a third-party work site. Employers will have to file more details that support the need for foreign talent.

H-1B visas are controversial. American tech companies use them to hire highly skilled foreign workers, such as engineers, IT specialists, architects among others, in situations in which they say there is a shortage of U.S.-born talent. The visas are good for three years and renewable for another three-year term.

Critics of the visas — 85,000 of which are issued every year — say American workers are aced out of competition with workers who can be paid less.

As CNN reports, "Indian outsourcing firms will be the hardest hit. Indian workers receive more than 70% of all H-1B visas."

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United States H1B_Moron
March 4. 2018 08:27

that's great that the government is acting on this now, but it's truly the proverbial "closing the barn door after the horse gets out".  Today, what was once a thriving middle class profession, has been so decimated by over 15 years of drowning in cheap stupid curry, that the new equilibrium is that of the lowest standards and wages and quality.  It's not even about fixing getting back to what was, today the new norm is cheap know-it-all Millennial morons straight out of 6-month hacker school being "CTO's" and you can only get a job if you can prove that you can do a Fizz-Buzz test in the latest hipster programming language.  Thanks to companies and our government turning IT in a ditch-digging-type profession, I think that's what everyone in this business has to look forward to until they can either retire or finally find a way out of it completely.  Perhaps that's the ultimate revenge on the H1B job robbing trash: their kind now being threatened by an even dumber and cheaper form of IT labor, and one that is homegrown to boot. Unfortunately, the "cure" ends up killing the patient. One wonders what comes next, high school interns, inmate IT labor.  IT has been completely Walmart-ized, and there's no floor in the race to the bottom.

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United States James
March 5. 2018 07:43

When I see them all arrested and deported, then I'll cheer.

And it's probably already too late as we have already let tens of millions of the looters in and they have settled down.

Anything other than full military roundup is too little too late.

And I can guarantee you if this went on in India or China, that is what would happen.

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United States Mr. X
March 6. 2018 03:58
Mr. X

H1B Visa Holder Deported - Port of Entry Due to Fake Resume on iPhone
Old news, but still funny. The indian student can barely put together a long english sentence that makes sense, but he was stealing an american job.

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United States MAGA
March 6. 2018 10:04

Workers are just means to an end for corporations. Apple is moving their cloud data to China. Good luck with retaining anything in the US with such a trend.

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United States indian american
March 7. 2018 09:37
indian american

Let me say this:  we Indians know the score.  Don't think we are all stupid.

We KNOW that you guys cower from the negroes, and that you work your entire lives to shelter, feed, and take care of them, even while they murder you.
We KNOW that the Jews completely control your media and financial system, and are stealing trillions and trillions of dollars.

What, did you think we respect you crackers, a race of slaves?  A slave race, like white Americans, is only good to be colonized.  We are here to extract and extract, we will not let up, we will never let up.

You are only replaceable economic units to us, alarm clock punching and taxpaying donkeys.  We have no respect for you.  We do respect the Mexicans and Chinese, those guys have pride and culture.  You crackers can play video games, perform gigs in crummy dive bars, and suck negro cock the rest of your lives for all we care.

You may have one a battle with Trump, but you are losing the war.  The long demographic and economic war that ends with your demise, your replacement.

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United States Seeing Things
March 10. 2018 09:35
Seeing Things

The big thing will be the huge numbers of H1b's already here who won't go home, the ones who brought their families over and had children here and the ones who have green cards and many even citizenship. These are the ones now trying to manage IT departments and doing a miserable job of it - while still giving preferment to their own compatriots. I'm afraid we won't be seeing them leave.

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United States James
March 13. 2018 09:00

Here is the perfect example of how India's NASSCOM uses paid PR "news" stories to scam the US media.

Too bad this clown didn't invent the tech claimed. It was invented in Japan years ago:

His "startup" will take loads of US capital, employ only foreign workers, who will send the remittances (our money) right back to their own countries, then in 3 years it will close up shop and never be seen again.

We will be out our $ and the company of course will never produce anything or provide jobs for any Americans.

India's mass-remittance scamming under H-1B continues unabated...

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