Tunnel Rat posted on September 10, 2017 02:36

Desperate, unqualified slumdog students are flooding the IT job market.   From Mother Jones...

Inside the Growing Guest Worker Program Trapping Indian Students in Virtual Servitude

And how American universities are acting as willing partners.

...According to data I requested under the Freedom of Information Act, UCM ranked 26th in the number of approved OPTs in the workforce since 2011, behind elite schools like Columbia and Carnegie Mellon. But also ahead of UCM in the rankings was Northwestern Polytechnic University, a California school that BuzzFeed exposed in 2016 for enrolling thousands of foreign students—making up 99 percent of its student body—but having no full-time, permanent faculty. While graduates from name-brand schools frequently found their way to Fortune 500 companies like Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, Google, and Apple, UCM graduates  seem indistinguishable from those who attended Northwestern Polytechnic—both often move straight from the classroom to obscure tech firms.

As UCM’s Indian population has surged, problems with the OPT program have emerged. Promatrix Corp.—a New Jersey firm that sent representatives to a UCM career fair in the spring of 2015—was ensnared in an elaborate sting operation set up by the US government in which federal agents created a fake school, the University of Northern New Jersey, to trap companies misusing the student visa system. In early 2016, the Justice Department brought a complaint against the firm’s CEO and managing director, Tejesh Kodali, and another employee for conspiracy to commit visa fraud and harbor immigrants for profit. Kodali pleaded guilty to a visa fraud conspiracy charge in late 2016.

There’s no legal obligation for schools to vet employers recruiting on campus, according to Edwin Koc of the National Association of Colleges and Employers, the professional association for career service counselors. And in the case of public universities, these counselors have to be careful to avoid discriminating against a particular type of firm.

With little oversight from their institutions, students can land at body shops like SCM Data and MMC Systems, two East Coast firms that were accused by a Homeland Security agent in a 2015 court case of coaching students to lie to the govern­ment about their work to obtain H-1B visas. Court documents also claim that the companies failed to pay some guest workers, despite promises of $27 an hour.

Prathiba Kalyan, a New Jersey-based staffing specialist who places body-shop consultants with her clients, says the OPTs she has encountered are “just left out to fend for themselves. These institutions that are just spewing out these degrees aren’t making any attempt to give them a career path.”

When I asked UCM’s dean of international affairs, Joseph Lewandowski, about the high number of alumni ending up at body shops, he called the trend “alarming.” But UCM isn’t alone. A computer science professor at Central Michigan University said approving students’ applications for OPT at the school amounted to double-­checking to make sure that forms were filled out correctly. “All I needed was a piece of paper from an employer,” the professor told me. “They didn’t even have to tell me how much money they were paying. They just had to tell me they’re employed.”

In 2015, Central Michigan awarded more than 150 master’s degrees in computer science, three times more than it had handed out the year prior. Nearly 85 percent of them went to international students, the bulk from India. According to department chair Pat Kinnicutt, the school temporarily offered in-state tuition to foreign students and didn’t require a minimum score on the GRE. The floodgates opened. In 2016, it rescinded both perks.

“The large number of students definitely impacted the quality of education—lowered it,” Kinnicutt said. Unsurprisingly, almost all students took opportunities to work in the United States, including via OPT. “All our students do get jobs,” he said.

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United States James
September 10. 2017 05:25

Welcome to the new slavery.

Thanks India for propagating this mess in America.

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United States patriot
September 10. 2017 07:08

So what solution can non-elite regular Americans do about this madness created and orchestrated by greedhead corporate CEOs, corrupt Congress, and rotten Indians?

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United States indian american
September 11. 2017 20:35
indian american

Say what you want about Indians.  At least we aren't slaves, unlike you white Americans, who are slaves to the Jews and the Blacks.  Slaves to the corporations which work you like dogs.  Slaves to the military men who use you as cannon fodder.

Slaves don't win.  It is why your time is coming to an end.  Don't feel bad, these things come and go in cycles.

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United States James
September 12. 2017 13:34

Lie, cheat, and steal.

What do you expect out of thieving Asian looters. It is in their DNA.

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United States Joe Stalin
September 16. 2017 00:59
Joe Stalin


"It is every migrant’s dream to see the tables turned, to see long lines of Americans and Britons in front of the Bangladeshi or Mexican or Nigerian Embassy, begging for a residence visa."

Read the FP article by By Suketu Mehta. We are being TRANSFECTED ("Transfection is the process of introducing foreign DNA into the cells") by a ruling class that wants Americans G-O-N-E.

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Australia Zed Kelly
September 17. 2017 18:27
Zed Kelly

The list of nations booting out Hindus from their visa programs is only increasing. Canada now officially joins the US, Australia, UK, New Zealand and Singapore to curb visas for Indian "techies". India Inc NOT Wanted!


Regards from Australia!


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India IndianBrahmin
September 17. 2017 22:54

Trump became a democrat and will be for the next 3+ years. www.ndtv.com/.../no-restrictions-for-now-on-h-1b-visas-say-us-officials-to-ndtv-1750417

We can expect more Visa reforms favoring Indians next year according to another news.

