Hopefully, she will get the max and do 10 years of hard time up the river....

San Jose Businesswoman Pleads Guilty To Tech Worker Visa Fraud

Defendant Submitted False Contracts, Forged Signatures of Cisco Employees to Federal Government In Scheme to Obtain H-1B Visas Under False Pretenses

SAN JOSE, CA - A San Jose businesswoman pleaded guilty in federal court today to three counts of visa fraud, announced U.S. Attorney Brian J. Stretch Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Special Agent in Charge Ryan L. Spradlin.  The guilty plea was accepted by the Honorable Lucy H. Koh, U.S. District Judge.

In pleading guilty, Sridevi Aiyaswamy, 50, of San Jose, admitted that between April 2010 and June 2013 she made numerous false statements, and submitted over 25 fraudulent documents, to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for the purpose of obtaining H-1B non-immigrant classifications for skilled foreign workers.  Acting as a petitioner on behalf of foreign worker beneficiaries, Aiyaswamy falsely represented in I-129 petitions that the foreign worker beneficiaries would be working at Cisco, an information technology and networking company in San Jose, Calif.  Aiayswamy further submitted counterfeit statements of work with forged signatures as back-up documentation to the I-129 petitions.  In fact, at the time she submitted these documents to USCIS, Aiyaswamy knew that the statements regarding offers of work from Cisco for these beneficiaries were false statements, and that Cisco had not made any offers of employment regarding these individuals.   

A federal grand jury indicted Aiyaswamy on December 3, 2015, charging her with 34 counts of visa fraud, in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1546(a).  Pursuant to today’s pea agreement, Aiyaswamy pleaded guilty to three of the counts of visa fraud and the government agreed to request dismissal of the remaining counts.  

Aiyaswamy is currently free on bond.  Judge Koh scheduled her sentencing for November 15, 2017, at 9:15 a.m.  The maximum statutory penalty for visa fraud is 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.  However, any sentence following conviction will be imposed by the court only after consideration of the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines and the federal statute governing the imposition of a sentence, 18 U.S.C. § 3553. 


-- LINK 

Comments (39) -

United States IndianFckHater
July 23. 2017 03:11

this almost isn't even "news" anymore..."dog bites man", that type of thing.  And to people who are actually in IT, this is definitely not news.  Almost as soon a these monkeys touched down, they immediately set up stealing everything and anything that wasn't nailed down; I've seen it with my own eyes a thousand times, as my professional associates have also.  Why would anyone think that importing in hoards of cheap, stupid, slovenly, liars and con artists, would somehow improve things in our country ? If I dumped tons of trash in your backyard, would it improve the way it looked and smelled? What's the difference ?  If india was such a great place, we'd all be clamoring to get over there, and not visa versa.  It's ridiculous to think that transplanting a "cancer" from one country to another, will somehow improve things in the other country...but, that's what corporate morons counted on...but, here we are today, our professions ruined, curry burglar moderchods have made the price of IT more expensive with less quality and longer times to get things done...and they love to steal....go figure

I'm  mystified as to how anyone couldn't have seen this coming, as I'm sure everyone else is.  This period of time in the IT world, will go down as a history lesson for all.

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United States Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
July 24. 2017 07:35
Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

The slumdog will jump bail and high tail it back to BharaT India

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United States Mike B
July 25. 2017 01:00
Mike B

This slumdog should be deported and not be allowed in the US for the rest of her life.

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United States indian american
July 25. 2017 07:06
indian american

We will take over America block by block, town by town.

By the time we Indians are through with you, you will wish you had long ago set your Negros against us.  As it is, your only hope now is to go back to Europe.

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United States ScammersGoHome
July 25. 2017 08:45

They refer to her as a businesswoman. She's an Indian snake charmer. She and her whole village of con artists that she brought over here as "highly skilled snake charmers" should be imprisoned.

Instead of putting her up in a federal prison at great taxpayer expense, can her custody be outsourced to a cheap prison in Pakistan? Maybe one where the United States would arrange to pay about $30 per month to house and feed her. We should spend as little as possible incarcerating her. After all we have to watch the pennies, like Indians do. That way she would be off American soil while she does her time.

