Tunnel Rat posted on September 5, 2016 16:00

Finally, a detailed account from a slumdog who spent many years committing fraud and deception as a curry-scented wage pirate.  The book is free/cheap and doesn't have the usual Hinglish that slumdogs are known to write.



 Here are some highlights:

Slumdogs are pushy: 

Slumdogs steal shit from the breakroom:


Slumdogs are filthy thieves:


They are obsessed with how much money other people make and will open your mail to find out:


Slumdogs work in motels:


Slumdogs' resumes are bullshit:


They use fake names to get work:


They know nothing:



Tunnel Rat posted on September 5, 2016 08:57

From Medium:

...We had 8 young Chinese employees on H-1B visas with us as developers, limited in experience but eager to please and learn. They end up being the ones to suffer the most...

More on Slashdot:

It should be called "H-1B'd" considering how many of these failure stories involve companies who fraudulently claim no Americans are available to work, then fraudulently import workers for their sweatshops.


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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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