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United States Bigen
September 18. 2017 05:14

India is trying to export its poverty to the outside world.  And the foreign policy article proves it.  Indian culture is the most degenerated culture in the world.  

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India Indian Brahmin - The Real One!
September 18. 2017 23:05
Indian Brahmin - The Real One!

Trump became a democrat but finally saw the light and became a Republican hard core patriot & conservative and will be for the next 8+ years.


We can expect more Visa reforms screwing Indian brahmin losers like me next year according to another news. As usual us low IQ Hindu brahmins can NEVER read or comprehend properly because had we read the H1B visa laws and news, we would have figured out in our little dumb Hindu brains that the USCIS fast processing for H1B visas does NOT apply well for IT industry at all. It only applies for those H1B applicants whose visa categories include: Higher Education Research and American based Non-Profit & Governmental Organizations ONLY which for sure as hell does NOT include any Indian Inc Sweat Shop ripe with low IQ cheap Hindu brahmin losers like me! Hare Rama, Hare Krishna - We're doomed! We were too stupid to read in between the lines and understand the H1B laws before we gloated online. Now we must pay for our foolishness!


Things have really gone to the shitter for our Hindu brethren that even our own Infosys slimeballs are now forced to hire 10,000 Americans over us cheap low IQ incompetent hindu Indians. President Trump's Buy American/ Hire American Motto STANDS! Holy Gau Matha! What do we do now? Hare Rama, Hare Krishna! Our downfall is due with Monkey Modi as our PM & his corporate India Inc which will be flushed down the toilet bowl of history:


India's Hindu supremacist brahmin supported illiterate ignorant Prime Minister: Narendra Monkey Modi:

Monkey Modi's childhood snap: Thinks like a chimp, acts like a chimp and even looks like a Chimp:


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United States indianshitbird
September 19. 2017 00:08

OPT, L1, H1B, etc, it's all the same to Indians, and it means the same for American workers: career devastation, professional destruction and STEM industry rot. It's like that in all the countries they invade.  People/lawmakers in those countries think they are doing the right thing, creating programs in to encourage an influx of skilled people; the hindu JR's just see them as so many cracks in a house for rats and bugs to get in to.  Once enough of them had flooded in to substantially lower wages and reduce standards, including making fake resumes the norm, you're way past the point of repair, much like where the US is now. There's no fixing things in America...we're flooded with cheap morons and quick hackers schools now, there's no going back to the good ol' days.  Hopefully other countries will see the example set in America, what happens when you open up your tech professions to illiterate third-world buffoons with fake resumes

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United States American realist
September 22. 2017 12:04
American realist

Don't lose heart "indianshitbird": Far from it - things are actually getting a lot better for the American populace.

In the IT/ Tech profession Indians and other such low IQ techies are getting their asses whooped and in many cases the visa regulations are turning against them and their corrupt corporate masters (NASSCOM and India Inc.)

Even the new H1B visa fast processing rule which some low IQ hindu losers were boasting about actually favors American techies over Indians. How? Read the law again. The fast processing regulation in the NEW H1B processing ONLY pertains to those who are working for American Educational Research Centers or Academic and Non Profit organizations based in America. This virtually excludes just about every Indian Inc. HIndu Sweat shop. And Trump's buy American/ hire American clause has already taken effect as more and more Indian IT giants are now forced to kick out their cheap low IQ Hindu staff & replace them with better paid and more qualified Americans.

Two Indian corporate tech giants: Infosys and Cognizant have already started hiring Americans just to kiss Trump's ass and placate the ruling administration in the WH.



President Trump is the man's man! He actually seems to be doing exactly what he promised. Despite all the odds bet against him - the MSM, Hollyweird, Establishment elite, Corporate America, DNC, Libtards, SJW wankers, etc etc. He came, He Kicked all their whinny leftist asses and he Thrives! Long may he reign! Glad I voted for him.

Things are only going to get much better. Give it time. Good luck my friend!

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Australia Jerzy Kulger
September 22. 2017 16:10
Jerzy Kulger

Here in Melbourne, Australia we have a very similar opinion on the Hindus from the subcontinent. The Sikhs are a bit wilder and lesser educated but atleast they see ok. The upper caste Hindu monkeys on the other hand who come here in droves are an absolute nuisance.

Not only are they highly incompetent in their technical work, they have this brash arrogant attitude mixed with a rude demeanor which makes them very unwelcome here downunder. Not just the IT sector filled with unintelligent hindu zombies, but even the medical industry has suffered the plague of Hindu incompetence. A few years back our government suffered the outcome of inviting one such upper caste Hindu Dr. Jayant Patel who would turn out to break the world record for the highest number of cases of death and medical negligence owed to his sheer medical incompetence. He was labelled "Dr. Death" by the media which made his horrible work into international headlines.


Hindu dominated India has a very low IQ of just 82, far lower than ANY Western nation ( North & South Americas, Europe, Russia, Australia & New Zealand). This point explains Indian incompetence in the medical and technical fields which is why we the western world have to pretty much share all our science, technology & civilization with these arrogant ingrates.