And of course, she must be banned from ever obtaining another American visa.

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United States Lindsey Weiss
July 26. 2017 13:11
Lindsey Weiss

In reply to this low IQ tech-coolie ape:  indian american:

Listen here you filthy little Hindu loser, you keep mentioning Jews in your post. I'm an American Jewish person and I can attest to the fact that most of us irrespective of our political affiliation find you ugly smelly incompetent low IQ hindu brahmin rats utterly despicable. You can bark all you want against us whites, but in the end you and your miserable kind of dirty Hindu losers will always end up as the ones getting their asses kicked by us. European Christians created and built the greatest nation on our planet's history - The United States of America. I have voted for the Democrats almost every election since I turned 18. But in the last election, I voted Trump! I voted America!

So keep dreaming boy! The African-Americans will never unite with stinking curry infested losers like you. Far from it this is what you get with the African-Hindu relationship - hmm does not seem to be working!


Currently, I'm campaigning against the H1B visa fiasco. Very soon we will see the end of this nonsense. The tides are rising in our favor. Good on the Australians and others for kicking these Hindu losers out!

God Bless America - Our Home Sweet Home!

- Lindsey Weiss Byverly, Chief Analyst,
  Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, JP Morgan, Indianapolis, IN


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United States James
July 27. 2017 03:38

Guest worker visa fraud all the way, as usual.

1000s of these fraud looting shops are using visa fraud to flood in millions of more fake job robbers from India. Millions of these loosers will try anything to get into America and leave that chaos ridden hellhole called India.

The Indian IT scam is collapsing even back home. Party's over looters!


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United States patriot
July 28. 2017 01:13

Hmm, slumdog trader now that would make for a good title of an anti-H1b song!

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United States James
July 29. 2017 01:42

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United States Faith Dallas
July 29. 2017 13:16
Faith Dallas

Hi Lindsey!

Nice to see your post. I totally agree. hindus and muslims in the western world more so here in the United States are the worse. We have enough of our own problems to take care of: rampant inner city criminals from the ghetto and illegals, we can't afford to house in more stinking hindu and muslim ingrates.

At my university in Indianapolis, IN - I did encounter a few of these dumb hindus, the muslims being even worse intellectually: not impressed I must say! Not only do they look hideously ugly both from the inside and outside they even act ugly! It seemed that they were prone to cheating and lying all the time. From what I've heard, they talk and gloat about their supposed superiority all the time, but in reality their academic progress and work projects leave a very poor impression on the professors and RA staff. These are some of the most depraved and delusional lot I've ever encountered. One of these ugly hindus even tired to hit on me back at the University. I boldly and firmly told that loser to back-off. Yuck!

Their presence in America is a net negative and they must go. I'm happily married to a nice handsome Christian all American man who is in the tech field and we have started our own business.Currently, I'm involved in my Church ministry. I'm in Michigan, gimme a shout out sometimes if and when you visit my state, we could hang out Smile

I'm ready to support your cause on booting the H1B fraud hindus from our lands. The islamic terrorists & their islamic "moderates" sympathisers need to leave as well. Stay strong sister!

God Bless America & Thank you President Trump!


Faith C Dallas

Contact me on my FB page:


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United States IndianFckHater
July 30. 2017 00:50

What James has posted above, is what American IT people have been speaking to for years, overa  decade now - what I call the Majik Moderchod Myth, that somehow india is this mystical mysterious place, filled with secretive wonder and geniuses.  Every 30 years or so, a new generation is tricked into believing that india is this ethereal place of innovation and ground-zero for wisdom - it's not....not even a little..not in any way/shape/form.  People go there to discover the secrets of the universe, what you "discover" is crime, filth, abject poverty, institutionalized corruption, abuse, gang-rape, lying, cheating, savagery and open sewage...it's horrible. But, if they can convince the world that india is a fountainhead of intelligence and brains, better for them I guess...not so good for everyone else though....


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United States indian american
July 30. 2017 03:16
indian american

Hahaha, Obamacare stands, whitey.  Sabotaged by the geriatric loser John McCain, the same man who lost to Obama in the first place.  Eat that!

