Tunnel Rat posted on January 15, 2018 12:18

Good points, as usual from the Center for Immigration Studies:


To Reform H-1B, Let's Talk About Ethnic Discrimination by Employers


...Let's change the dialogue and simultaneously remove thousands of smaller H-1B employers from the arena. Let's talk about the raw ethnic and gender discrimination, which is part and parcel of the H-1B program. Let's make this a civil rights issue, the rights of Americans to have American jobs, and of women to have them, too.

My proposal: No employer with more than 100 H-1B employers may secure the H-1B extensions they want (with certain rational exceptions) unless their H-1B work force contains no more than 25 percent of the workers drawn from a single country, and a 40 percent female work force in the H-1B occupations.

The rational exceptions: Any employer wanting an H-1B extension for a woman, or for a worker other than from the nation of origin favored by the employer (typically India) would get that extension.

So we would not be denying all extensions (attractive though that would be), we would be only denying extensions to large-scale employers of H-1Bs who currently discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, gender, or both.

Only the discriminators would be denied extensions.

In the future, extensions for the previously favored workers would be available to the employer once the nation-of-preference ratio fell to 25 percent and once the participation by women reached 40 percent. There would need to be a system of credits should the employer replace H-1Bs with U.S. workers (who would have to be paid at least 110 percent or more of the wages of the departing H-1Bs.) I have not yet worked out a mechanism for that requirement.

The discrimination being discussed, as we reported earlier, is not just in favor of people from India, it is not just in favor of males from India, it is not even discrimination in favor of young males from India, it is discrimination in favor of young Indian males from a few states in the south of the country. Many big H-1B employers have more than 97 percent of their H-1Bs from India; a few have even higher percentages of Indians.

This 25 percent requirement would force those using massive numbers of these young Indian males to say that the "best and brightest" come from only a sliver of the world, and that the existing discrimination in favor of those young Indian males was in the best interest of the American economy. That puts the exploitative H-1B employers in a truly awkward position. It will be harder for them to defend their discriminatory practices than simply making the tired old pitch that Americans really can't do high tech work.

Given the current hiring practices of so many big H-1B employers, the number of extensions granted would be minimal and program as a whole would shrink, but only for those big employers who are currently discriminating.

This suggestion of mine would set off loud voices from New Delhi, who will decry what they regard as discrimination against their people; what it will be is the lessening of pro-Indian discrimination in this particular part of the economy...


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United States H1B_Moron
January 16. 2018 01:30

H1B has ALWAYS been about racism, sexism, ageism.  H1B is a policy that entirely directed AGAINST Americans, in America, it's nuts on every level. I'm not sure what it's going to take, but people need to realize that H1B is a highly discriminatory system, that is killing our middle class and economy from the inside; it's effectively welfare for companies.  Time to end H1B now, time for H1B slumdog job robbers to go back home for good

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United States JD
January 16. 2018 02:42

H1b and work visas are being used to ethnic cleanse Americans from the workplace. At a few companies that I interviewed at, the entire company except for a few token Americans was ALL INDIAN including the interview panel. When an American company in the USA is 99% INDIAN you know this is racist and wrong toward Americans. Plenty of Americans are qualified for these tech jobs. I know because I am qualified and pre-rejected from employment in my own country due to H1b infestation by South INDIANS!

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United States Bobinator
January 16. 2018 09:13

I have a much, much better idea.

First, we need a 10-year hiatus where no H1B's are issued in order to allow the IT Market to recover, salary, benefit, and standards wise.  Also, any work that's performed remotely, e.g. an indian NOC monitoring american servers, requires you pay the foreigner full salary and benefits plus they pay taxes, and you enforce that one with felony charges.   That drains all the grift out of the program.  E.G. Some Desi forcing their employee's to pay tribute?  Not only is that wage theft, it's also a felony, so as a citizen, you put your boss in jail for a few years, bar them from ever coming here again, and get your money back plus a settlement.  

Then the program is re-opened.  They come over, work for 3 years, during that time they get full rights as a citizien; they can vote, own firearms, sue their employers, and so forth.  Once that's up, given they've behaved, it's either full citizenship or back to India.

