Readers of this blog should be familiar with the name Sarvesh Dharayan, head of the notorious bodyshop Apex Technology Group Incorporated.  He first surfaced as "Shawn Gibson", threatening me and several other insurgents because one of his slumdogs had exposed details about his illegal activity regarding H-1Bs and we had spread the word.  He then hired mob-lawyer Patrick Papalia to harass me.  Eventually, Sarvesh got a corrupt judge (probably with a bribe) named James P. Hurley (who promptly retired) to shut down a few insurgent blogs, including mine.  This Desi pimp and his dumbass wop lawyer went to great lengths to try to shut me down, and I had to host the blog in other countries, first Panama, then Canada, and finally Malaysia, its current home.

Well Karma is a bitch, and it seems to have bit Sarvesh in the ass.  He was just arrested in connection with a $2.3 million bribery and kickback scheme, which was reported to me by one of my readers just yesterday.  I finished reading the complaint filed by the feds, and it is a sordid story.  It involves some unnamed New York company involved with Medicare and the HHS, who was scammed by one of its executives who was getting kickbacks for placing slumdogs from Apex at the company.  

Like I have always said, there is no way entire IT departments can be filled with illiterate slumdogs without some corrupt collaborator getting a cut of the action.  This is the classic MO of slumdog slave traders -- kickback a cut of the hourly billing (which in this case appears to be about $105-$115) to the collaborator, net about $65, and pay the slumdog probably about half that.  Shit, I make about $80/hr after my agency gets its cut of probably a similar rate, so Sarvesh was making a fucking killing.

Sarvesh Dharayan (aka Sarvesh Kumar Dharayan) has been busy lately.  He recently tried to get on the school board, probably to obtain more political connections and further his schemes.  It also looks like he was trying to buy political influence by making some healthy contributions to N.J. Governor Christie.  


Finally, this fat Desi fuck is on Facebook (or he has a Facebook page, because he is probably in jail currently).

Like I always said...



I was perusing Slashdot and came across a post titled "India to overtake us on number of developers by 2017."  Wow, that is in just four years.  But buried in the comments was this gem from a relatively articulate Indian:

I am an Indian Programmer/developer/IT guy. I can contribute my story and hope its relevant. The beginning of my career is typical. I am bachelors in Electrical Engineering. I always 'liked' electricity. I did not have a computer till I was 20 something. I did have lots of broken electronics though and used to make little hobby circuits. I did not design the circuits but copied them from magazines/books. I kind of understood why they worked but not really. I always wanted to 'get it'. My questions which were not explained in the text books in school remained unanswered. Teachers did not seem to know the answers. Abstract concepts were pushed down my throat as hard reality with no other possibilities. Accepting them was the only way to get 'good marks'. I had no access to internet (or a computer during school) but my dad bought me as much books as he could afford. I used to like Maths in beginning and was good at it but got stuck on square root of 2: irrationals, their importance etc. and other higher level abstractions in school. The access to the books I had or the Teachers did not clear things up. I always knew inside I was an idiot. I was achieving decent scores/grades and was considered an excellent student because I realised the only path given to me was to memorize tons of information in stupidly written text books . The examination questions are from the same text books, even patterns of the Math problems. So to really apply myself to 'succeed' was never really needed. Its hard to keep my tone normal and objective because the truth is the Education system is horrible. It like turning human beings into
'hard disks' and not critically thinking/questioning conscious beings. Indians I feel are not genetically predisposed to being idiots but the Education system is designed
to leave no other option. I do not know exactly how this came to be, but probably it was modelled on accepting West to be the creators and us the consumers of knowledge. No questions asked. Then I got into an engineering college and took up Electrical Engineering for four years. In a nutshell,a joke: The teachers, the books,
the labs: everything from the middle ages and that when my college is considered internally and even internationally to be a good one! It was the same script as school: spend most time eating rubbish books for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I was amazed all the time how students, teachers all around me had no problems with this. My dad advised to go trough this mill to have a degree to get a Job then find your own way. If you don’t have a degree, you are ffed. So that is what I did instead of dropping out.
I found majority of my fellow students did not care about physics, maths, computers .. anything really, just dreamt of joining companies like TCS, Infosys etc and kept
cramming their previous interview questions sheets etc as we approached end of our Engineering degree. Only care seems to be about Getting a job, cars, home, the girl/guy to settle down with, going f..kin 'onsite' is the dream. Political, intellectually shallow players built for corporate. I couldn’t compete with them and still have a job in India on my own terms. When the software companies started coming in to college, I was selected by the first one and shipped to Chennai. They did not mind at all that I was an Electrical engineer and potentially knew nothing about computers. They asked me nothing about computers in the interview, just some logic questions. What mattered was that I just awesomely happy about the peanuts they were offering me in return. But peanuts they are in hindsight, At that moment I remember I was the happiest man alive. It was amazing, wow, superman moment, I forgot that I was an idiot. I thought I was kewl.
This company put me straight in to Cobol,DB2 based project for a major US client. I hated Cobol , did not know the business,did know Cobol! but that seemed not to matter! I managed
somehow and kept pushing my managers to get me into some Java project. All around me were absolute idiot developers and managers even more so, all worried about keeping up a façade of competence for the big American Gods and worried about their next onsite visits where they can earn a bit of money. We are all just clueless there and since everyone is clueless whatever requirement gets funnelled down from the client has to be taken verbatim as there is no context,thinking,confidence in self. Because everyone is clueless about everything, they agree for peanuts. That is how the companies make profits. That is why they hired me(an Electrical engg) straight from college after a joke of an interview. That is what they still do. I had no idea of the environment, the money involved or any other kind of international exposure. I was very happy in my new microcosm: A shared room with 3 other guys in a shitty place in a shitty city and not be a burden on my parents any more. I jumped companies, for higher salaries at each jump. I kept learning about computers myself as I had the money now to buy better books and internet. I finally jumped countries to the first world and joined a start up. I now kind of have a better idea now finally what an irrational number is. This country enabled me to see. My brain works differently here, works better. Kids are being kept stupid in India to serve as fodder for out sourcing firms. The stupidity level is fine tuned such that with things like stackoverflow you can write some business application level 'if else' statements + have everything else handled by someone else's libraries. The one genius guy I met in India left to work for our space program and now why is he being paid a nothingness to what I am earning here now!?
Why should I go back to India and do something about all this? And if all the slightly conscious ones are pushed outside of India, who teaches back there?
You can see now why Indian management chains build up: Top managers like Indian managers as they do not ask uncomfortable questions. The Indian managers themselves in turn know Indian sub managers will be the same. All thanks to our Education system. You have to think how exceptional are the good Indian programmers who face this huge ball of slime that is Indian Education and still succeed internationally.
Indian IT is generally a nut job and all you have are some exceptions holding it up. Take away the libraries, the frameworks, then see what can come out of India in its current state: Nothing. What good is it when the whole country becomes a façade: India does not create new. It would be hard to justify how this fact(well fact in my world) helps the human Earth overall when a major chunk of its population are onsite opportunities chasing zombies.


That pretty much sums of the reality of slumdog coders.  And there is over a decade worth of their shitting code around, so American techies should be busy for the next 20 years or so cleaning up their crap.  

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Tunnel Rat posted on July 9, 2013 11:50

Yeah, no shit...

"But in the broader IT market, the environment is more like manufacturing, with less-skilled Americans being replaced by cheaper foreign labor. The largest employers of H1-B workers aren’t firms like Facebook and Microsoft, they are actually outsourcing companies like Infosys, Tata, and Wipro. These companies account for around half of the annual H-1B workers, and the majority of their employees are overseas, according to a recent report from Computerworld. The study found that less than three percent of H-1B workers apply for permanent residency. Most learn the job, then leave to continue the job from their home country."

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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