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India Hindi:(Tere maa ko sau kutte chode - sau wa tera baap! ) is the most laziest, proudest, smelliest and hairiest country in the world. It is populate by like a Gazillion people and its main export is cheap Hollywood movies know as Bollywood films. After discovering that Indian women like to ovulate on a daily basis and thus stretching the population as far as it can go, the country finally invested in condoms after realizing that there was no place for them to shit due to over population. It is said in the Book Of Genesis that when God created the Heavens and the Earth, that He, (God) had diarrhea when he created India. It borders loads of countries, and is a major influence on the shit region it occupies. India borders Pakistan and so many countries in the world, its just to bad that India had to be so close to those damn terrorists. Bangladesh got its independence with the help of India and is now smellier than ever, along with Bulgaria. The monthly income for these native Americans Indians, would be around five dollars a month. This is enough to feed the average Indian family of about 4 to 5 hundred people for a period of six months living on bin scraps and drinking methylated spirits.

India is also the Ethiopia of Asialand. It is the big huge melting pot where everything that ever enters it melts down to an ever increasing experience of cultural madness and confusion. It is a place of many bad smells and It is not unusual to see a local person taking a dump on the sidewalk. This practice is normally permitted as long as you leave enough room for people to walk around. Even Gandhi had skid marks in his underwear! These strange complementary (yet divided) features have made India the universal home of male-to-male and male-to-female buttsex. They have also banned Brazilian waxing, which becomes evident when one views Indian pornographic content.

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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