"...One more lie is that we even have a shortage of technical workers (this is what the Obama Administration liked to claim). What we have is a shortage of technical workers who will accept shit wages.

...You see the point of this H-1B reform will be mainly to get rid of the Indian outsourcers so their H-1B slots can be used by American companies hiring directly. It’s for this reason that the Indian companies are hiring U.S. citizens as fast as they can. And the U.S. companies are preparing, too, by practicing all those techniques that will allow them to appear to seek qualified domestic candidates and yet not find them. Toward that end, for example, I’m hearing that one big company that rhymes with IBM is starting to use recruiters whose native language is not English. This is not to say that non-native speakers can’t learn wonderful English or be consummate H.R. professionals, but the track record of big companies that rhyme with IBM is not good in this area.

For all their billions in profits (and billions more in repatriated profits) these companies, which include biggies like Apple and Google, just can’t seem to bring themselves to pay market rates for labor if they can wriggle out of doing so. The Trump Administration sure isn’t going to make them do it, either. And for these reasons I predict that the H-1B visa program may change in 2018 but its problems will remain pretty much the same."

- Link


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United States indian american
February 2. 2018 13:26
indian american

Face it, white America.  You are a spent force.
Your ancestors destroyed the man, Adolf Hitler, who was trying to secure a future for all white nations.
Your ancestors gave civil rights to blacks, and invited them into your neighborhoods and workplaces.
Your ancestors opened the doors of America to the world, allowing immigrants like ourselves in.

And you want me to believe that you, you nerdy, beta white men staring at computer screens, are going to reverse any of this?

I laugh!  I repeat, I laugh in your face, whitey.  We will keep breeding, we will keep coming to America.  What are you going to do about it.  Nothing!

no site

United States patriot
February 4. 2018 10:57

Foolish arrogant puffed indiots,

Eventually you will be replaced by AI and robots so enjoy the decline. Americans built technology and India can only leech and steal jobs. Sooner or later, your scams will fail and then you can go back to building toilets and clean up your toilet of a country.

no site

United States Bobinator
February 5. 2018 03:06

Can we start deleting posts from Indian American?  It's just pure flaimbait.  I'd like to have some reasonable discourse about this rather than just people all riled up and angry over nothing.

By the way, Tunnel Rat, If you compare the pay loss of allowing big tech to enter into illegal non-poaching hiring amongst themselves, and the cost of making investments in anti-immigration organizations, I think that is a worthwhile discussion and should be on the lefthand pane of your site.  Only 3-4 billion gets spent on lobbying in a year, and if thousands of IT Pro's began investing hundreds to thousands of dollars a year in anti-immigration organizations, that would push a lot of the slave-robber managers out of jobs and onto the streets or into jail cells where they belong.  Main item here to remember is that politics is an investment, and you will see a return on that investment.  

Here's one group looking to largely end H1B and even H2B.


no site

United States James
February 6. 2018 01:00

Yep Bob has been covering and exposing this for years.

We all know full well what the India Incs Organied Crime Syndicates masquerading as “business” in America are doing.

We know FULL well what these criminals are doing to our country.

No matter since we’ll know everything India Incs touch DIES which means they will all be out of jobs eventually.

no site

United States James
February 6. 2018 01:02

No need to worry about boasting Indiots because they are mere imitators and have never created anything. Those nerdy white men staring at screens invented the modern world and everything in it.

no site

United States Rat Patrol
February 7. 2018 09:36
Rat Patrol

there's a different perspective copied and pasted below. it says that Infosys was found guilty of fraud and that is why they are doing this. now they will be subject to American labor laws and that forbid discrimination upon race, caste, or creed

Infosys, an Indian Outsourcing Company, Says It Will Create 10,000 U.S. Jobs - The New York Times

Stephen Jean Landess
5/4/2017 8:31 AM PDT [Edited]
This is what is wrong with journalism today. So-called journalists don't do proper fact-checking. Infosys paid a $34 million fine for using the B-1 (Visitor) visa for their billable workers. The B-1 visa is NOT a work visa, it is a business visitor visa. Infosys was cheating and gaming the system, knowing that the government was lax in enforcing the B-1 visa requirements, and that is why Jack Palmer blew the whistle on them, leading to the fine...
"In 2013 Infosys paid a record $34 million settlement following a Justice Department investigation into allegations of systemic fraud and abuse with another work visa."

no site

United States Bigen
February 7. 2018 11:48

Check this out.  India has the highest IQ........among the $hithole countries.


no site

United States indian american
February 7. 2018 19:46
indian american

Everything I write is true.

You are old, dying white men.  You stare at computer screens while your corporate overlords and politicians betray you.  We are young, healthy Indians.  We sense your weakness and are moving in for the kill.