As far as the Jews posting here, all of you go Israel and fight the Muslims yourselves.  Nobody likes you, not whites, not Indians.

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United States ScammersGoHome
July 30. 2017 12:02

IndianFckHater, that's an astute observation - every 30 years or so India tricks a new generation into thinking that it has some mystical secret to offer.

In 1968, when a scammer named Maharishi Mahesh Yogi conned the Beatles into going to India to learn the meaning of life from Indians (!), their visit didn't last long. John Lennon saw that the little con artist was only interested in the Beatles' money and unsuccessfully trying to hit on their white women. Lennon announced he was leaving. The Maharishi asked why? Lennon said "If you're so cosmic then you'll know why."

Then Lennon wrote the song "Sexy Sadie", originally entitled "Maharishi". The original lyrics were "Maharishi: what have you done? You made a fool of everyone. Maharishi: you'll get yours yet. However big you think you are, you'll get yours yet". Lennon was enough of an iconoclast to release the song with that title, but someone convinced him that he'd probably be sued, so he changed it to "Sexy Sadie".

Then in the late 90s they tricked western countries into thinking they could do I.T. work.

The bottom line is that India may fool an inexperienced naive new generation from time to time by saying "Oh! We Indians are sooo smart! We have sooo much to offer!" But it doesn't last. They are soon exposed. That's why their country has barely left the Stone Age. It's a fundamental lack of ability, combined with a poor work ethic and dishonest societal mores.

Any progress India has made is due to white Englishmen and Englishwomen. I think deep down Indians know that.

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United States ScammersGoHome
July 30. 2017 12:12

White Christians do like Jews; they are our cousins sharing a common Judeo-Christian faith and also sharing modern civilized values. It's pickpocket Indian scammers that we both dislike.

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United States Hannahbear11
July 30. 2017 12:34

Hey Lindsey, thanks for all your great efforts against the H1B scam bandits from India.
My friend Faith showed me this site. Excellent resources and interesting content. My prayers and support to all our culture warriors and American tech workers fighting the good fight against the globalist monsters who have unleashed the evil of mass immigration into our nations. These Indians like the muslims are upto no good and need to be kicked out asap.

This was a skit I made a few years ago on border control. We need to kick out the illegals a well as parasitic H1Bs out of America. The Hindus can head back to India and build more latrines over there.


Faith, I've got a video link for you on my channel dear


@indian american - America will continue to advance. India will remain the shithole that it always was. Obamacare will implode. So far Pres. Trump has had mostly success in all his goals with the exception of the healthcare stuff. Once Obamacare implodes on its own weight, the house Reps and congress will be coerced to replace it with a much better Republican based healthcare plan. Oh and congress just sanctioned billions of dollars for Trump's first phase of wall construction at the border - Eat that Mr. Ugly!

no site

United States TruthPrevails
July 30. 2017 17:19

Tunnel Rat,

Let me tell you this.  I hope you do not censor this out of fear.  You may not know the REAL MOTIVES of importing hoards of Hindus.

Do not believe me, rather believe your own eyes.  I'm sure you've should have noticed.  There are certain companies have remained largely untouched by Hindus (with blatant exceptions of FIGUREHEADS)..... and they are Google & Facebook.  Look at their CORE DEVELOPER TEAM, it is almost 100% White.

As a European, you should be able to "connect-the-dots".  Why are those 2 companies not over-run (besides HINDU ceo figureheads)???

As you know, the VERY RICH OWNERS of Google & Facebook needed to steal/recruit the top-notch geniuses to create a MONOPOLY -----> and they need to create MASSIVE UNEMPLOYMENT & DESPERATION ------> hence the "love" relationship between the Jews + Hindus.  All at the expense of White Americans.

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United States ScammersGoHome
July 31. 2017 02:58

The "acting-man" article James posted about how Indians cheat and bribe to create a PHONY image/perception of intellectual equality with civilized nations is something that the world needs to see and understand. Maybe we should be including links to the article when we post on other sites to get more eyes on it.

WE know about India's poor track record of attempting to code software. We see it every day. But if lay people knew it that would be even better. Indians can no longer run their original "We are so smart" game since the I.T. industry now knows the pathetic truth. Pathetic in that good capable Americans lost their jobs to make room for these mutts.

