Rob over at has some great posts about his new gig:

"...On my left is a little Indian woman with the thickest accent I have ever heard. It was a strange accent to me – very different from Hindi or Hindustani. I guess she was from a different part of India. All I know is that she was on the phone all day, 3’ away from me on my left, and smelled like a sub sandwich (why, I will never know considering she was a vegetarian). She has since gone back to India to work remotely..."

"...All of the people in this complex are pretty much IT people, supporting this gigantic infrastructure. Within five minutes of Day 1 – observation: All Indians. It is not an exaggeration to say that 75% of ALL of the people in this place are Indian. Not a single one was born here. They are all foreign born. A smattering may be citizens but, by and large, they are all HI-B or Green cards. In the three months since I have started, I have seen thousands of Indians while I have seen perhaps 10 African Americans and 10 Hispanic Americans. The remaining 24-25% are Caucasian and Asian. This is to say nothing of the thousands upon thousands of Indians in the email distribution lists, threads, virtual meeting rooms, instant message chats, who are actually IN India. I thought I had seen it all at my prior jobs but this place is so shockingly biased towards this demographic that it surprises me that they can get away with it. I suppose that the minority quotas are arranged so that all minorities are lumped together..."

Don't worry Rob.  The Insurgency will stage a raid soon in your curry den and have a massive sit-in until all the slumdogs are gone.  We will bring ICE and the media, and demand that all those guest workers get the fuck out.  We will bring unemployed American techies from all over the country and demand that the treasonous company you work for abide by OSHA and DOL rules, and we will file a massive amount of civil rights complaints with the DOJ.  Keep sending those videos from the inside! 




I found that gem in the comments section if this propaganda:

Yes, they created 300,000 jobs (for janitors who have clean up their filth), and destroyed millions of white collar jobs.


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tunnel rat posted on September 14, 2010 09:01

I previously blogged about how P. Murthy & Associates, SMCI, KForce, and other members of the "TechServe Alliance" were trying to sue their way into the slumdog slave trade in order to circumvent the Neufeld Memo.  To bring the readers up to speed, the Neufeld Memo made it illegal for bodyshops to sponsor H-1Bs and then pimp them out. 

I knew that the TechServe case was dismissed in August, after the news broke on some immigration lawyer's blog.  I was waiting for some more mainstream coverage to hit before I wrote about. 

BTW, the idea of bodyshops suing the U.S. government, at taxpayer expense, to perpetrate their crimes is nothing new.  Criminal enterprise Apex Technology Group previously had enlisted big-time immigration lawyer Aron A. Finkelstein (Jews should really stay out of the slumdog slave trade -- there is some historical baggage there), of the corrupt Murthy Law Firm, to sue Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano, and other members of our government because they didn't like that some slumdog was not getting his visa processed.  Yes, they literally served process on the U.S. Attorney General and others.  Of course, that case got dismissed, and cost U.S. taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars to litigate. 

Now, our friend Patrick Thibodeau has great coverage of the bogus TechServe suit over at ComputerWorld.  BTW, Patrick is hated by NASSCOM shill Vivek Wadhwa, who allegedly threatened to throw acid in Thibodeau's face if he continued to write hard-hitting pieces about the slumdog slave trade and report on the fraud-ridden H-1B visa program.

In his article, Patrick gives details about the criminal enterprises that broke USCIS rules by sponsoring slumdogs to work at client sites:

"The lawsuit argued that the IT staffing industry could lose some $100 million in business a year because of the memo. The firms that joined TechServe in filing the lawsuit were: Broadgate Inc. in Troy, Michigan, which counts 21 H-1B visa holders among its 46 IT workers; Logic Planet Inc., in Edison, N.J., which employees 95 IT workers, including 89 on H-1B visas; and DVR Softek Inc., also in Edison, N.J., which says that 45 of its 50 tech workers hold H-1B visas."

This ruling effectively puts companies like Broadgate, Logic Planet, DVR Softek, and Apex Technology Group out of business, and keeps old-school Anglo bodyshops like SMCI (who I've contracted with a couple of times; not a Lesser Indian Dotted Netter in sight) out of the slumdog slave trade.