Deal with it.  Of course, you can always drown yourselves in fentanyl or heroin if it's too much to handle.  Many white men seem to be taking that route these days.

no site

United States H1B_Moron
February 9. 2018 00:43

interesting.  For sure Curry Land isn't even in the top 10...but it doesn't even in register tertiary scale.  Nothing new or shocking here of course.  india - as we all know - is a third/turd-world shit hole ( as Trump would say ), that breeds con men and morons


no site

United States patriot
February 9. 2018 02:27

@indian American maderchod

No, you indiots come here, steal jobs, get fat and look like toads in a few years. Then you hate on
the country that gave you the job and you secretly hate your indians at the same time.

no site

United States jimmylegaro
February 9. 2018 11:37

Ha what a laugh. In India people off themselves all over the place. The farmer drinks poison, the wife hangs herself because of dowry harassment, the student jumps into a river since he failed his boards.
They kill themselves for all sorts of reasons in the horrific country. I know since I've lived here for ten years now.
There are so many Indians that they will do anything to get the hell out of here. A lot of them just don't fit into Indian culture so they move to the west and assimilate. Most go the the west with the idea of saving a crore or two and coming back to India and living off the interest.
Soon with the advent of Adhaar card the Indians will feel the noose of the government on their neck, more than what they have now. Most people don't know how heavily taxed Indians are. 18 percent VAT, 25 percent income tax etc. Plus if you buy anything imported it cost 100 percent more due to 100 percent import tax.
All that money gets sucked away by the government and eaten. Not much gets back to the people.
In all a miserable place really. Luckily next year I'm migrating to Galle in Sri Lanka. Less people, a lot of the same issues but the country is beautiful.
It's hard to describe India to someone who has not been here but basically it's mobs of people on a terrible infrastructure. Everything in a state of disrepair. Forget public libraries. Public restrooms are not fit to use. Roads tear up after six month due to cheating on the construction. Indian drivers are horrible with bus drivers leading the bad driver list. Someone told me that they are allowed to kill up to seven people a year. They have a card they punch for each death (like a starbucks card). If it hits seven the bus drivers is fired.
Indians on the whole are selfish, callous and nasty. The minority are honorable and fantastic people. Strange paradox really.
Should we let them into the U.S.?
Yes, on the "O" visa which lets unlimited number of "gifted" individuals come in. The H1-B visa is nothing but letting corporations import scabs to break the monopoly that gifted white programmers use to have in the country.
Socially the H1-B imports contribute little.
Trump has backed of the H1-B issue this year due to trying to stay alive. Next year?

no site

United States James
February 9. 2018 22:26

300 million brilliant young men in India and still not one invention or anything of significance other than stealing old white mens' industries.

We are still winning and always will.

no site

United States James
February 9. 2018 22:54

Nothing quite like having slumdogs do your website and then butcher the English:


no site

United States PolishKnightUSA
February 10. 2018 09:41

Hey Bobinator.  In response to your suggestion: "if thousands of IT Pro's began investing hundreds to thousands of dollars a year in anti-immigration organizations, that would push a lot of the slave-robber managers out of jobs and onto the streets or into jail cells where they belong."

Here's the problem with that proposal: The left has pushed anti white male narratives for what now amounts to 1/5th of the nation's history (50 years).  Many well educated white male IT workers in liberal regions such as the Bay Area and NYC didn't mind the bashing because it was a luxury they could afford.  As long as they had decent jobs and kept their mouths shut and even went along with the flow, 9 out of 10 times they'd escape notice.  It's called selling out.  The whole race preferences for non-whites game wasn't a serious threat until about 15 years ago since few African Americans were flooding the IT market (not only are white liberals racist against fellow whites, but they also have a condescending attitude towards African Americans.  After all, if AA's were doing this even more successfully, wouldn't they finally get some of these limousine liberals to wake up?)  

It's amazing that some other non-white ethnic group didn't come up with the scam sooner: Flood the USA with fake resumes/degrees, use every race preference in the book, and cry racism continuously.  Imagine if Russians were non-white!  THEY know how to program and get REAL science degrees!

Let's return to your suggestion of a collective American worker IT lobby: 1/2 of the left are "cucks" who who prefer seeing their own jobs go down the tubes rather than support a lobbying organization that might, gasp, give money and attention to Republicans.  Democrats ALWAYS put non-white lobbying groups ahead of Americans (they regard the American voter with contempt for not being thankful for being discriminated against and especially since they voted for Trump).  With 1/2 of IT workers being self-loathing and the other 1/2 being ideological right wingers caring more about abortion and gay marriage than pedantic matters such as protecting their electorate, they won't show up.  

For now.

