tunnel rat posted on June 30, 2010 23:35

This site will be down for awhile because I have to take care of some business. Your regularly scheduled programming will return shortly.

If you don't hear from me soon, I may have ended up like this fellow Marine, and you are urged to contact the authorities:

"The 59-year-old retired Marine who died in a mysterious car fire Memorial Day had been receiving death threats in the preceding weeks and months, his friends say, but it's not yet clear whether his death was suicide, homicide or accident."




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"Time to expose Desi Contracting Companies - that bring professionals from India. The agony, the mental torture, the shame, the blackmail - the professionals go thru' at the hands of these firms."
This guy has probably been killed by the Desi bodyshop he exposes on this classic broadcast:

Listen to internet radio with oz on Blog Talk Radio

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tunnel rat posted on June 20, 2010 13:45

One more job available for an American techie:

WASHINGTON: Five men have been arrested for allegedly robbing and killing an Indian techie from Andhra Pradesh in the US, the Telugu Association of North America (TANA) said.

A native of Chittoor in Andhra Pradesh, Venkata Subba Reddy Cuttamanchi, 35, was allegedly shot dead in a motel in Southfield near Detroit Wednesday by the boyfriend of a Mexican woman where he had gone for an internet date, TANA said.

Police was informed by people who witnessed the shooting at 2.00 a.m.

"Venkat Reddy met a 23-year-old Mexican woman through internet dating, had a meal at Wendy's restaurant, and drove to a nearby EZ Rest motel around 2.00 a.m. The woman's boyfriend and four other cronies who were waiting at the motel robbed Venkat and shot him to death," said Prasad Thotakura, TANA executive vice president.  

 - Link

BTW, note the Hinglish ("Police was informed..."). 

Now, from what I understand, Andhra Pradesh (AP) is where many of the H-1B scams originate.  I have seen people from AP (aka 'Teluga', rhymes with 'Beluga') derided on internet forums as "vegetable salesman" that have been behind much of the exploitation and corruption in the high-tech slave trade.  I have actually noticed that many of the death threats posted to my blog originate from IPs that can be traced back to AP.

IMHO, AP seems to be the equivalent of Arkansas or Mississippi, an agrigultural backwater that turns out very few techies that can compete in the global I.T. arena.  Yet, they seem to be involved in many of the Desi bodyshops scams, and the more primitave slumdogs all seem to be Telugans. 

Just my opinion.




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tunnel rat posted on June 17, 2010 00:31
These are the folks running Facebook, Cisco, Yahoo, Google, BofA, etc, and this guy, I know for a fact, was hired by Carly "The Collaborator" Fiorina at HP!

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NSFW, if you work at any company that is part of the high-tech junta.  You know, Google, Yahoo, Mister Softie, Cisco, the whole fuckin' TechServe Alliance, etc. 


tunnel rat posted on June 13, 2010 11:31

OK, I made some of that last part up.  Whatever.

Anyway, I met with some ignorant recruiter at P. Murphy Associates that day, and he told me about a contract at Mars, the company that makes candy bars and, ironically, dog food.  Fortune 500 companies like that are good resume fodder for an IT mercenary like myself.

Unfortunately, the gig was at a Mars plant in East LA.  But I needed the work, so on a hot summer day, I put on the monkey suit and headed to my 1 PM interview.

I got off the freeway near downtown, and found myself driving through the most gang-infested, graffiti-stricken barrio I had ever seen.  OMG, what a hellhole.  I was running late, and a few blocks from the plant, I came up to a corner where a stop sign was bent at some angle that made it hard to tell whether it was pointed at my direction or the other street.  I rolled it.

Immediately, I got pulled over by LAPD.  The cop took a look at my white boy ass, and asked me about the stop sign.

"Well, I've got an interview at Mars at 1, and I wasn't sure which way that sign was pointing," I said.

He handed back my license.  "Your gonna be late." he said, and walked back to his patrol car.

I drove up to the Mars compound, and it looked like a fuckin' concentration camp.  Barbed wire fences surrounded the place.  I got past the security gate and made my way to the lobby, fifteen minutes late.  I had the name of the manager that I was supposed to meet, and was prepared with an amusing apology to explain my tardiness.  I can be a charming little prick; my blog writings should be evidence of that.

Five minutes later, the manager comes down.  She didn't look very happy.

"I told the guy at Murphy not to send anybody!  That position was filled already.  Sorry." 

WTF?  This scumbag recruiter from P. Murphy and Associates sent me on an interview, hoping that the manager would find my looks irresistible?  What a douchebag. 

You see, this business was bad enough before the slimy Desi bodyshops got involved.  There were always shitty outfits like P. Murphy, and you learned to stay away from them.

Ironically, three years later I was back in the market, looking for another contract.  Guess who called?

The same fuckwad from P. Murphy and Associates that sent me on that Mars interview.  Dumbass.

Anyway, I've got plenty of stories about the bodyshops that are part of TechServe, the corrupt organization that now wants to get into the slumdog slave trade

Next up: KForce.