Like I said,


I came across a snarky website,, that I found very amusing.  I think it is a positive step to see the typical slumdog mocked and ridiculed rampantly across America.  Unlike NBC's "Outsourced", this is funny shit.

It has some real gems, and really captures the delusional hubris of our enemy, the IOR (Indian Outsourcing Regime):

"...Clients tend to underestimate the productivity engine driven by employee sweat and fear knowing their jobs could be sent offshore next..."

"Need to remind a particularly stinky coworker to bathe more frequently? We will confront him for you.

Our clients report that this raises morale and reduces physical confrontation...."

"...our associates are eager to assist you with your IT projects. They fear the whip, and are therefore polite and never idle. You will find that they are well qualified and graciously accept your abuse for a ridiculously low hourly rate."

"Unlike undisciplined North American coders, our highly-qualified professionals will take on your complex software projects without whining about salary, working conditions or holiday breaks. Our aim is to become your low cost provider. Give us a try and let us prove our worth. For the cost of feeding a hungry child in India, you can have 24x7 support for your UNIX and Windows servers.

You'll save thousands on air conditioning alone!"

"Another bit of advice: don't feel locked into your career path. Take this opportunity for self examination. Remember what your mother told you, "You can be anything from a rodeo clown to a drunken mall Santa." If you have no dignity, you might even volunteer to assist with the outsourcing effort. This is an excellent way to escape your department before the axe falls. Just tell yourself you're a business person, not just an expendable asset, and go for it."

"The chief rival of the North American Techie has proven to be the Lesser Indian Dotted Netter—which some consider a pest species. The Netter continues to displace the Techie because of its lower resource requirements, startling high birthrate, and its tendency to thrive in overcrowded urban conditions. To make matters worse, shrinking cubicles throughout the Techie home range is causing populations to dwindle further."

Even a word about collaborators!

Seize the opportunity

"But this takes a special kind of spineless opportunist. Think you are up to it? The first step is to convince your leaders that bringing offshore replacement workers up to speed will take considerable effort, and you are happy to be in charge of "knowledge transfer." This will buy you a little time, and you might even be awarded an impressive title like, "project leader" or "offshore liaison." Tell yourself that this doesn't sound technical, so you are safe now. You may alienate your co-workers, but hey, it's a business decision, right? In the coming weeks, try to reassure yourself that you're a good person as your coworkers are marched out the door one by one. Maybe you can hold the door for them, or help carry boxes out to their cars. Those remaining will probably view you with suspicion and consider you a turncoat, and your status will degrade to slightly higher than a Nazi prison guard. But focus on the bottom line: you saved your job for another few months. "

Remember: aim for the red dot...

Filed under "Collaborators Pay For Giving Your Data To Slumdogs":

"Policyholders, meanwhile, inundated the Department of Insurance with complaints about PacifiCare losing their records, some of which were shipped to India, where they were miscoded and could not be retrieved. Many customers said the insurer denied claims for covered procedures and then ignored requests for help.",0,6380098.story



tunnel rat posted on September 2, 2010 08:31

I'm going to start a new feature on the blog called "Dumbass Desi Recruiter Email." 

Every day, I get a few emails written in Hinglish by some slumdog slave trader, and some are hillarious.  One of the things I hate about the slumdogs is that they have worked there way into the IT recruiting business and effectively destroyed it.  I know of no gora that has every gotten a gig thrugh these scumbags, and I can only assume that they are looking for resumes to pirate. 

This one here from "Raghu" is epic.  He wishes to refer me to his Tier-1 client, Infosys (as discussed over the telephonic discussion????).  Well, that is just great -- slumdog sweatshop Infosys bills someone like Baxter $150/hr, and by the time Raghu gets his cut, the contractor makes about $15/hr.  Just look at the laundry list of unrelated technologies this fuckstick is looking for:

Fuck You, Raghu. 

For those of you wishing to contact Raghu, I would suggest sending him a care package of a mysterious white powder, or the fetus of a stillborn cow.

Happy hunting, insurgents.

- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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