Now All Indians can do is to try to divide us, black from white, Jew from Christian, white from Latino, etc., and try to create imaginary alliances between Indians and Latinos, Indians and blacks, etc. That's what the Indian_Unassimilable_Indian who posts on here is attempting. It hasn't work yet and it won't work.

no site

United States MAGA
July 31. 2017 11:50

@Indian American

The Indian PM Modi likes Israel enough to be the first Indian leader to make a state visit there and frolic on the beach with Netanyahu. Who do you think is providing India with the technology to take on the terrorists in Kashmir ? That's right, the Israelis. Last year a 2 billion defence deal between India and Israel was signed. More deals are being signed now. Seems Israel is actually helping India fight its Muslim problem.

no site

United States IndianFckHater
August 1. 2017 22:37

If hindoo turds and Curryville are so great, why are they all trying to get out and come here?? It makes no sense, have you seen what happens over there on H1B opening day? It's like the American consulate is giving away free plates of curry slop...they run and pray and climb over each other to apply for an H1B visa, every last one of them can't wait to escape that hell-hole, of their own making.  If you lived in a great country, full of innovation and genius and growth, would you be clamoring to get away from it at any/all costs ?  Do you think that replacing tax-paying American citizens with imported scab labor that sends a lot of their earnings back to india is good for our society and economy ?  Our IT professions and standards are now in shambles, and the truly "best and brightest" in our country have left the profession in droves, as IT wages decline and one job-robber project after another flops, with millions upon millions of wasted budget left in the wake, so now companies are loathe to invest in new IT projects on account of the higher risk of failure -> that leads to less hiring, and even less good people wanting to get into IT....indian shits create a vicious downward feedback loop of lowering wages and quality, which leads to companies not wanting to spend on projects and more lowered wages which further erodes quality and worker-skills, you get the picture.  In the end, what are you left with - I'll tell you are left with an "india"..IT in America has effectively become "inidan IT" but now transplanted to America...the lowest common denominator has been achieved, the race to the bottom is nearly complete.  What were once awesome skilled craftsmen middle-class roles in our society, are now third-world coolie positions that no one wants....and the Indians are all left smiling and proud that they pulled another one over on some victim

no site

United States patriot
August 2. 2017 04:38

Ever since leaving the tech world and getting into music, I have noticed that most top companies that produce music hardware and software for professional artists like the high end gear that folks like Depeche Mode and Hans Zimmer use are EUROPEAN and not those carpet bagging con artist thugs from India! Take a look at companies that make the real hardware and software that studios use. It is in Europe! They are wise anough to not let the fucking curry scum into their businesses.

America has been scammed and conned by these scum and corrupt bankers on Wall Street and lobbyists a la NASSCOM to rip off and loot companies left and right here in my country. It is time for them to have their asses handed to them and thrown out of this country once and for all. I really don't know what it will take for people to mass revolt if they ever will and take back their jobs for Americans.

no site

United States PolishKnightUSA
August 2. 2017 09:17

"That's right, the Israelis. Last year a 2 billion defence deal between India and Israel was signed."


I honestly didn't burst out laughing when I read this, but it is friggin' hilarious when someone writes about Indians handing over money to someone else (and a lot of money at that), for something that's unlikely to fix a big problem is considered in a positive light.  It's sort of like TATA ripping off American companies but in reverse.

2 billion for a specific application to detect terrorists in one place.  Yeah, money well spent!  Hey, I'll fix a few toilets there for a million bucks!  That's my cheapest price!  hahahahaha!

I could have sold you Vietnam war surplus infrared glasses for a fraction of the price.

In the meantime, the Pakis can send some civilians through the jungle carrying food and medical supplies and when some trigger happy Hindu shoots them dead, the headlines will read: "Peace Loving Muslim civilians killed by Hindi aggressors!"

Why can't India accept diversity like the way NASSCOM asks America to do?  Diversity is a strength!

no site

United States Lindsey Weiss
August 2. 2017 11:38
Lindsey Weiss

Thanks for the comments Faith & Hannabear ( Johanna Richardson). Loved your channel especially your University video:


Pretty funny and nicely done. Like before, any well educated and rational Jewish person here in America despite the political affiliation will always realize two indisputable facts;

1). America was built and developed into the greatest superpower in human history by White European Christian settlers and is still largely maintained and run by their descendants.