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United States James
January 16. 2018 14:40

We all KNOW that in IT there are mega ARMIES of these rabid racist white-hating, West-hataing jackals who only hire their own, are on a mission to expunge every last white American from the workforce, move in, take over, and steal everything in sight. They can’t make their own shithole country work so they’re mad at the west and now they’re here for revenge.

And there are MILLIONS of these India Inc organized crime syndicate looters tearing the US economy apart. MILLIONS of them. We have been INVADED by armies of these criminal thieves.


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United States James
January 16. 2018 14:42

It’s not just wrong, it’s completely illegal under Title 8, the US Civil Rights Act, and EEOC laws.

ALL of them are breaking the law.

I wrote software at Apple and Sony just to name a few, and many others. But I guess I am not qualified but someone from a country which cannot build enough toilets IS.

No wonder the US Econ is in debt and ruined.

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United States Seeing Things
January 17. 2018 12:43
Seeing Things

Bobinator. You don't understand the rules. Foreign nationals are NOT - repeat - NOT - allowed to vote in the US. They do not get full rights as a citizen until they are granted citizenship and a deceitful resume is not proper qualification for citizenship no way no how. And, NO they should NOT be eligible for a green card or any immigration preference as a result of having an H1b visa.  Do you not understand how a US green card is valued around the world? People will do anything to get to the US. The H1b was never intended to be a path to permanent residency and that needs to stay that way. We do NOT need to hold out a green card as an inducement to get people to apply for H1b visas. And as for a moratorium, what - are you planning on quitting in 10 years? I have children and I am NOT interested in leaving a timebomb in the form of a badly conceived and improperly managed visa program.

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United States hell1b
January 18. 2018 00:59

H1B has single handedly destroyed the IT industry and IT workforce in the United States.
American Graduates with degrees have been pushed to sidelines to a few management jobs and sales jobs that are still available.
Indians have successfully imported nepotism, inefficiency, caste based hierarchy in American IT industry. IT departments are cold, insecure places where every Indian is busy back-stabbing each other to keep themselves employed. Employers abuse them, their managers mistreat them and this toxicity propagate all the way down to Junior H1's.
Indians had to learn to lie cheat and steal since British ruled them and made it very hard for an Indian to get ahead in society. This combined with social discrimination  gave rise to corruption and deception that is rampant in India.
Unfortunately we allowed them to bring this into American workplace and that is destroying the core of American Information Technology.
Its not too late to bring it back.

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United States James
January 18. 2018 17:17

Here is what Indians are really doing to Americans.

No, they are not creating jobs. Note the bike rider is Indian and is laughing at homeless Americans.


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United States indian american
January 20. 2018 00:15
indian american

Poor white men.  The Jews have stolen your money.  The Blacks are out of control.  The Mexicans are invading.  And your jobs are being outsourced and China is the next superpower.

And we Indians outnumber you and will continue to come into America.  There's no stopping us.  We're in IT.  We're in healthcare.  We're in hotels.  And we're making inroads in the government, finance, law, you name it.  We'll work alongside the Jews to make sure you can never discriminate against us.

Trump won't change anything.  Believe me, we'll fight back in 2018 and 2020.

Your only job is to breed little soldiers to be used as cannon fodder against the Muslims.

Whine, white men, whine.

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United States Patriot
January 20. 2018 11:15

@indian american go ahead and gloat now maderchod but sooner or later the tables will turn on you curry scented wage pirates that loot and remit back to India your ill gotten gains.

Once Congress has new blood that is pro-American it will change and CEOs get punished for treason against the American people.

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India GreatIndian
January 20. 2018 20:17

Actually Trump is helping Indians. He is planning to do Merit based Immigrant and Work Visas. There are also plans to remove Per country quotas, contrary to this article. His targets are diversity Visa and refugee visas. Indians are mostly highly qualified and the pending GCs will be fast approved for Indians. Don't spread hatred. Welcome your friends.

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United States patriot
January 21. 2018 15:26

Invading parasites who steal jobs from Americans are not my friends. They are part of the enemy system.

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United States Bigen
January 21. 2018 16:35

Indians are nothing but blowhards although they really have nothing to be proud of.  Indians have an average IQ of 82 but most Indians have the nerve to brag about how smart they are.  Check out this Jay Santos guy (aka Kumar) bragging about how smart Indians are.


