Tunnel Rat posted on March 12, 2017 12:53

I am hearing more about this and I'll gladly participate.  I could use a day off at the fucking curry den I work at now.  


Last month, there was a national "Day Without a Latino." This week, the demonstration du jour shutting down schools and shops is a "Day Without a Woman." Here's my question for all the virtue-signaling protesters who pay lip service to better jobs and wages:

Where's your awareness-raising event for untold thousands of our country's high-skilled men and women victimized by H-1B visa havoc? Thanks to cheap labor-hungry big businesses and money-grubbing politicians in both parties, every day has become a "Day Without American Tech Workers."

Our own best and brightest are vanishing in plain sight. It has been going on for decades — and it's all legal. Several court challenges to the corporate abuse of the program have failed.


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United States Bobinator
March 13. 2017 01:45

Management at many companies have taken advantage of our professionalism and altruistic nature, and a lot of that has to do with them having no comprehension whatsoever of what we do for them.  

Pretty much at this point on out, the next step here is whenever IT Staff are facing outsourcing, it's time to unionize.  Now a union can stand for anything, so you should write a basic charter stating what you will and will not put up with.  E.G. If you work for a power utility and they are outsourcing work to remote workers in India, it's just un american to do that, so you might create a charter to bind people to that particular cause.  

Organizing this is fairly simple.  Buy some "strike boxes"; a cellphone sized box that has a flash drive in it.  Might amount to $5 a box.  Put the forms for signing up for the union in the box on a $2 flash drive and have them e-mail you that over a weekend.  Pass them out at work, make sure instructions and a copy of the charter are in the box.  Once you have everyone signed up, you announce this fact to management by turning off and placing your cellphone in the strike box, then everyone takes an unpaid, care-free week off together.

You inform management on the Monday the strike starts of the intent of the union to "engage in a business experiment to determine our actual value to the business", and that their IT Staff have taken a week off.  The union doesn't care what breaks, they will fix it when they get back to work.  The realization of a weeks worth realized risk will very firmly assist management in realizing the professionalism and hard work they take for granted, and to those stragglers who don't want to work with the union, it will firmly implant in their heads they are not omnipotent and that IT is a team effort.  You also inform them of the union membership as well that if anyone in that membership is fired or harassed, the strike will continue; if they engage in legal action to break up the strike, which we all know is bullshit, it turns into a mass walk, everyone exercises the free market.  Another item to consider putting in there is any engagement of law enforcement for the purpose of harassment will result in staff terminating their employment.  After-all, it's a free market.

When everyone gets back and starts fixing things, you lay down a list of demands to management.  During the week off, you have a day-long meeting, and put those demands to a vote.  These can include things like forcing the company management to stop acting like a bunch of ego-driven money-grubbing animals and engage in altruism by pushing the politics of the organization in the right direction, E.G. all programmers are now hourly and we hire project managers to appropriately cost projects in order to drive dysfunction out of the code base and the business.  If management wants to reduce cost by moving a project off shore, they have to do the entire project, and all deliverables, off shore and to spec, and if the locals have to clean it up, they bin the project or it's a strike.  

Some of these demands might also be that they are not to outsource any positions within the organization.

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United States MAGA
March 13. 2017 01:59

The media and shills for the H1-B will paint all the participants in this protest as "racist" and "anti-immigrant". When Samuel Jackson protests the casting of non-American Black actors in roles such as MLK, "Get Out" etc, he isn't portrayed as "racist" or "anti-foreigner". Yet only tech workers who want protections get labeled that way. I wouldn't be surprised if Soros and his ilk threaten the protestors.

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United States Commenter7575
March 13. 2017 06:38

I think that left-leaning politicians view the work visa programs as a tool to increase diversity in the workforce.

I think Democrats decided in the past two decades that most American workers, including tech workers, could not be trusted to lead the charge for racial and gender diversity in the workforce.

Work visa programs are a potential path to citizenship for guest workers. This means that there is a potential to increase diversity in the workforce. These programs are used by corporations who have greater needs for large staff.

Corporations have a relatively good track record for diversity. For decades, big box stores in small towns been providing a less hostile shopping environment for customers of different races than the hypothetical Ma and Pa stores. Whether this is true or not, I think the perception from the 1950s and 1960s remains. They also will use guest workers.

But, when the rubber meets the road on the work programs, corporations ask Indian run consulting companies to perform the administrative duties and communicate with the workers. The spoken language barrier is usually the issue as the workers don't speak Rotary Club English. Messaging works wonders though.

Getting liberals off the H1B fence will require: a bottom up, hard work revolution in the progressive vein, in which citizens take responsibility for diversity in the workforce, providing examples of medium sized companies providing a diverse work environment without needing their arms twisted, finding out what works in larger cities like Manhattan that have diversity in the workforce, but not the homogenizing big box stores, and examining racial and gender equality in the worker's country of origin, mainly Southern India, to see if this is really a good way forward.

Or you could just outvote them in every election from now on.

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United States James
March 14. 2017 10:50

The bribery is out in the open now. They aren't even hiding it any longer:


WHY do we even allow these FOREIGN LOBBIES to form in our country? WHY?

Funny how "temporary Y2K workers" move in, take over, and then form PACs to bribe OUR gov't. When did the American people ever agree to this mass invasion from TEMPORARY GUEST WORKERS?

We MUST put a stop to this. We need new laws outlawing foreign lobbies now.

