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Man, it’s hard to blog consistently. It takes a lot to drag yourself out of bed an hour early everyday and write a few interesting, coherent paragraphs.

But I found myself on some other blogger’s blogroll (Scruffy Looking Cat Herder), and that gave me some newfound inspiration. BTW, that’s a pretty good blog from another passionate developer.

I’m tempted to blog at work, but that is not very smart. For one, my manager has a tendency to walk by my cube and glance at my monitor. Like most middle-age guys, he needs reading glasses, but I think he scan my screen from five feet away and figure out that I not typing code. Secondly, it’s hard to get in the writing groove in a fairly busy office. Finally, the company may be monitoring what I am doing with their computer, although I doubt it. They can barely monitor their own web site and keep it running.

But some things are starting to get my blog juices flowing, so I am covertly typing this text inside what looks like a functional specification document with a bunch of tables and techy mumbo-jumbo. God, I wish I had my own office again.

Now, what I really want to write about is CURRY EATING WAGE PIRATES.

You know -- HI-Bs from India.

Those folks that you can’t understand because they speak and write in broken English.

The ones who make foul smelling food that they eat at their desk.

And write really bad code for a fraction of the price of an American coder.

You know, the foks who always nod in agreement, even though they have no idea what you are saying to them.

The ones that are imported by big companies that claim that they cannot find enough qualified coders in the U.S.

I am surrounded by two of them as I write this. One is really, really obnoxious, so I don’t talk to him. His name is Babo, but I like to think of him as Bababooey.

He talks really fast about technical stuff and makes no sense whatsoever. He’s a blowhard that rolls his r’s. And of course, he makes stinky lunches.

But the worst thing is that he has a habit of sneaking up behind me and reading my screen, and making asinine comments about what I am working on. I guess in his country they are used to looking over your shoulder while you code, probably because the ratio is ten programmers to one computer over there.

“Ah, a VinForms app. You shoood yoooz Vindows Presentation Framework…yada yada yada….”

And you should go back to that shithole sub-continent you came from, Mr. Stink-Boy, I wanted to tell him.

At first I was polite. Now I just ignore him, even when he stands over my shoulder, mumbling about the work I am doing. I act like I can’t hear, or say something like “what, you wanna read my email now?”

Bababooey once tried to suck up to me by sending me PDFs of course material he had copied from an AppDev class. He said he had all sorts of digital manuals, and showed me a ring full of thumb drives that he pulled out of his pocket.

“You vont need do buy any booooks, jus ask me, I have dem.”

I reminded him that we have copyright laws in America. He sneared and mumbled something sarcastic about China.

I sent an email to the AppDev company and said some programmer was peddling their copyrighted material, and it looked like he's in a piracy ring with his H1-B buddies, trading curry recipes, software, and digitized tech manuals. They were not pleased – the courseware runs about a thousand bucks a pop.

And the recent controversy about the Senate immigration bill really has me worked up. The politicians actually want to bring in more Bababooeys to illegally duplicate courseware, write bad code, mumble their way through the day, and nod like retards. They say that there is a shortage of skilled programmers, and the only way to solve the problem is to increase the H1-B quotas.


If there really was a shortage of developers, I would be making twice what I made 10 years ago, not 60% of that amount. And I’m a free-markets kind of guy, and don’t mind competing in the global workplace. But dirty, nasty, maggot ridden truth about Indian programmers is that they are usually horrible programmers, and for the most part, insular, passive aggressive snakes.

Part of the reason has to do with the caste system. Because of aggressive affirmative action policies inacted by the Indian government, there are a huge amount of "untouchables" that have made their way into Indian software companies. They have a modicum of education, but are severely discriminated against by the Brahmims and other upper-caste members of the society because of their poor communication skills and lack of social graces.

The offshore companies send most of these "Dalits," as they are known, to America so that they won't have to deal with them at home. So, if you find yourself staring at the blank face of a mumbling, dull-eyed H1-B, rest assured that he was not even allowed to sit in the same room with his bosses back home.

I once had a client ask me to do a phone screening of some potential contractors for a project that needed some more bodies. I talked to three, and the most adequate was a man with a pleasant Hindi accent. He was fairly articulate on the phone and answered most of my questions correctly. I recommended him to the client.

The body shop sent someone across country the next day. Needless to say, this was not the same mofo that I had talked to on the phone. This guy could not speak a lick of English. Plus, he was surly, confused, and utterly worthless. It was the old bait-and-switch. My dumbass supervisor told me to get him up to speed on the project and parked his curry-eating ass next to my desk for two weeks.

It was a hopeless cause. The guy could barely read English, much less code. Plus, to add insult to injury, I had to spend so much time getting him to do the simplest things, I missed some of my own deliverables. When the burn rate got to be too much, they let me go with half a day's notice. The firm was obligated to give my Dalit friend two week's notice of termination, so he ended sitting around for a while longer, grimacing, fumbling around with some code, and frowning at everybody else on the project until he was shipped back to New Jersey.

Honestly, has there ever been a successful commercial software product produced by an Indian company? Even the rigid Germans have SAP, but that is understandable because those guys are such great engineers, they found a way to exterminate 12 million poor souls very efficiently. Bastards.

But the Indians have nothing. All they do is send indentured servants to America, where they take up residence in poorly run IT shops. And any IT manager that thinks they are saving money by hiring H1-Bs is fucking idiot.

No, really -- if you are doing that, you are a dumbass. How do you expect to get complex applications written by people who come from a country that still has the plague? Did it ever occur to you that the thick accent that makes it impossible to understand the H1-Bs you filled your shop with also makes it hard on your native programmers, who now have to deal with a language and cultural barrier?

I have a theory. The IT managers who bring these ill-dressed, mumbling buffoons into the country and pay them below-market wages have no clue about programming. To them, tech-speak may as well be Latin. They don’t understand complex programming issues even if they are explained to them by an articulate, patient, American programmer. So it doesn’t matter to them if a musky-smelling H1-B is feeding them a load of geek bullshit. It’s all the same, so why not save a few bucks?

Sorry for jingoistic rant, but the Wall Street Journal’s editorial page said today that we need more foreign computer scientists. Sure, and we also need more editorial writers working out of some Bangalore slum – I am tired of paying so much for that paper. I think a nickel a copy is about the right price, and I am sure all those journalists with degrees from Columbia wouldn’t mind stagnant wages for the rest of their careers.

But H1-Bs are a reality, so I’ll be content to be a festering ball of rage, giving Bababooey the stink eye and relaying my numerous anecdotes about working with his ilk. Trust me, it’s not only their lunch that stinks – it’s their fuckin’ code.

Stay tuned…

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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