2). European Christians pretty much created and developed >98% of all the science, technology, inventions and advances we enjoy in the modern civilized world today. Europe created modern civilization, I consider nations like America, Canada, New Zealand and Australia as simply satellite nations of Mother Europe.

Just look at this list, not one Hindu brahmin turd who made it there:


As an Askhenazi American Jew, I too am regarded as white of European extraction - German, Slavic and Israeli DNA to be exact. Israelis consider themselves more European then Asiatic. The Hindu curry turds are simply no match to the intelligence, creativity, physical strength, power, beauty and morality of those of European Judeo-Christian heritage, which is why we ended up building the greatest nations on Earth. The low IQ muslims and hindus were simply unable to do something even remotely close despite being given the benefit of being colonised by the mighty British Protestant Christians for almost 200 years. Ever since the English left, the Hindu subcontinent and islamic Pakistan have regressed back into being dysfunctional sh#tholes!

no site

United States Lindsey Weiss
August 2. 2017 12:10
Lindsey Weiss

PolishKinght - You sir are awesome! Love your posts. Keep 'em coming Smile

Just an observation, of the few Indians who are well known in the west, very few are actually Hindus. Lets see in the entertainment industry we have people of Indian extraction like Russell Peters ( world renowned comedian) who is of Anglo-Indian ( Partial English ancestry) Roman Catholic descent and holds a Canadian citizenship. Then there's Freddie Mercury - who was a Parsi of full Persian heritage ( Not Hindu). I could think of Norah Jones, who is a confirmed Christian and boy there's a whole list of them in India. The contributions of the miniscule minority seems more overwhelming than the majority Hindus in India.

no site

United States James
August 3. 2017 08:28

Well what do you know - many Americans are catching onto the Hindoo job robber BS, even the Jews. Word is getting around. No one wants to come near these losers let alone hire them. Plus the Indian IT industry in collapse and panic over in the toilet bowl means only one thing: India's days of looting and deception are OVER. Too bad for you CLOWNS because you cannot escape karma any more than you can stop the earth spinning on its axis. You had your chance and blew it big time dummies. Too bad suckers!

no site

United Kingdom Jude Isaacson
August 3. 2017 17:30
Jude Isaacson

As a Brit of Jewish heritage here, I'm pretty impressed to find a wide diversity of people in concurrence with the fact that these undesirable Hindu upper caste wankers of low intelligence and competence are an absolute bilge from stem to stern.

Well done you beautiful American ladies: Weiss et al (Lindsey, Johanna and Faith): you are spot on in your observation about low IQ brahmin Hindu tech-coolie golliwog imbeciles posing as Engineers. We should know better, because we the Brits ruled over these Hindu losers for almost 200 years - introducing these primtive savages to modern civilization, science, medicine, culture, industry and education. If not for the European Christian Missionaries to introduce modern technical education and healthcare, these vile Hindu savages would still have been stuck in the stone ages believing in such futile fantasies of flying interplanetary space crafts made in the Vedic periods & Flying monkeys, rats and elephants.

The Indians sure like to portray a tremendous level of pomposity and delusions of grandeur regarding their supposed intelligence and abilities but yet seem to darn sheepish and embarassed to admit that a few regiments of White Christian English, Welsh and Scottish men and women, defeated and beat all their armies to control and rule over a huge subcontinent depite being outsized 100:1. The bravery, intelligence, fortitude,strength and creativity of European Christians goes unparalleled. And I say all this as someone who is an Atheist. Here in England, we don't much care about religion, however, we do acknowledge that culturally we are of Judeo-Christian origin.

