Tunnel Rat posted on August 7, 2016 01:04

“There is going to be an uprising” 

...For Sara Blackwell, representing U.S. workers displaced by the federal H1-B visa program began as a gig. Now, it’s a full-blown cause.

The Tampa lawyer has been giving away clients who would distract her from her work. She jokes she’s stopped sleeping and exercising. Recently, she launched a website called ProtectUSworkers.com. “I speak to an average of 10 people a day who are victims of this,” she tells me. “The more I learn about this, the more I have to fight.”

She began by representing IT workers at Walt Disney World in Florida who were replaced by guest workers from India brought in on temporary visas by outsourcing firms that contracted with Disney. She has filed a long-shot conspiracy lawsuit in federal court.

Blackwell contends that the practice of outsourcing low-end, back-office IT jobs to cut costs has become endemic. Globalization, she says, is systematically lowering the standard of living of American workers. “It’s a race to the bottom,” she says.

The Disney case garnered the attention of some in the U.S. Senate, including Jeff Sessions, a Republican from Alabama who now is at the forefront of a fight against the American tech industry, which wants to expand the guest-worker program citing a lack of domestic qualified engineers and programmers.

But those tech companies are at the back of the line. According to Ron Hira, a professor at Howard University who tracks applications, outsourcing firms have been crowding out tech companies in the race to acquire the highly coveted H1-B visas, which are capped at 85,000 a year.

Sessions, who is also a fierce opponent of immigration reform, was one of the first U.S. politicians to embrace Trump—and Blackwell has spoken out against the program at several Trump rallies.

She also has consulted with the outsourced employees who worked at Northeast Utilities in Connecticut, including Craig Diangelo.

Part of Diangelo’s frustration—and part of what is driving him toward Trump—is that Washington has done so little to curb what he views as abuses of the H1-B program. There is a greater push now on Capitol Hill to broaden the program rather than rein it in. “There’s nobody to help us,” he tells me. “There’s nobody to say you can’t do this.”

Richard Blumenthal, a U.S. senator from Connecticut, has been part of efforts to expand the program, but also to reform it. “It’s a desperately serious problem,” he says.

He told me that even though there is some bipartisan consensus on reform, efforts still aren’t moving forward, consumed by the same paralysis that’s stalling everything else.

“There are powerful forces against us,” Blumenthal says, “including the companies that exploit these programs.”

To Diangelo, that’s the dilemma of the modern, middle-class voter. He worked hard for years, lost his job when his only transgression was being too old and making too much money, was humiliated when he had to train his replacement, and then watched how state and federal politicians have been able to do nothing to help him.

Why shouldn’t he support Donald Trump? What’s worth preserving? He’s a tech worker, sipping Pinot Grigio over pad thai. He’s no militant or conspiracist. Yet...

 “There is going to be an uprising,” he says. “People are starting to say: `I’ve had enough of this. I’ve really had enough.’”



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United States FatRat
August 10. 2016 11:22

TunnelRat!! im visiting your blog after years!! and do you know why?? because i have been  listening to Trump and i was like, this fatasses  dumbness and habitual incitement to violence reminds me of someone! and then when he made those threats today i was like yes!! its TunnelRat! im sure you and your wife  would be voting Trump, too bad cali will still remain blue. Enjoy the summer fatty!

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United States indian
August 11. 2016 15:12

I'm an Indian American.  Yes, an American.  It is your country which allows me to become a citizen.
And there are a billion of us back in India waiting to come in!
Trump won't do anything, he is a corporate stooge.

Get used to it whitey!

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United States James
August 12. 2016 20:54

Wow Indians are really running scared.

Come Nov. everything will change and India will have to find another nation to feed off of.

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United States James
August 12. 2016 20:57

Fatass? Hitlery can't even make it up the stairs by herself.


Sorry India, your sellout infiltrators are about to meet the Grim Reaper. They are old and can't last much longer.

Too bad for you.

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United States Just Say No to H-1b
August 14. 2016 04:24
Just Say No to H-1b

Did I see Indians call us whitey? Considering you are parasites, similar to termites, you have a lot of nerve. You are in our house (the U.S.) eating our house's wooden frame only because some traitorous politicians, whom you are bribing, invited you into our house. But it wasn't the politicians who sweated and worked and built and paid for the house. It wasn't "American" politicians like Hillary. We paid for it. Our ancestors fought and died for America. Indians have contributed nothing to America, just as termites contribute nothing good to a house. You have no idea how much you are hated in the U.S.

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United States Raj
August 15. 2016 09:26

The problem is Indians or South Indians, have more than strong hold on Corporate America now, they are doing intellectual genocide on white Americans and Americans are not able to save themselves from this never before happened onslaught.  Stopping it requires fundamental change in way of US thinking, a country which think any type of family is OK, only climate change and pseudo righteousness matters in life (Facebook founder does jogging along with bodyguards but wants to import endless H1, L1s and illegal immigrants because it doesn't impacts his life, or in other words he doesn't need to face consequences of his actions)can't and won't be able to stop this onslaught.  First of all, whites are not invited for interviews in IT industry and even if by mistake they are asked to come, they are never hired.  Only this week I came to realize a South Indian manager in my company is getting kickback from staffing vendors in his wife's and relatives Indian accounts along with supply of girls locally in US, these shameless people have turned America into India. Person is spending millions of dollars on not needed technologies and infrastructure because he is getting kickbacks from infrastructure vendor as well.  Why American invited illiterate, selfish, fraudulent and greedy community is little bit appalling to me.  Unfortunately America is not getting brightest and best, they are getting people who can't get $400 per year salary in India from Indians, this is quality of H1 and L1 visa holders.  Fraudulent degrees (some of them are printed in printing press), fake resumes, very high ego and shameless behavior.  Imagine a person who can't even earn $400 per year in India coming to US enjoys white blondes and gets $100,000 per year while lecturing Americans on shortage of STEM education, laziness and stubbornness.  Immoral behavior doesn't paid only for so called soon to be crowned "queen" in 2016 elections, it paid for all South Indians as well.

