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United States MAGA
March 20. 2017 11:06

Bog Iger says it was a "mistake". What a joke. Disney is now the most profitable film studio ever. They have the number #1 film at the box office and own the Star Wars and Marvel film franchises, all stories about good over coming evil. Ironic, considering Disney's business policies that exploit and abandon their own long time employees.

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United States indianamerican
March 20. 2017 13:08

We brown skinned, black haired, cow worshipping, curry smelling, head bobbing indians are just going to keep coming to your American whitopia.

Good luck trying to stop us.  Maybe you can join forces with your negro pets to expel us!

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United States FUH1bDckSckr
March 21. 2017 11:26

How come curry burglars are so in love with stealing ???? They defend it and stand by their ethics of larceny and grift.


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United States James
March 21. 2017 16:45

I know a LOT of Indians in Silicon Valley as I lived there for 16 years and let me tell you: they are absolutely scared crapless out of their minds.

The combo of Trump winning on the promise of ending H-1B combined with the recent slumdog slayings in the US have them falling over themselves to pack their crap and buy plane tickets back to India. I have never seen ANYTHING like it in my 18 years of fighting the slumdog slave trade. Some of them are good friends and are emailing me constantly asking what they should do.

I think guilt has finally set in and they are all realizing they have been looting the US blind for decades and have stolen trillions out of the US economy. You can't pull off the heist of the millenial and not be a little worried about the changes in USA today.

Not to mention the 1000s of small India Incs who have been doing mass frauds for decades. They all know their phones and email may be wiretapped by the Feds and that means their crimes are being recorded everywhere. Since we all know the extent of the India Inc crimes, for so long, they too must be quaking about being rounded up.

All Trump has to do is sign an EO to send in the Amry and it's curtains for all of them.

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United States Simon Rothstein
March 22. 2017 11:21
Simon Rothstein


Nope loser.With Trump/ Sessions in the WH, you can bet your stinking curry sambar plates that Indian immigration and visas will ONLY get lower and lower. There has been a drastic new cultural shift since November 9th 2016. As an Israeli-American and an immigrant to the USA myself, let me give you guys my 2 cents:

I have done my undergrad program from Technion Institute ( Israel's top Technology Institute) in Haifa, Israel. I also successfully completed 2 advanced Post grad degrees in engineering from Australia and later the United States. I'm NOT exactly an IT code writer, but more of a electronic-telecom engineer who has worked on remote satellite systems. I had a brief experience in the IT field both in Melbourne, Australia and later San Jose, CA. Let me tell you what we Jewish folk think of these low IQ brahmins and other upper caste hindu rats;

These are the most arrogant obstinate bunch of deluded losers who think they are some sort of super intelligent divine beings despite being grossly incompetent, unethical and above all incredibly inferior in their scientific reasoning and knowledge skills. This applies even in the medical field. The world record holder for the most incompetent "surgeon" in the world is none other than the infamous Dr. Jayant Patel AKA "Dr Death", a typical low IQ upper caste hindu wanker from the same state as the current PM of India: illiterate loser Narendra Modi of the BJP ( Bharati Jokers Party). This doctor had a history of gross medical negligence and incompetence despite all his fraud degrees & self proclaimed superior experience. Even the local white Aussie OT nurses had to correct this idiot's work.

Sad & horrifying - literally everything these low IQ hindus touch turns to Sh*t!


They have a terrible sense of hygiene. In Australia, we nicknamed Hindus as "curry munchers". I believe here in the US you guys call them "dotheads" or something. There is an old English & later Aussie saying: "you can smell an Indian from a mile away".

Hindus are downright some of the ugliest people I've ever seen in my life. Not only that, they are also physically some of the weakest humans on the planet with practically zero sex appeal which is why they resort to gang rape in their hellhole of a country.