The H1B Visa - Upper caste Hindu scam exposed here:




Even in India, a cursory look at the number of so called medical doctors who have been banned or jailed for medical incompetence and negligence by the Medical Council of India - all who happen to be upper caste Hindu doctors. Just look at the list below - excepting one random muslim name, it pretty much reads from a telephone directory of some Hindu Brahmin or Baniya matrimonial column from New Delhi. It is interesting to note that NOT one Indian-Christian doctor made it in that shitlist of shame.


Now ask yoursleves this question: Why does America or Australia need more incompetent upper caste Hindu doctors or technocrats when it is plainly evident that these losers can't hack it up in terms of quality?

Just so that you know, the minority of Indian Christains still stuck in India are easy targets for persecution by the upper caste dominated Hindu fascists of the ruling BJP government. The Indian Christian community are a highly intelligent, educated and industrious lot who have actually helped advance India into the 21st century. The Hindu fascists are the same folks who burnt alive and killed an Australian Christian man and his two young sons for helping poor & maligned leprosy patients in Orissa, India.


The Indian-Christian community are actually a breath of fresh air here in Australia. They are nothing like their Hindu countrymen. Generally highly competent, intelligent and very well assimlated into Australian culture, they are welcome here anytime. Can't say the same for the Hindus, Sikhs and especially the savage Muslims though.


Studies and statistics like those listed above should be shared and shown to official authorities and friends, colleagues and families - just so that we can all be secure in the knowledge of making an astute decision as to the current immigration trends.

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India IndianBrahmin
September 24. 2017 12:28

I do not want to get involved on the racial comments war in this site which develops hatred among different races. After seeing so many comments on the holy intelligent Brahmin community, I have written few comments before and I hope this will be my last.

Idiot "Indian Brahmin - The Real One!" has no brain to comprehend my comment or the H1B notifications.

My comment never spoke about H1B premium processing at all. It spoke H1B in general is going to get better for Indians based on interview of an US official and an US Congresswoman.

Now let me talk about notifications: It says "U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) resumed premium processing today for all H-1B visa petitions subject to the Fiscal Year year (FY) 2018 cap." which means all new petitions for 2018 Cap, people can do premium processing. It may not apply to "Not subjected to Cap" and for that too, it says
1."USCIS plans to resume premium processing for all other remaining H‑1B petitions not subject to the FY 2018 cap, as agency workloads permit."
2. USCIS may expedite a​ petition or application if it meets one or more of the following criteria:​Severe financial loss to company or ​person​;​

So for the other case also its not completely ruled out. Mr Idiot cannot comprehend my comment or the press release and started his trash talk.

And Trump was providing statements at the beginning with no real action. Now not even statements against  H1B. He had lot of fight against Jeff sessions. He thrown away MAGA gangs out. Now he has Steven Mnuchin And Gary Cohn along with Jvanka as his inner circle. He is planning to make DACA as law working with Pelosi and Schumer. Pity on you rats.

Yes Cognizant Infy planned to recruit americans and went for hiring freeze in India initially. But with Trump turning Democrat, they started hiring again in India. They started to reduce hiring in US. Back to Normal.

You say Modi has brains like Chimp. You guys have brain comparable to a Rat. Modi is silently getting the things done. We may get a bullet train but US not in any near future.

And last thing white women, in India negligible percentage  may turn as concubine/actresses etc. In US, current trend is most of the good looking college girls are turning as Sugarbabies (glorified whores/concubines). So don't compare White girls with dignified virtuous Brahmin girls.

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United States Bigen
September 25. 2017 01:06

It is not just in Australia, the Brits are starting to wise up on Indian's incompetence.  Here is an article on Indians doctor in Britain.


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United States indianshitbird
September 25. 2017 01:32

I hope you are right and I am wrong.  I would cry tears of joy, to see the IT/STEM professions going back to being solid upper/middle class vehicles of social mobility and growth for young and old alike, for citizens of all color, "I have a dream"...ha ha ha. It hasn't been good though, these last 10-15 years, when it all started falling about badly, in the early part of the last decade, when I saw stupid middle-manager gloating, so proud of their ability to import in moron H1B monkeys by the truckload, stacking them up in one-bedroom residence apartments, 4 to a unit, living their like roaches, and then having to see them at work wearing the same clothes for a whole, smelling like shit, stupid as all hell, each one of them claiming to have "5 years of experience" in every technology available....I never thought I would live to see that happen when I was much younger...I do hope I live to see that rectified, I do have hope and I have seen improvements.  In my mind, H1B needs to be abolished, same for OPT, and both rebuilt from scratch.  Indian dumbasses need to all be shipped back immediately, they are a scourge and effectively picked all of the meat off the dying bones of the IT industry.  Today, IT projects are more expensive than ever, have a great chance of failing, and it's more and more difficult to find true talent, NOT lying hindoo-doo beggars with fake "CV's" ( please do the needful, and stop manufacturing fake resumes, warmest regards moderchods ) ==> that  means less jobs for everyone as companies are more hesitant to undertake new expensive IT projects....congratulations indian dumbass, you've wrecked everything for everyone, including yourself.  As I said above, I do sincerely hope I have cause to be more optimistic...if anything good has come out of all of this, it's the evolution of new open-source technologies that are more cost-effective, to make up for spending money on salaries for imbecile indian job-robbers...let's hope I'm wrong, and that things will continue to get better, and that we're now witnessing the twighlight of H1B thieving conment coming here and robbing

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United States James
September 29. 2017 13:41

Intelligent Brahmins? Surely you jest.