If Americans really want to help themselves, elect Trump, may be he can protect and save country from evil lobbyists, self interest groups and career politicians.

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United States patriot
August 16. 2016 01:44

American engineers to rise up more so and refuse to help the parasites who come into jobs fraudelently to replace them. I have had multiple times recently where the parasite South Indian begged for help when I was shown the door and I laughed in his face and told him to figure it out himself.

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United States James
August 17. 2016 16:56

Actually "whitey" doesn't care about slumdogs.


Because everything they touch dies. This is Darwinism in action: the companies that hire slumdogs will die, the ones that hire Americans will thrive. Eventually no one will want Indians anymore and Indians will not be able to stay employed.

Look at Microsoft. Slumdog takes over, ships all the jobs to India, everything goes right downhill. Windows 10 is a joke. Soon MS will be gone just like Sun, PeopleSoft, etc.

The where will Indians go? Where will they girft out next?

Over time, business people will learn that hiring slumdogs is the kiss of death and no one will hire them.

Only Americans will be left in jobs, and all Indians will be wandering the world, looking for whom to rob next.

Darwinism is a self-correcting action, as India is now proving to the world.

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United States James
August 17. 2016 17:00

Clintons created this mess in the 90s:

1) Raised H-1B caps and opened borders, bringing in armies of slumdogs.

2) After slumdogs collapsed Silicon Valley in 2001, they moved to Wall St. and caused the 2008 collapse.

3) Once Americans rebuilt Apple, with Steve Jobs, who wouldn't offshore, the slumdogs wanted to all come back to SV, which is now being wrecked again.

4) Once slumdogs loot out Apple this time, and collapse everything, they will move back to Wall St.

5) Thanks to Clinton open border policies, slumdogs have been able to loot USA to the bone, the greatest theft in the history of the world.

6) Clintons are communists and love redistributing wealth - that is why they gave away everything America built to lazy countries like India and China.

Vote Trump 2016 - do not put that communist witch in the white house.

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United States James
August 20. 2016 16:33

END all foreign lobbying now.

END NASSCOM lobbying of US gov't now.

END USIND-PAC political action committee using foreign interests and influence to manipulate US govt. OUTLAW USIND-PAC now and remove foreign influence from the US gov't NOW!

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United States patriot
August 22. 2016 02:46


1. Elect Trump and end H1b now
2. End the corrupt NASSCOM USIND-PAC - bust them on RICO laws
3. Bring back Glass-Steagall
4. Americans to start businesses to hire ONLY Americans no curry dirtbags allowed

That will be a good start.

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Slovenia Slumdoggie
August 23. 2016 05:41

Trump the Dump will never get elected.

Gay bois like James will eventually become extinct.  Slumdoggies will rule the world.

End of discussion!!

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United States indian
August 24. 2016 09:06

Indians, Muslims, Arabs, Chinese, Filipinos, Vietnamese, Mexicans, Hispanics of every hue and nation, Africans...we are coming, and coming, and coming, all of our relatives, and their relatives, billions of us waiting back home to immigrate to America, and we won't stop, we will never stop...we will chase down the last white person in the last white town in America

And you will never do anything about it, white man, because you lost.  You are greedy, individualistic, and divided.  You care more about money and your pet projects than your race or territory.

So get used to it.  White America?  Never again.  It's already lost, it's not coming back.

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United States DB Cooper
August 27. 2016 07:25
DB Cooper

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Slovenia Slumdoggie
August 28. 2016 08:41


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United States kta termurah dan termudah
August 31. 2016 12:54
kta termurah dan termudah

I could not resist commenting. Very well written!|

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United States James
September 2. 2016 04:11

If white America is lost then the world is lost since everything came from white America. Once taken over, everything will collapse and there will be nothing left to "loot and remit". Where will the world turn for a free ride then?

Indeed it is already happening: global econ about to collapse because there are too many takers and not enough producers. America produced everything but everyone else takes everything.

Most major nations are in terrible, unpayable debt, including China, India, USA, and Mexico.

Once the world econ collapses due to takers, what then India? Where will you get your lunch from then? Better start figuring that out now.

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United States ratpatrol
September 3. 2016 06:27

indian and slumdoggie:

"Beware the thrusting of evil away from and back to the sender and the karma attaches where it rightfully belongs" - swami sivananda.

"More than two billion people are at risk of developing the Zika virus in india."


karma's a b*tch

"Indians, Muslims, Arabs, Chinese, Filipinos, Vietnamese, Mexicans, Hispanics of every hue and nation, Africans...we are coming, and coming, and coming, all of our relatives, and their relatives, billions of us waiting back home to immigrate to America, and we won't stop, we will never stop...we will chase down the last white person in the last white town in America

And you will never do anything about it, white man, because you lost.  You are greedy, individualistic, and divided.  You care more about money and your pet projects than your race or territory.

So get used to it.  White America?  Never again.  It's already lost, it's not coming back."

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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