For a nation with such a big size and population - they have done terrible bad. Despite having the luck of being colonized by the highly civilized Christian Europeans namely the British and in parts by the French and Portuguese, the Hindus have NOT developed much. Colonial Great Britain practically introduced these apes to modern science, technology, education and civilization not to mention the largest railway network the British built as well as a lot of American aid and technological transfer. Eg: the IT industry is almost wholly a white American ingenuity NOT Indian. Even the Indian military uses British Sea-Harriers, Hawk aeroplanes, and later the Russian's built India's navy and nuclear program. Here's a un fact, NOT ONE Indian aeroplane including their so called indigenous LCA Tejas uses an Indian made jet engine. They have to import it from the USA, Britian, Germany, Austria and even Brazil. The Tejas aircraft from HAL, Bangalore uses a Brazilian made engine for their military jets. Shame Shame! According to VSM Pasricha of the Indian navy, India does NOT yet possess the capability to manufacture it's own jet engines. Ha Ha so much for their superior intelligence, eh?

After dealing with Indians, I have to admit that even the Arab muslims seem far more civilized than these low IQ Hindu apes. As a matter of fact, conservative republican pundit Ann Coulter ( Trump supporter) talked about the H1B fraud and India's staggeringly low IQ of only 82. Even the Pakis, Afghans and Arabs have slightly higher IQs on the national score. Pathetic!


President Trump is the BEST thing to have happened to America in a very long time! As he stated, its time to drain the swamp both in DC as well as the industry. Drain the Hindu & muslim losers outta America - NOW!

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United States Jimmy Legaro
March 22. 2017 13:26
Jimmy Legaro

Poor slobs. They don't know what hit them. It's hard to beleive they have been betrayed in their own country by thier own people, for money!
If at the first sign of trouble the entire I.T. department had walked out and held firm they would all still be working.
I don't know why I.T. people don't organize. If at Disney ALL the I.T. people walked out that would have ended that in one day.
Organize or perish

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United States Old Guy
March 22. 2017 13:31
Old Guy

I used to be an architecht for a large media company. I wouldn't train any of the h1-b scabs on what I did.
This went on for over a year till finally the VP, an Indian himself, offered me a 500K one year contract to train.
I had to take it as I knew that was it. I took it, trained the scabs as much as I could, which beleive me wasn't much, and left.
I retired and now I watch this situation getting worse and worse.
Get rid of the H1-B program and let economics work. When pay scales rise more of the best and brightest will get into it and balance will be restored.
No need to skew pay scales and employement by importing foreign workers.

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United States indianamerican
March 22. 2017 17:19

Well, we are smarter and more cunning than white Americans.  White Americans work like slaves for the corporations, send their kids to die in the Middle East, and try to "feed the world".

We Indians just work for ourselves.  It's why we are winning the evolutionary race.

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United States Mike
March 22. 2017 21:39

Nuke India.  Nuke them till they glow.

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United States PolishKnightUSA
March 23. 2017 01:28

"Maybe you can join forces with your negro pets to expel us!"

What a racist thing to say (but accurately representative of the H-1b mindset on how they like to think of themselves so superior via wealth gathered by theft but still secretly are ashamed that they're perceived as little better than other races they despise).  

It's a thought provoking comment because I was just pondering how the African American and Indian American communities are clashing in Trenton, NJ, a Detroit-like city halfway betwee n New York and Philadelpha on the rail lines.  It's a theoretical boom town since people could live there and work in either city but since it's degenerated into a gang-banger guetto after white flight drove down real estate values and jobs over the past 40 years.  

So Indian Americans see gold but will they claim it using their principles of cutting corners, graft and corruption that should fit in well with New Jersey politics?

Consider this hotel that was built for about 20 million dollars but failed miserably since Trenton, the state capital, is such a "no go" zone:

An Indian billionaire swooped in and landed it for a fraction of the price and then proceeded to not pay bills, let the infrastructure rot, etc.  Trenton is TOUGH to survive in as non-fictitional Tony Sopranos will tell you.  

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United States patriot
March 23. 2017 04:14

Funny how Indiots crow about being so special yet the ONLY thing they can brag about is living a lie as CRIMINAL JOB ROBBER THUGS!

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