Brahmins are so intelligent they have to come to USA and BEG AMERICANS to show them how to do jobs - then with free training and AMERICAN tech they still can’t keep the companies from collapsing.

Then they go beg the Japanese to build their bullet trains for them.

REAL intelligent. India is delusional as always.

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India IndianBrahmin
September 29. 2017 21:00

I am posting certain replies to racial comments just to provoke them and have a joke. I thought of posting one serious comment now.

You guys have to think about real issue, the cause and find a remedy rather than fighting the results. The problems faced in America is not restricted to US alone but many of the democracies and socialist/capitalist countries.Govt/society should encourage right forces and work for them.
#1. Ethical, Innovative  entrepreneurs, scientists who carry out biz legally providing quality/reliable products and services and benefiting society.  They can be citizens/immigrants, capitalists/socialists. They are the real levers of growth for the economy.
#2. Smart working, socially responsible, LEGAL, ETHICAL work force. They make things happen and should form major part of the population.
#3. Socially responsible,Ethical Socialists/Political leaders, Capitalists who looks for profits by providing better core products/services and benefit society.
#4 Lazy, irresponsible, illegal etc general population
#5 Crony/Vulture Capitalists/Self serving socialists/politicians/Criminals.

Above should be the order of priority on public policies but what is happening is reverse. #1 is the real driver of economy. #1, #3 gets created from #2 or helps realize their dreams.
#3 doesn't really create the core products but altleast should help #1 and #2. But the problem is #3 drifts more towards #5 and become one. How many inventions are done by #3 or innovations.  Even some entrepreneurs once they become rich and powerful stops innovating and behave more like an #5.

Crony/vulture/evil Capitalists are real burden for the society. They want to make money at any cost for the society and form nexus with Unions Leaders/politicians/criminals.Their work is not social contribution in core products/services but how to suck more money. The gang robs 99% people in broad daylight. They mind fuck people and confuse them of the reality with the help of media, institutions and govt.

Now coming to this issue, if you think if Indians stop coming the issue is solved? Hell No. Call centers achieved plateau in India and Filipinos grabbed the pie.Manufacturing, most of its part is off to china. Apple says they do not have supply chain in USA and can't do manufacturing. Heard of Vulture capitalists? They kills wages at any cost to better their margins. And you are thinking jobs alone as an impact? What about Health (GM modified food that are bad for land and body, spurious drugs etc),environment, wars, social/lifestyle(extremely materialistic, spend more than you earn, commoditize women, break family values etc), education(US is better, many countries education is for producing workforce not intellectuals and entrepreneurs) etc

These economic giants wants to rule everything with money and 1% want to hold 99% money.They want globalization to rule bigger world and have more money. They want to award people who help them (Politicians/Union leaders and CEOs). Ethical Capitalism is good. Ethical socialism is also good. Cronies/evil guys spoil it.

You want wages:1. Let the max benefit a CEO can get be certain times(4x or 5x) the median wage of the employee providing the core expertise of the company. Software company CEO gets 10+ million dollars income while median US employee get $100k is not OK.
2. Let the margin for the capitalists be fixed at 10% and extended only after paying employees their due share. Ethical capitalists will do it automatically. Cronies will suck the blood with lower wage.
3. Let the rules be part of WTO and wherever you go, if employee benefits are taken care, US will have no job losses.

Attack the cronies and politicians who lick their balls. Fix the real flaw. Provide permanent fix. Otherwise if one issue is solved, other issue will pop up and you will be at same place. If you think Indian coders are evil, they are really victims under cronies. Reality is they got fucked a little more than you guys. Ambani legal money takes him to the top billionaire list, illegal money is his extra in one the poorest countries.Modi doesn't lick brahmins ass but Ambani's.

America is great not because of racialism but because #1 and #2 get their fair share and they fight for it. I have Pak/US white friends. Good guys. And then there are bad ones too. Its people more than race. Don't drift and attack wrong areas. Don't create another wrong thing to fix one. I fully understand your concern when an American friend went to ask for 2 days leave and was a given a permanent one from that day. Everyone, including me, felt bad. All the best guys.

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India IndianBrahmin
September 29. 2017 21:05

Racial plurality is good for Americans. Lets say, America is attacked. It means people whose origin from all over the world(India, China, Mexico, Europe etc) is attacked. American Ambassadors can be of the native race to have better ties. #1 guys from all over the world top choice is America. Its the bad guys who are the problem. And there are good guys in every race. And none use full capacity of our brain.

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United States James
September 30. 2017 20:31

These morons stampede like animals at train stations and kill each other.


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India Indian Brahmin - The Real One!
October 1. 2017 01:14
Indian Brahmin - The Real One!

I do want to get involved on the racial comments war in this site which develops hatred among different races just like how we brahmin losers foster division and hatred between various castes, creeds and communities back home in our Bharatvarsha (India). After seeing so many comments on the holy unintelligent Brahmin community, I have written few comments before and I hope this will be my last.

Idiot Indian Brahmins have no brain to comprehend any comment or the H1B notifications by the US government.