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United States une
January 27. 2018 05:39

Notice how "...work authorization for spouses and children of H-1B visa holders" turns the visa into another chain migration scam:

H-1B reform bill seeks to expand annual quota


A new bill wants to expand the H-1B visa -- a hotly debated pathway for foreign workers.

Republican Senators Orrin Hatch and Jeff Flake introduced legislation on Thursday that aims to increase the annual quota of H-1B visas from 65,000 to 85,000. The H-1B is a common work visa granted to high-skilled foreigners to work at companies in the U.S. It's valid for three years, and can be renewed for another three years.

In addition, the Immigration Innovation Act, or I-Squared, legislation would also provide work authorization for spouses and children of H-1B visa holders.

An Obama era rule made it possible for spouses of certain H-1B holders to apply for work authorization but the Trump administration said in December that it is seeking to do away it.

The H-1B program is one that President Trump has eyed for reform, saying abusers can use it to replace American workers.

But the program is particularly near and dear to the tech community with many engineers vying for one of the program's 65,000 visas each year.

Demand often exceeds the supply -- in which case, a lottery system is activated.

The bill proposes to add a "market-based escalator" so the supply can better support demand. That means granting up to 110,000 additional visas (a total of 195,000), and prioritizing visas for those with master's degrees, foreign Ph.D.'s or U.S. STEM bachelor degrees.

Reform of the high-skilled visa system has been a goal of Hatch and other lawmakers for years, but has had a difficult time passing Congress. The bill, originally introduced in the Senate in January 2015, seeks to placate the Trump administration's concerns. For example, by specifying that employers may not use the visa with intent to substitute an American worker.

Moreover, it seeks to remove per country limits for green cards sponsored by employers, which contributes to a backlog for citizens from countries like India and China.

Related: Trump administration toughens H-1B visa renewal process

The bill also proposes lifting the existing cap of 20,000 additional H-1B visas reserved for those with master's degrees if their employers agree to sponsor their green cards.

"Senator Hatch believes that in the current political environment this effort represents an ideal step in bringing Republicans and Democrats together to address flaws in our broken immigration system," said Senator Hatch's spokesman Matt Whitlock in a statement. Hatch announced earlier this month that he won't seek re-election.

Execs from Microsoft and Facebook, as well as industry associations, issued statements in support of the bill.

Dean Garfield, president and CEO of Information Technology Industry Council, says the bill does "help meet the needs of our economy, drive new investment, and bolster the tech industry's commitment to growing the domestic workforce."

"I-Squared is an opportunity to do the right thing for all the right reasons," he said in a statement.

Tahmina Watson, of Watson Immigration Law, agreed that I-Squared appears to address the country's business and economic demands. "The bill should garner bipartisan support and satisfy the White House with their concerns about the H-1B visa," she told CNNMoney.

The measure is unlikely to be attached to a bill to protect "Dreamers" -- undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children. Lawmakers are trying to keep those DACA negotiations more narrow than visa reform, and even that compromise is facing long odds in a divided Washington.

-- CNN's Tal Kopan contributed reporting

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United States une
January 27. 2018 05:43


Indian university accused of selling fake PhD degrees
From the NewspaperJune 06, 2013

SHILLONG (India): Police are investigating an Indian university suspected of issuing fake PhDs after it awarded more than 400 doctorates in a single year, officers said on Wednesday.

Police have arrested four senior officials from CMJ University in the northeastern state of Meghalaya on suspicion of fraud and forgery and are hunting for the chancellor, who has fled.

“We are not sure about his whereabouts, as he keeps changing his location frequently,” senior state police official Sunil Kumar Jain said.

The private university, established in 2009 in the state capital Shillong, handed out 434 PhDs during the 2012-13 academic year despite its small faculty, arousing suspicions among local officials who filed a police complaint.

A PhD at CMJ University takes between two to five years and costs 127,000 rupees ($2,250), according to its website.

“In good faith, the universities were given permission to operate, but some seem to have taken this for a ride and this is distressing,” said Meghalaya Chief Minister Mukul Sangma.

Credentials fraud is a serious problem in India, fuelled by a huge demand for qualifications, endemic corruption and poor regulation of the ultra-competitive and fast-growing education sector.

In 2011 a racket in fake airline pilot licences was exposed, while in 2010 police arrested the head of the national body responsible for certifying medical qualifications for allegedly accepting a bribe.