Altough the clip below is just a movie scene, it depicts a more humorous yet realistic analogy of how a few White Europeans can outscore and defeat the Muslims and Hindus of the subcontinent:


Never trust the Hindu upper caste vermin. These incompetent parasites who are behind much of the H1B rackets and Hi-tech devolution in America are none other than the nasty Hindu brahmins along with their Kshatriya and Baniya cohorts. These people are rank hypocrites who have no problem fighting tooth & nail, even crawling on their rancid bellies begging for a visa to get to America, Australia, UK, NZ, Canada or even the EU - nations created by White Europeans. Once they get their wish, they will do everything in their ability to undermine their hosts by creating corrupt organizations and associations to steal jobs, welfare and recreate their failed cultures which they escaped to begin with. They will often vote for the worst political parties hell-bent on destroying the west. For example, these very same Hindu nationslists upper caste vermin who vote for far right wing parties in India will vote for far leftist parties in America such as the Democrats. They are too cowardly to criticise us on our faces, so they sneak up behind us and talk ill about us, our women and our culture. They also seem to have an unhealthy obsession on white skin and our obsessively attracted to white women. There is a billion dollar market for fairness creams and skin lightening products in India. Hindus are obsessive-compulsive when it comes to achieving something that is practically impossible for them - being fair, both externally and internally!

Corruption and greed mixed with the poorest moral ethics & utter incompetence is what has and will always make India an epic failed hellhole. The best they can do to beat their wimpy chests is compare themselves to even bigger failed states such as Islamic pakistan and some African muslim dumps.

Even in India, it is the tiny minority of the more intelligent & competent Indian Christians and Zoroastrian Parsis who have made significant advances to the nation's progress. Lindsey Weiss is right yet again.

Indian Christians:



Finally,I envy you Americans. Your conservative Republican Christian and Jewish girls are not just incredibly beautiful, but tough as nails and very intelligent as well. You are lucky to have Donald Trump as your president. We still need to work towards electing a leader who actually cares for the people. Peace & best regards from this side of the pond Smile


no site

India IndianBrahmin
August 6. 2017 20:39

You guys are not understanding the universal truth, but yes if you understand it, you will get moksha and will be in heaven. Brahmins are master race created  by god. Other races and castes are equivalent to animals, they may win temporarily. Rakshasas  will win but will fail eventually and thats why whites started failing.

no site

United States Unemployed in Detroit
August 11. 2017 08:08
Unemployed in Detroit

Racist Indians at Google still hide behind bigoted "diversity" hiring practices (and are they borrowing a page from Ford Motors anti-American hiring practices playbook?): www.wired.com/.../ "In an interview with Bloomberg on Wednesday, Damore said “several hiring practices” make it “easier for someone to get into Google based on what their race and gender is.” For example, Damore said, “certain people” are given a chance to have multiple interviews while others are excluded after just one. He was not specific.

no site

United States patriot
August 13. 2017 07:30

Yeah Google is an evil globalist company that hates Americans.

When I had a farce of an interview there years ago I actually solved the joke of a programming quiz in record time yet never even got a face to face interview. Fuck them.

The DOJ, Sessions and Trump should break them up along with Amazon for anti-trust violations.

no site

United States ScammersGoHome
August 13. 2017 22:45


Thank you for that priceless, universal pearl of wisdom. I honestly don't know what the world would have done for the the last several millennia without the Brahmins' contribution of:

... not much. But you are good at scams.

Here's what the western world was inventing while you Brahmins were perfecting the art of the swindle and the con:

- That computer you're typing on
- The software that drives your computer
- The Internet & nearly all web applications
- Recorded music
- Motion picture
- TV
- Radio
- Camera
- Telephone
- Light bulb
- Automobile
- Rocketry (modern)
- Satellite
- Spacecraft
- Airplane
- Skyscraper
- Telescope
- Printing press
- Eyeglasses
- Contact lenses
- Microwave oven
- Metallurgy (most discoveries and methods)
- Materials science (plastics, compounds, & most other synthetics)
- 95% of medical advancements
- 95% of life saving pharmaceutical drugs
- Modern food preservatives
- Most scientific breakthroughs over the past 1000 years
- The bulk of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
- Astronomy (most discoveries and mapping techniques)
- Sea navigation (most advancements)
- Discovery of DNA
- Genetics (most research)
- Microscope
- Laser technology and its myriad of uses
- Harnessing electricity
- Nuclear energy
- Wireless technology
- Air conditioning devices
- Refrigeration
- Modern agricultural techniques
- Modern democracy