My stupid comment conjured up by my primitive hindu brahmin cerebrum claims that I never spoke about H1B premium processing at all. It spoke H1B in general is going to get better for Indians based on interview of an US official and an US Congresswoman. Only thing I forgot is that using some obscure report from a non reliable MSM Indian network (The Hindu for example as opposed to a more reliable USCIS or NSA/ CIA report) claiming a third party opinion stands nowhere in terms of veritable and reliable news that the H1B scam we Hindu brahmin assholes were scheming all these years is failing us big time and only gonna get worse yaar!

President Trump's already signed Executive order #13788- Buy American/ Hire American. From the whitehouse official website:


And whether we like it or not, after the first steps that have already been taken against us H1B hindu brahmin tech coolies, the restriction for us hindu brahmin parasites will definitely happen:


Now let me talk about the impliations for us Hindu brahmin shitheaded losers: Hare Rama! Hare Krisha! Holy Gau-matha - it is already happening!


So for the other case also it is being completely ruled out. Mr Hindu brahmin indiot cannot comprehend any comment or the official White House press release and started his trash talk simply by reading some random story on an Indian news site claiming third party personnel.

And us brahmin hindu rats thought that Trump was providing statements at the beginning with no real action. Now not even statements we Hindu brahmin losers made against him makes sense anymore. He had lot of fights against the Democrappers and the cuckservative morons. He thrown away the leftist & cuck gangs out. He is planning  NOT to make DACA as law working with Pelosi and Schumer. Pity on us brahmin rats. Our high hopes blew up too soon



Yes Cognizant Infy planned to recruit americans and went for hiring freeze in India initially. But with Trump turning ever more Republican, they started hiring Americans instead of Indian Hindu rats. They started to reduce hiring in India. Back to Normal.





You Americans say Modi has brains like Chimp. You American Christian guys have brains comparable to the creators and inventors of the airplane, automobile, electric bulb, telephone, mobile phone, I-phone, internet, supercomputers, space ships, ICBM missiles & advanced AI. Modi is silently getting the Jackshit done. We may get a bullet to the head in debt with that supposed bullet train but US is already far ahead in the future.

Moditrashtra explained for dummies:

Introducing India's firt fucntionally illiterate Prime Minister, a cheap skate ignorant fool of a chai-wallah ( tea boy peon) who got promoted by low IQ upper caste Brahmin losers like me along with the upper caste Baniya and Kshatriya wankers to become the leader of India and screw it to eternity!

Even Indians seem to get it right like this fella:



India’s economy in a downward spiral – thanks to the lies of that clown Modi and his brady bunch of Hindutva clown posse:


Faye D'Souza - One of India's Finest News Anchors and Chief Editor of the English Language Mirror Now Kicks Modi's ass on the Bullet Train issue:


As I said: Narendra Damn-Bandhar Modi - Thinks like a chimp, acts like a Chimp and even looks like a Chimp!

Narendra Monkey Modi in action - trying desperately to cling on to Master Trump like a nice lapdog while Trump is clearly fighing disgust and embarassment even touching this shit looking ape - just look at President Trump's expression while handling Monkey Modi- Yuck!


And last thing white women, in India negligible percentage  may turn as actresses except that most white women are NOT interested and only a few Russian or Eastern Europeans come to India and are paid a very handsome fee to do dances or as cheer leaders in stadiums where after making their checks they bounce back to their handsome white boyfriends NOT us yucky Shit looking ugly ass Hindu brahmin losers. In India, current trend is most of the young brahmin girls are turning as whores & cheap non-glorified concubines to the muslim Bhais and Dons of the underworld. So don't compare beautiful & dignified White girls with shit smelling ugly prostitute Hindu Brahmin girls.

Our brahmin girls seem to be attracted to manly muslim men over us eunuch vegetarian eating ugly weak assed Hindu brahmin "men".


Being routinely rejected by women everywhere including our own unless it is forcible arranged between our families like we do back home - we butt ugly monkey looking brahmin boys are so sexually frustrated that we imagine all sorts of fantasies with gorgeous beautiful white Christian women - something which we can NEVER achieve in real life! I mean c'mon yaar just look at us "superior virtous holy" hindu brahmin men! Aren't we just such awesome lookers?


While highly civilized White Christians & Jews continue to prosper and create a better world in science, engineering & medicine....meanwhile the low IQ upper caste Hindu losers create these in the fields of medicine:

Hindu docs are a menace.

So bad are Hindu docs that even other immigrant groups like this Syrian Muslim immigrant Physician had a few choice words to describe their calibre:


Indian medical training is appaling and substandard. This is what you get when you have incompetent brahmins and other upper caste rats running the show – which is why I honestly don’t want them here in the west:



Another Hindu brahmin “Cancer specialist” Manik Sharma & the tale of his sheer incompetence:


Shocking trends in the Indian Medical system – an Australian doctor’s account:


“Dr Death” – Upper caste Hindu Baniya – Jayant Patel – Medical Incompetence and Negligence Hall of Shame World Champion:


Even in India, a cursory look at the number of so called medical doctors who have been banned or jailed for medical incompetence and negligence by the Medical Council of India – all happen to be upper caste Hindu doctors. Just look at the list below – except one random Muslim name, it pretty much reads from a telephone directory of some Hindu Brahmin or Baniya matrimonial column from New Delhi. It is interesting to note that NOT one Indian-Christian doctor made it in that shitlist of shame.