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United States James
March 14. 2017 11:21

And now in addition to NASSCOM and US-IN PAC scum, we have the REPUBLICAN HINDU COALITION to deal with! This slob gave huge $ to both Trump + Gingrich, which may explain why Trump has slowed on ending H-1B as cheap labor, as promised. AND this slob is now rumored to be appointed US Ambassador to India thanks to his bribery, er... contributions. He's probably got McCain in his pocket too. And Rubio.


Millenials, snowflakes, and SJWs are too dumb to even know recent history and that they are all out of work due to the open borders invasion of the Indian Mafia into their own country. They have no idea what USA was like 20 years ago and how every American had job security back then.

Before the dark times, before the poojoo.

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United States indianamerican
March 15. 2017 12:33

You want to blame Indians?  Fine.  It's much harder to look in the mirror and change.
You guys are like a 50 year old obese, alcoholic person who is in poor health and ranting and raving against everything and everyone.

What is harder to do is look in the mirror and say, wow, I shouldn't have ever done this, and I should have changed my life decades ago.

You guys want to slave away for your corporate masters?  That's your fault.  Not Indians, who are just taking advantage of your own country's poor immigration enforcement.

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United States patriot
March 16. 2017 01:52

Me too! Boycott most globalist companies by not buying their goods and services. The list is long and includes Disney, Microsoft, IBM, Walmart, Apple and hundreds more. Avoid buying crap made in China at Walmart!

Refuse to train replacements well.

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United States patriot
March 16. 2017 09:42

Looks like California is going to have a time without American workers


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United States ScammersGoHome
March 17. 2017 01:08

Indians go to a Foreign country (ours), they bribe our congress and probably the president to steal the IT jobs from good working Americans, they come from their villages bearing fake "credentials", they pay proxies in their stead to allow them to pass the phone / Skype interviews, they use a lack of articulation to obscure their lack of skills, their body shops hire 99.99999% Indians (a clear violation of EEOC), they get on the job and spend their time figuring out ways to avoid work and take maximum advantage of their American employer, they get into management and hire only Indians, and they have the unmitigated gall to say Indians are not to blame.

It would be better for them if they admitted that they pulled off the scam of the century, but it's over now. If they could at least be honest enough to admit that, we might have a tiny bit of respect for them. As it is they are nothing but walking lie-machines. They are a plague of locusts.

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United States ScammersGoHome
March 17. 2017 02:11

Should the Dalits look at themselves in the mirror and tell themselves that it is the Dalits, not the Brahmins, who are actually to blame?

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United States James
March 17. 2017 05:16

Even pro-Affirmative Action Jesse Jackson said we need to ban foreign tech workers:


You KNOW something needs to be done when the most vocal proponent of AA hollers to deport all the job robbers.

Even the most leftist redistributor in America can see that India is destroying the US.

Only a fool nation continues to allow destructive invaders to remain in their country.

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United States DBS
March 17. 2017 14:52

"IndianAmerican" my ass! It's really "IndianIndian".
'India reminds me of a drunk at a party who's lying flat on his back, trying to pick a fight with everybody that goes by. It is India that is CENTURIES behind and who needs a white run country to invent the technology it can mooch off of. If the British hadn't dragged India out of the stone ages, you would still be staring at the rear end of a water buffalo trying to plow a rice paddy. If Indians don't want to still be called a race of losers, then INVENT SOMETHING!

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United States H1BThievesandLiars
March 19. 2017 00:10

Why is it that indian culture is so prone to lying and corruption and deceit and thievery ????  You listen to hindu's like "indianamerican", how dare you call yourself any type of "American", indian or otherwise.  Being an American is NOT about stealing anything that isn't nailed down, and then blaming your victim, "well, it's your fault, you didn't put enough safeguards in, so we exploited your weaknesses and took advantage of you"....that's their mentality for sure...lying and stealing is in your DNA, it's part of your culture and who you are, all you have to do is look at YOUR country, and see it's state. You'd make the whole world like that if you had a chance, thank God no one will let that happen, as you see now how your job-robbing curry party is coming to an end.  You'll never learn though, because even now as you your racket coming apart, you still claim to be a victim in all of this, and how everything is going to fall apart w/o you - but you can't even build enough toilets in your own country, or have the electricity run all day, or have clean water, or stop rampant gang-rape, but the rest of the world will collapse without you, and your aping of everyone else's inventions and innovations. Stop for a second curry burglar, think, why are you so hated, do you think maybe the rest of the world is sick of your job robbing shenanigans ?

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United States James
March 19. 2017 15:01

Sold like cows and goats-India’s slave brides


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United States patriot
March 20. 2017 04:12

That is exactly right, DBS! I am native American and European born American. These are invading force of job robbing racist parasites from a turd world full of rot and corruption. Heck, Indians from India are racist against each other even with the caste system.

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United States ratpatrol
March 24. 2017 02:30

wild cat strike

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United States James
March 26. 2017 05:52

Another slumndog slaying.

Looks like Americans have HAD ENOUGH.


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United States Seeing Things
April 2. 2017 11:16
Seeing Things

Think of this: ATT calls, they want to get me to subscribe to their internet service. I tell them NO - my future is not certain and I can't accept services from ATT knowing they have replaced tech workers with cheap H1b visa workers.  ATT reaps what it sows. Keep this in mind when you choose to spend your money.

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