All that said, it's reassuring to see that slumdogs continue to be little more than masters at race card playing, scams, and hanging out with the Democrats in a crowd that they wouldn't associate with in the light of day: feminists (slumdogs either pimp out their wives as fakester agile scrummasters or lock up in the kitchen), Islamicists (Pakistan, the one place that's slightly more ethical than India), African Americans (again, the left liberals preach how much they love 'em but don't spend any time with them and the slumdogs despise them while playing their race card) and finally Jews (that the slumdogs love to compare themselves to, but Jews actually produce quality work.)  

When the race card is eventually stripped after too much of the USA looks like Malmo, that will be the end of that.  The slumdogs will have a harder time cheating on spelling bees:

Now if they really WERE smart, I might feel bad.  So Indian American, good for you. Enjoy it while it lasts and could you please take a shower and wash your clothes, please?  Some of us have to ride on a plane or get in an elevator with you.  I personally take the stairs if possible.

no site

India GreatIndian
February 10. 2018 18:49

Indians are good friend for your country. Now since US is going to become net energy exporter, India will buy. Defense equipment - Indians Buy. Also US-India will work towards FTA and strategic partnership to contain China. So treat Indians as friends and change your views.

no site

United States TheGreatRevealer
February 10. 2018 22:53

As mentioned before to Tunnel Rat (who now understands),

The main reason for the importation of massive Hindustani Fraudsters, is NOT to get "cheap labor" ------ rather, it is because the self-appointed "MASTER RACE, the CHOSEN ONES" wants to bring about the "COMING OF LUCIFER" with AI (Artificial Intelligence).

And this can only be done if the "BRAINS" of America are made UN-EMPLOYED & DESPERATE to work towards that end.  All other objectives are merely "sideshows".

no site

United States ScammersGoHome
February 11. 2018 08:31

Good observations, Knight.

"Many well educated white male IT workers in liberal regions such as the Bay Area and NYC didn't mind the bashing because it was a luxury they could afford.  As long as they had decent jobs and kept their mouths shut and even went along with the flow, 9 out of 10 times they'd escape notice."

Exactly right. I've seen it countless times. The liberal Whites (especially White women who can't code but still are considered 'valuable' in I.T.) ENJOY screwing white male programmers, and plenty of White male programmers go along with it as long as THEIR job doesn't go to an indian but other White males lose theirs.

These lazy, dumb indians don't know how lucky they are to benefit from this perfect storm of anti-White racism and the industry's insatiable desire to bust the I.T. labor market with scabs. These indians think they are actually qualified for these jobs, which ties right into their deluded, entitled, brahmin superiority complex. One look at india and one can see that indians have nothing to be proud of in their entire history.

"Democrats ALWAYS put non-white lobbying groups ahead of Americans (they regard the American voter with contempt for not being thankful for being discriminated against and especially since they voted for Trump)."

Democrats forget who saved this country and the free world in WWI and WWII. It sure wasn't indians. It was White males. They forget who the firemen and police are who protect them now, again White males primarily. They openly scorn White males in person and in the media, at least until a Democrat gets in trouble and needs help, then the first person they look for is a White male. Liberalism is a scourge.

no site

United States Mr. X
February 12. 2018 18:38
Mr. X

Of course the H1B problem is not going away, never. It's called class warfare and the rich will not let it go without a revolution. Any "reform" is just a temporary diversion to trick the masses and gain time.
Even in Australia, where the 457 skilled visa program was terminated, it was replaced by another skilled visa program that still allows IT professionals to work in Australia.
This is like saying we are gonna end H1B, but replace it with X1B, which still allows indian bodyshops to do the same shit.
Any stricter requirements regarding education or years of experience, as long as the proof of those requirements come from india, will be faked.
Imagine if H1B was changed to only allow PhD holders. The next year, every Raj and Kumar would have a PhD, bought from some diploma mill in Hyderabad.

no site

United States patriot
February 13. 2018 02:52

We have a sellout Congress and corrupt greed Wall$treet in bed with the Indian lobbies that have kept this scam called worker visas and outsourcing in place.

Trump made promises but has not delivered any real action for American workers. Indiots are NOT the best and brightest.
Most lack basic common sense and lack of proper hygiene and have boorish behavior. Most are RACIST toward non-Indians in the workplace as well.

No Indian has been able to answer this question:
Why are no Indians creating their own industries in INDIA and cleaning up their toxic third world toilet of a nation? They all want to flee, escape and steal American jobs. They are no better than the filthy Arabs or sub Saharan African rapagees flooding Europe.

no site

United States Seeing Things
February 13. 2018 11:57
Seeing Things

Call your senators, congressmen, the White House and make sure they know what we need. The h1b contingent will spam them all and their companies will contribute more money. We need to make sure our representatives know they will not get re-elected if they let this continue.

no site

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