In the fields of Engineering & technology:



Q). What do brahmins create and nuture?

Answer: The incredibly stupid religion of Hinduism!


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United States Bigen
October 1. 2017 02:15

Check out this blog:

Indian Hindus Portrait of a parasitical people.


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United States Scammers Go Home
October 1. 2017 23:55
Scammers Go Home

The very idea that we have to listen to brahminscum lecture us is outrageous. Even if we have trained ourselves, as I have, to skip over the postings by indians, the idea that an ant has a voice regarding what we should do with our house (Western countries) is infuriating.

And we know they are patiently spouting their delusional brahmin lies about how GOOD it is that an ant colony has set up shop in our living room, and how ants are superior to humans, etc.

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United States James
October 2. 2017 13:42

#1. Ethical, Innovative  entrepreneurs, scientists who carry out biz legally providing quality/reliable products and services and benefiting society.  They can be citizens/immigrants, capitalists/socialists. They are the real levers of growth for the economy.

Ethical? India? Like the way Tata stole trade secrets from Epic Systems and was fined $940 million? Or the way China’s industrial spies got into DuPont and then stole the patented formula for white paint? No such thing as an ethical Indian or a Chinese, which is why we never should have let them in to begin with.

If foreign “entrepreneurs” come here and provide services and then remit all their pay out of the country by the billions when instead that $ would have been paid to Americans who would spend it into the US economy, that is a very BAD thing for the US, even if the services provided are good. A country and economy more than just companies.

#2. Smart working, socially responsible, LEGAL, ETHICAL work force. They make things happen and should form major part of the population.

If you were smart Americans would not be training you. The American workforce is already the most productive in the world. We don’t need lazy losers from failed communist states who have to come here and lie, cheat, and steal. US was booming when Americans ran Silicon Valley. Not anymore. You’re obviously NOT PERFORMING AS ADVERTISED. Face it, you just need our jobs to stay employed since you don’t have any of your own and can’t create any.

#3. Socially responsible,Ethical Socialists/Political leaders, Capitalists who looks for profits by providing better core products/services and benefit society.

US was booming before you got here. Not now though.

#4 Lazy, irresponsible, illegal etc general population

Americans are the most productive workforce in the world by a mile. Even more productive than the Japanese who work longer hours. Indians and Chinese are ranked near the bottom in productivity - just above African nations. Without industry stolen from Americans, Indians and Chinese would still be slurping noodles.

#5 Crony/Vulture Capitalists/Self serving socialists/politicians/Criminals.

India Inc organized crime syndicates are the biggest criminals in the US today. That is why they are called INDIAN MAFIA.

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India IndianBrahmin
October 2. 2017 23:32

Jerzy Kulger, please stop talking about race, ancestry etc. You very well know Australian history. Australia is a nation of convict criminals.Yes you idiot, the founding fathers are convicts from UK. So you ancestors are? rapists, thieves, petty robber, prostitutes, any other junk? Sad.

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India Indian Brahmin - The Real One!
October 3. 2017 17:26
Indian Brahmin - The Real One!

Racial plurality is good for Indians. Lets say, India is attacked. It means people whose origin from all other religious and ethnic backgrounds (Christians, Muslims, Atheists, Sikhs etc) is attacked. Indian Ambassadors can be of the native creed and ethno-cultural groups to have better ties. #1 guys from all religions is top choice for India. Its the bad guys who are the problem. And there are good guys in every religion. And none use full capacity of our brain - especially us brahmins who despite using their best capacity of their primitive cerebrums can only come up with epic incompetence & failure. Which is why we hindu brahmins are such rank hypocrites and liars.

for example:

Although I made the above statements, this is the reality of the Hindu brahmin dominant party that people like support and endorse - a Hindutva brahminical dominated BJP party which endorses India's version of the Neo-Nazi's aka RSS, SP, BD and VHP which wants India to be a puritanical Hindu state and literally want to wipe out & exterminate all other ethno-religious groups not of their liking. Yep this is real see the evidence below of persecution,murders, rapes and atrocities against minorities by the far right wing Nazi like Hindutva scumbag thugs and terrorists - the same savages we IT H1B brahmin and other upper caste slumdogs support while robbing your children of a future and then outrightly lying to your faces when getting our asses kicked - Post Trump America!

Watch & learn:







We also made sure we elected the world's first functionally Illiterate & ignorant moron of a bum for a Prime Minister - Narendra Damn-Bandhar Modi: An RSS trained chai-walla (Tea Boy Peon) who honestly talks like a cheap street hustler and pretty much thinks, acts and even looks like an ape! For example: Monkey Modi's cheap simian tactics can be seen here on his US visit where he literally has to put his hindu supremacist crap under his ass and lick President Trump's boots. Watch President Trump's expression having to deal with Monkey Modi - raw disgust and embarrassment! Poor Trump had to touch the Hindu ape - yuck!