The Times of India reported on Monday that PhDs from CMJ were on sale for between $4,000-10,000, with the amount paid determining how quickly the qualification would be granted.

S.P. Sharma, a lawyer for CMJ University chancellor Chandra Mohan Jha, accused the state administration of being “prejudiced” against the university.

Anguished CMJ students issued a deadline, set to expire on Thursday, to the Meghalaya government to resolve the debacle and give them some clarity about their futures.—AFP


Why UGC does not remove Ph. D. As a necessary qualification for lecturer's post, and publishing research papers for promotion ? Most of the research done in Indian universities is more or less of no use. It will save all of us from facing indignity and improve the level of teaching also, as in the name of research, most of the teachers neglect teaching ! Time bound promotion and running scale for teachers will put a full stop to all fraudulent activities under the name of research!
Jun 08, 2013 08:24pm

This is a common practice in many Indian universities. Ph.D. Students are asked to oblige in one way or the other.

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United States une
January 27. 2018 05:48

Read the comments:


The Trump administration appears to be creating distance between itself and rumors that it might end the practice of extending H-1B visas during the green card application process. The rumored change would have a large impact on foreign tech workers in the U.S., but the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is offering assurances that no such policy change is underway.

In a statement to TechCrunch, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Chief of Media Relations Jonathan Withington noted that the agency is examining other potential policy changes in light of the “Buy American, Hire American” executive order, which the president signed last April. That includes “a thorough review of employment based visa programs,” though USCIS explained that the H1-B extension policy was not on the chopping block.

USCIS clarified its stance in a statement to TechCrunch:

    “We are not at liberty to discuss any part of the pre-decisional processes; however, all proposed rules publish in the federal register and USCIS posts all policy memoranda on our website…

    “What we can say, however, is that USCIS is not considering a regulatory change that would force H-1B visa holders to leave the United States by changing our interpretation of section 104(c) of AC-21, which provides for H-1B extensions beyond the 6 year limit.

    Even if it were, such a change would not likely result in these H-1B visa holders having to leave the United States because employers could request extensions in one-year increments under section 106(a)-(b) of AC21 instead.”

McClatchy reports that this reassurance comes after the business community sharply rebuked the potential policy change, though USCIS denies that claim.

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United States patriot
January 27. 2018 13:21

Trump has stabbed voters in the back that elected him as POTUS since he is back tracking on his campaign promises to end work visas!

The sad fact is American engineers are pre-rejected for jobs in their own country and Indian parasites with no skills are given higj wage jobs.

Americans who interview at companies in their own country suffer hours of interviews to be told no dice and some FOB clown faced darkie Indiot gets a job with faked experience and fake credentials.

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United States James
January 28. 2018 22:33

Every IT shop in America is filled with EEOC-violating slum dogs who hate white Americans.

The govt is apparently unaware this cancer is even going on in our own country - that armies of these looters are targeting white Americans for removal in the workplace.

But the slumdogs have a major achillies’ heel - namely that everything they touch dies.

They already ruined and broke the Notes app and Disk Utility in macOS - both of which use to work flawlessly.

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United States SeeingThings
January 29. 2018 12:22

Fortunately, the amount of vetting done to get someone a green card in any merit based immigration scheme will be able to get the proper research done and these false diplomas and degrees will NOT be good enough.  And, exactly who said there wouldn't be per-country caps anyway. Not looking at a 'flood' of Indians based on that.

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United States James
February 6. 2018 00:58

Apple apps that used to work, now broken by slumdogs:

Safari iOS (hangs)
Address Book

Just to name a few.

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United States DBS
February 6. 2018 09:48

Exceptions, Exceptions and more exceptions.  That is all I'm seeing. That is all the H1-B program is. Just one big bonanza of exceptions. Exceptions are at the root of the problem. The argument for the need for ANY exceptions is a bogus one. Isn't it obvious that the country that produced this technology is a country that is perfectly capable of exploiting that technology by itself for itself? A country this size should certainly be able to produce enough geniuses to put it's inventions to good use. Instead, the only thing all of these exceptions are producing is corruption. Look at the big immigration exception of 1984. It was supposed to solve all of of our Illegal Alien problems and restore efficiency and affectivity to our immigration system. All it did  was trigger an even bigger wave of immigration corruption. We must abolish all of these exceptions or else we will be watching our country slowly disintegrate.

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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