Tunnel Rat posted on July 15, 2017 13:55

More news from the racist human-traffickers known as Infosys, and it looks like this may be the next Enron:

As he looks to rebound from an estimated $1 million loss stemming from allegations of workplace discrimination, a fired employee with India-based tech giant Infosys may have a powerful ally: President Donald Trump.

The leader of the free world has placed particular emphasis on the hiring and firing of American workers. 

And the details in the case of Erin Green, who says he was passed over for promotion while watching foreign workers advance in the company, would likely resonate with those who back Trump's "America First" agenda.

...Bergin estimates that's more than 70 percent of the company's U.S. workforce. And since Infosys is based in India, most of those visa holders come from the subcontinent, he and other observers said.

"From the company standpoint, as far as what would move the stock, that would be something that would adversely impact the number of H-1B visas that are available each year to be used ... or anything that changes minimum salary requirements," Bergin said.

"That could potentially hurt profitability."


BTW, the last time I suggested shorting Infoshit was back in May 7 2011, and if one would have followed my advice then, they could have profited from the almost 50% drop that happened shortly after my suggestion to buy Jan 2012 puts.

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United States James
July 15. 2017 20:01

As the previous post mentioned why hasn't IndoSys been added to the list of the debarred companies banned by DOL from using H1Bs? They are repeat violators and clearly breaking US law. THEY SHOULD BE BANNED FOREVER FROM USING H1Bs SINCE THEY ARE REPEAT VIOLATORS.


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United States indian american
July 16. 2017 10:28
indian american

Be careful with this shorting stuff, the Jew bankers have our backs.

Prepare for the Jewish/Indian/Asian elite with the Black and Hispanic muscle carrying out our orders.

We are relentless.  What are you going to do, whitey?

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Israel Aviv Abrahmson
July 18. 2017 19:47
Aviv Abrahmson

Hey moron "indian american": I'm a Jewish Israeli and come from a well to do family and I can assure you that most Israelis think you Hindu losers are a joke. The only reason we have close geopolitical ties with you is because your Hindu ape of a Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his crew of losers are purchasing billions of USD worth of our products from Israel. You guys give us good business and beyond that we see you primitive savages as losers. When push comes to shove, most sane Israelis would side with White Christian Americans over the leftist jokers in their media.

Even PM Benjamin Netanayahu is supporting European Christian nationalists in Europe such as Hungary over a far left Jewish lunatic Banker like George Soros.


You Indians are epic losers. From what I've learnt even the Brits, Irish, Aussies, Kiwis and Singaporeans have pretty much closed the doors on your cheap incompetent and corrupt workforce. Don't get too comfortable loser, the USA will make stringent laws to get you losers back to the shithole from where you crawled from. Go build some toilets there.

Everywhere you leftist losers are LOSING! Especially in America and on the internet.
Watch a nice Christian conservative Trump supporter Steven Crowder demolish this Hindu leftist bitch:


We are getting sick n tired of you losers and we don't need to see more of your hideousness. Go Back Home to India!

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United States patriot
July 19. 2017 13:38

Well I sure wish that this Israeli Jew CEO would quit hiring slumdogs to run his company into the ground:


Instead of hiring smart White Christian men, this idiot Jew hired a bunch of fucking sleazebag slumdog con men! I had the Hindu bitch from HR there call me about a job playing games about me having to answer some joker 200 question report. This after the Jew Israeli CEO had first contacted me on LinkedIn.

Fuck them. These Jews need to stop letting fucking maderchods run over them. Fuck Modi too.

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United States ScammersGoHome
July 20. 2017 02:59

"We are getting sick n tired of you losers and we don't need to see more of your hideousness. Go Back Home to India!"

Well said.

There is no Jewish/Indian/Asian agreement to screw white people. India WISHES it could align itself with intelligent, capable nations and races who have succeeded legitimately in business, medicine, law, and other professions based on their abilities. Honest  success is in sharp contrast with Indians' "success" in I.T. Indians use corruption to achieve their aims.

Based on how Indians cheat to take the I.T. jobs, let's extrapolate a bit: it's perfectly logical to assume that any so-called Indian "professional" might also be illegitimate.

A phony Indian M.D. in the U.S. who bribed someone in medical school, or cheated in medical school or paid a proxy to take his/her exams and certification tests is obviously someone to be avoided at all costs.

Indians have been exposed for the frauds they are.

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United States ScammersGoHome
July 22. 2017 06:06

Indian broker pleads guilty to visa fraud.


"You mean it's against the law here in the U.S. to commit fraud? This is not like India at all. Fraud is standard in India. Everyone knows it and everyone gets a piece of the action."

Here's hoping the maximum sentence is handed down to Aiyaswamy. That might send a message to the other Indian brokers living in America.

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Israel Aviv Abrahmson
July 26. 2017 02:53
Aviv Abrahmson

Well stated patriot. Here in Israel, some Israelis might fancy a funny Bollywood monkeydancing movie or even Indian food which imho is not too bad, pretty good actually. Oh and yes some Yoga. Then there are a tiny tiny minority of far left drug addicts who take a rest cure vacation in parts of India where drugs, booze and free sex mirred with Eastern Spirituality ( Buddhism, Shiva Cults etc) takesthe front seat in the Indian states of Goa and Himachal Pradesh.

But the vast majority of well educated and sane Israelis seem to either have an agnostic  to a downtrodden view on primtive Hindu Indians. If not for the incredible business they give us, there would be Zero interest in even looking at them. Fuck India!

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