And the world is waking up. And Hare Rama, Hare Krihna - lo & behold we brahmin losers are getting our asses royally kicked by all the civilized people of the world! Holy Gau-matha! Say it loud & fast with me folk in tribute to our supreme leader and Gawd: Homo-naam-hain-shiva!

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United States Mr X
October 4. 2017 08:48
Mr X

This should not be a surprise to anyone, but it seems equifax was in bed with infosys. Slumdog sys admins may be selling your personal details to fraudsters as we speak.

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India IndianBrahmin
October 5. 2017 11:18

James - ROFLMAO!!! You didn't still get it.

I never speak about India there. If your country is clean, then bad apples needs to be kicked out. Even it means India, China or US companies. I don't think all the US companies is high on ethics. If yes, you need not cry like this at the first place.

#1 foreign guys can remit some money back to their country, but they drive US economy providing jobs to US men. Lets say a foreigner in his research discovers a new drug that  cures a disease and he gets good salary. Yes he may remit some part of his salary, but he still stays and spends here in USA. US company produces drugs and sells,how many guys gets salary? US company grows and US stock owners get money. People get a remedy.

If US workers are so superior in terms of value for money to Indian workers, then why most of the companies are grabbing Indians paying lots of visa fees, uncertainty and cultural difference? All are idiots?

All you cry is some bad people outside doing bad things to you. But the problem is, some bad people in your country is inviting that thing to happen. Fix them. Otherwise you bark on Indians now. Then Chinese. Then Mexicans? Then whom? Joke.

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Australia Jerzy Kluger
October 5. 2017 23:04
Jerzy Kluger

The low IQ curry muncher hindu brahmin rat stated:

"Jerzy Kulger, please stop talking about race, ancestry etc. You very well know Australian history. Australia is a nation of convict criminals."

Allow this Aussie on your forum to debunk this curry munching brahmin turd who seems to get all the facts wrong which btw is no surprise mate:

Less than 20% of Australians can trace their ancestry to the convicts shipped from mother England. Dunno about you, but mathematically that is still a small minority. The vast majority of Aussies are settlers. And even those convicts seemed to have faired far better creating a highly advanced, beautiful and superior modern nation and society called Australia something which you low IQ incompetent corrupt ugly brahmin turds are incapable of ever maintaining leave alone creating.Sad.


As for my ancestry? I'm an Australian Askhenazi Jewish man whose ancestry hails from modern day Austria. I'm proud of my Australian nationality. Why? Because unlike the brahmin/ kshatriya/ baneeya created epic failed shithole known as India- we Aussies created the following:

Amazing Australia - The Lucky nation!


Australia is the 2nd most advanced nation on Earth second only to beautiful Norway.


In terms of technology and creativity - we rank #1:


We have some of the highest HDI ratios for human advancement and standard of living:


Not bad for a bunch of convicts, eh loser? I'd rather be a convict than a freaking ugly low IQ incompetent hindu so called "upper caste" slum gutter rat like you!

Australian cities rank as the most liveable cities on Earth consistently:



India - the brahmin created shithole:


Very sad indeed. Not impressed Hindoo curry muncher!

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United States H1B_Moron
October 6. 2017 00:42

it's funny if you think about it, even a little. You've got this fucked up country, full of poverty and open sewage, and corruption up the ass, from here to eternity, and everyone there can't wait to get out, and a country that has invented anything new in probably 2,000 years.  But yet, this country is slated to be our STEM salvation, and it's a geyser of innovation, who knew????  So many intelligent people there, creative, just waiting to find an outlet for their super engineering talents, and they'll come to America or England or Australia and ply their skills to turn the IT world on its head and show us all how it's really done.  Never mind that they ape everything they do, badly, from everyone else in the world, the true inventors on this Earth. Or that the best they can do is figure out how to not gang rape and hold back a little on stealing from everyone in their country.  No, they are all going to come here, courtesy of the H1B visa, L1, OPT, whatever theft vehicle they can employ, and then come here and "teach" us how to do what WE invented, decades ago....wow, how lucky we must all be...thank the monkey Gods and Vishnu for our future prosperities and gifts from the Indians.  And what a shock, when they do arrive and with their fake resumes and interview stand-ins, and complete lack of thinking abilities and communication skills, and their keen sense of knowing when to exploit a situation for their own benefit while screwing over their hosts...shock of shocks !!!!!!  How could anyone have seen it coming ?????  All you have to do is go and see what goes in that country, to know that a plane ride over to America doesn't change a person's culture....we did it to ourselves...we allowed these parasites and viruses in, and now we've got what we've got

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United States Angie Cohen
October 7. 2017 00:18
Angie Cohen

To all the Hindu nationalist types posting on this forum i.e. IndianAmerican, Indianbrahmin, slumdoggie etc. Here are a few sailent points you might need to consider before you keep composing all your lame posts which frankly get rebutted and debunked quite easily.

1). Seriously guys, stop preaching! Do you really expect a bunch of first world denizens from nations such as the United States, Australia, Israel, UK etc to take you all seriously when your own societies/ nations are gargantuan failures in practically every sphere of progress?

2). The first world especially the United States was doing just fine. We Americans ( descendants of Europe with a Judeo-Christian background) invented the 21st century: telephones, automobiles, airplanes, spaceships, nuclear energy, electricity, the light bulb,computers, internet and just about everything you use. I would loop in the contributions of other western Christian societies aka European & Australian as western too.