no site

United States IndianFckHater
August 14. 2017 07:46

third world indian curry burglars: please, do yourselves a favor, and save your genius and innovation talents for your own country and people. Stop squandering your intellect and skills on the rest of the world..you're spoiling us all, like feeding feral cats.  Stay home, stop clawing each other over the prized H1B visa, stop putting yourselves out for all of humanity.  We know that you all can't wait to get out into the world to help all of retards, who so below your upper caste, so much so that you've neglected your own country, and even failed to build enough toilets for yourselves, but it's time to stop all of, and to devote yourself to living up to your full potential, and by doing that, you'll most certainly set high examples for the rest of us, who don't gang rape and don't steal on an hourly basis.  Please, help yourselves, and by doing so, help all others.  Stay home, don't leave your country, and make the india the great place that it well out to be

no site

Japan Akiro Kanazawa
August 14. 2017 18:33
Akiro Kanazawa

Indian Brahmin stated:

"You guys are not understanding the universal truth, but yes if you understand it, you will get moksha and will be in heaven. Brahmins are master race created  by god. Other races and castes are equivalent to animals, they may win temporarily. Rakshasas  will win but will fail eventually and thats why whites started failing."

My reply:

Lets see what the "master race" hindu brahmins have created:

From Brahmin supporting RSS-BJP Hindutva hero- Modi's city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat we have this gem:


More from the duh..."master race" :






And, from the Christian/ Europeans/ Westerners aka whites you get these:





Conservative white American Christian republican man owning an ugly upper caste Hindu bit#h:


Let the world now decide as to who the real master race could be.

no site

India An observant Indian
August 14. 2017 22:57
An observant Indian

In reply to this idiot - Indianbrahmin:

Really? So you losers actually deluded yourselves into believing that you are the master race? The last I checked, your hindutvadi brahminical evil incompetent losers have created nothing but hell on Earth for our country India. Your beloved BJP saffronazi Yogi's Uttar Pradesh has been rocked with scandals of killing >60 innocent children in hospitals. Sick!


Bloody child killers? Sometimes I seriously desire that the British came back and colonized us again...maybe then we would be much better off. Just sick of you people. You assholes embarrass me. I feel ashamed of being an Indian because of the way you arrogant incompetent brahmins think and act. Shame Shame Shame....go drink some cow pis and eat more cowdung stupid Hindu subhumans.

no site

United States Indian_ass
August 14. 2017 23:15

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United States indian american
August 14. 2017 23:35
indian american

We kicked the British pigs out of India.  The Nazis and Muslims are taking care of the Jewish pigs.

And now we Indians will colonize America.  Face the facts.

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United States indian american
August 15. 2017 01:15
indian american

Fuck the Confederacy.  Fuck white murderers.  Rot in hell white scum.

no site

Serbia and Montenegro (Former) Slumdoggie
August 15. 2017 10:39

You all trigger-happy, melanin deficient and colorless pale madarchods are going through genetic and civil societal mutation which will lead to the collapse of civilization and extermination of this planet.

Homosexuality, Drugs, Guns, Violence, Civil war, World war, dumbing down of millenials etc.

The writing is on the war. The End of this Planet is Near !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no site

Serbia and Montenegro (Former) Slumdoggie
August 15. 2017 10:40


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India IndianBrahmin
August 15. 2017 20:35

@ScammersGoHome, very bad comment from an animal. You are speaking about materialism. Think in terms of spirituality. Real Brahmins are purest form of human souls alive on the planet. Some of the Brahmins get infected by adulterous west characteristics but most of vegetarians and highly spiritual. Most of them are highly educated intellectuals. They have one of the lowest prison incarcerations. Have a  real Brahmin guru and understand the spirit of life, brotherhood of all humans.

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United States James
August 16. 2017 01:37

Fired Google engineer Damore says the company is hiring and promoting workers based on race or gender


“The company ‘is pressing individual managers to increase diversity’ and is ‘using race or gender’ to decide which workers are promoted and which teams job candidates are placed on"

Pichai is an anti-white racist. And we all know it. The war on white America and takeover of American companies by Indian looters continues.....

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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