Now ask yourselves this question: Why do we need you?

Show me actual evidence and studies which denotes the quality of life and HDI actually increasing for native born Americans with the entry of millions of 3rd world savages including the upper caste Indian Hindu H1B morons?

You are a guest. We are the host. When a guest overstays his/her welcome & becomes a pest - a parasite, the host has every right to consider eliminating the pest from it's habitat. That is simple biology.

The H1B visa may have resumed in processing for all categories - but read again, it is still under review and the final law based on President Trump's suggestion that it needs to be discouraged from abuse by India Inc. will take effect in due time soon. I wouldn't be too comfortable with statements like those made by Kenneth Juster, nominee for US ambassador to India and Senator Chris Coons.

Also with Trump seriously expecting to replace Rex Tillerson with a hardcore right wing loyalist like Mike Pompeo - things could only get far worse than before.


3). If you guys are so accomplished and great, how do you explain the sheer humongous mess you people have created in your cities and nation? I don't even need to post links. Others have already done that to death.

4). Name me ONE just ONE major invention that an Indian passport holder of upper caste Hindu heritage has created in the past 100 years that everybody uses today? And NO - Most people could care a hoot about Yoga and the much debunked Ayurveda or anyother religious superstitious Hindu nonsense.


5). And please don't bother with stupid irrational comments about "We Indians are great coz muh CEOs in America are hindus" malarkey!

Newsflash retards: A CEO is simply an overglorified manager who pretty much receives his barking orders from the true creators/ founders/ owners/ shareholders of the corporation or company.

Thus Sundar Pichai receives his actual orders from the real founders and owners of Google's parent company Alphabet - Sergei Brin & Larry Page - both white Jewish American guys!

Ditto for Satya Nadela who receives his orders about the corporation's future from Bill Gates - the founder of Microsoft who is of white Protestant Christian American heritage.

CEO's like anyother glorified managers serve a tenure and can be replaces anytime based on the whims and fancies of the true creators/ owners of the corporation. I wouldn't be too proud to use CEO's as the best examples to demonstrate Hindu brahmin superiority over whites.

Just a note: I too understand the immigrant experience. My grandparents were Jews from southern Germany who survived the Holocaust. When we came here, we did our best to fit in and contribute to the progress of America. I consider myself a patriotic Republican. I'm in the medical profession. As a centrist, I voted for President Trump because he has the best vision in mind to Make America Great Again.

If you despise our way of life, you are quite free to leave our nation and go back and improve India. No one will stop you. Instead of escaping the infernal nation state that your people have created, return back to Hindustan and work towards improving it in every sphere of progress. Stop with the Naziesque antics of your idiotic PM and his fringe lunatic fascist cronies who often persecute ethno-religious minorities,rationalists/freethinkers, women, poor Dalits and homosexuals. Maybe then we in the west would develop an ounce of respect for your lot. Just a thought!


To Techinsurgent - You folks are doing an excellent job. Kudos to you all.

God Bless America - Our Home sweet Home!


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United States Bigen
October 7. 2017 06:20

@Jerzy Kluger

The video you provided showing the shithole is pretty tame.  Try this one:


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United States patriot
October 7. 2017 08:32

The best we can pray and hope for is WW3 and that China. Korea, Pakistan and India nuke each other off the face of the earth. Hopefully Japan and South Korea will not be destroyed and that USA and Australia survive as well so that the vermin can be wiped off the face of the earth. This sounds cruel but really is the best solution. The USA Congress and Zionist controlled Wall $treet will not be stopped any other way.

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United States Bigen
October 9. 2017 15:44

Check this out everybody, it's hilarious.


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India IndianBrahmin
October 10. 2017 00:30

You guys are highly frustrated with the Indian IT industry folks? They are the most ethical of all other sectors. You have not seen other Indian Sectors. If you see, you will accept they are the most noble.

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United States James
October 10. 2017 21:49

Even India is asking why its H-1B morons are so stupid.


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United States James
October 10. 2017 22:49

"Indians drive US economy providing jobs to US men"

HAHAHAHHA!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that why USA has 91 million unemployed? In 1998 we had FULL EMPLOYMENT. Everyone had a job. No, Indians RAPE the US economy, not drive it. You are here to TAKE from us and everyone knows it.

Americans build the companies and then slumdogs fall all over each other to beg USA for work visas so they can keep their sorry asses employed by taking over and occupying US companies BUILT BY AMERICANS. The visa hysteria in India is unreal. Loot and remit!

Boy, wouldn't you love to get your hands on Apple now?

Americans build the companies, slumdogs break in, take over, and steal everything.

Without US jobs and industries created by Americans where would Indians work? In Russia? HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!

“98.7% of the founders of important Silicon Valley companies were born in America! 99 percent are White!”
– Ann Coulter responding to those who boast of startups founded by tech immigrants, p.239, Adios, America

The Vivek Fraudhwa-fueled India Inc loot and remit propaganda hype congame is being exposed and is unraveling fast. Better find some other country to rob looters.

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United States James
October 10. 2017 22:50

Indian Hindus – Portrait of a Parasitical People


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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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