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The Insurgency has been abuzz with the news that an industry trade group representing IT services firms, TechServe, has filed a lawsuit against the USCIS seeking an injunction to prevent the USCIS from enforcing the now legendary "Neufeld Memo".  You may recall that the Neufeld Memo essentially made it illegal for bodyshops to sponsor an H-1B and then pimp the slumdog out to 3rd parties, like American companies getting TARP funds that want to get around TARP hiring restrictions.   Companies like Bank of America (aka "criminal enterprise") and Wachovia (aka "curry den").

The Neufeld Memo was a godsend to IT contractors like me.  It essentially put corrupt Desi bodyshops like Apex Technology Group out of business.  No longer could these Desi scumbags sponsor an H-1B slumdog, warehouse him, put him on the bench, and then try to find a contract for him.  The ability of bodyshops to sponsor these clowns, without even having a gig for them, served to drive down wages for all American IT pros, especially contractors.

Now TechServe wants to get into the slumdog slave trade.  At first, everyone assumed that TechServe was a group made up of the high-tech junta, like Google, Yahoo, Mister Softie, Cisco, HP, and the rest. 

Guess again.

TechServe is made up of mostly Anglo headhunters and American IT agencies, some with a long track record.  Take a look at their vendor directory, and you see some common names (Indeed.com, Monster.com)

Dig further, and you will see the "TechServe Alliance Chapter Directory".  I figured this would be full of Desi bodyshops.

Guess once again.

Looking at my own neck of the woods, I see that the Southern California Chapter has some officers from companies I am familiar with.  You see, after twenty years of contracting, I know all the players.  I am probably in the database of every fuckin' agency in the country.

So, let's take a look. 

First up, "Glenn Crawford" of Surrex Solutions Corporation.  Never heard of him or them.  Probably some collaborator douchebag, or a NASSCOM agent.

But third on the list is one Philip Sawyer, of Commercial Programming Systems ("CPS").  Now, that rang a bell.  Back in the 90's, CPS would flood Dice.com with outrageous job ads, many of them high-jacked from legitimate agencies.  They would cold call you, and they were very aggressive.  One recruiter from CPS got pissy with me, back in the days when I would get a half-dozen calls a day, and asked "Why ya' bein' such a jerk?"

"'Cause you're an asshole.  You keep calling me, and I tell you that I am not in the market, besides, I am not a fuckin' COBOL programmer." CPS was, and probably still is, a fucking joke. 

Next on the list is Thor Group.  Resume mill, from what I recall.  Barely in business any more.

Then comes P. Murphy & Associates.  Let me tell you about those fuckwads.

Around 1998, I was doing a lot of client server work.  P. Murphy was one of those agencies that would post ads in the L.A. Times, with all sorts of reqs (and it's "reqs" not "reks", you fuckin' Desi recruiters), everything from mainframe work to VB (you newly arrived slumdogs don't know what VB is, your fuckin' country didn't even have computers back then, and you were running around naked, eating rats out of the Ganges at the time). 

So I answer one of the ads, and schedule an interview at P. Murphy & Associates, which was way the fuck up in Glendale or someplace like.  I put on my monkey suit, and expect to find a professional establishment, where I would have a one-on-one with a seasoned recruiter who would go over my skillset and see if I was a good fit for any one of their many Fortune 500 clients.

I get up there, and find an office space on the 3rd floor of a seedy building.  I take the elevator up, and open the door that said "P. Murphy".  I enter a tiny reception area, and no one is at the front desk.  But I hear phones and voices, so I make my way throught the office.  On my left,  I see a door with a label on it. 

"Phyliss Murphy".  This must be the place, I thought to myself.

I open the door, expecting to see a room full of busy recruiters, dialing for dollars.  Instead, there is this chick, pushing 40, getting drilled by some dude, maybe a Hispanic, right there on the office desk.  Amidst the chaos, I see the nameplate on her desk, where everything was pushed aside so that this guy could go to town on some horny bitch that had seen her better days. 

It said: "Phyliss Murphy".

I shut the door;  they didn't even notice me.  After all, she had about 8 inches of Tijuana Tubesteak in her well-lubbed ass at the time.

Anyway, I gotta run.  I've got much more on the P. Murphy experience, plus my encounters with KForce, SMCI, and other scumbags that are part of "TechServe".


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"its so creepy working with india h1bs" (sombody is actually searching for that term)


"apex technology group inc fraud" (no comment)

Finally, here's something I found about the spouses of H-1Bs, titled:

Housewives, Babymakers, and Sex Partners

Good, now get the fuck out, H-1B, H-4s, L-1s, and rest of you slumdog "guests".


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I've been real active lately, following the case of Justin Kurtz, the college kid that got sued for almost a million dollars for setting up a Facebook page that expressed his disgust with a corrupt criminal enterprise called T & J Towing, run by some creep named Joe Bird. 

This case is one of many recently, where companies get a jackass lawyer, like Richard Burnham, to abuse the legal process and violate federal law in the hopes of shutting down some web postings.  Folks like me and Rob Delsman know all about this shit, and can attest to the nightmare that is some fuckstick lawyer like Richard Burnsman using our courts to make your life a living hell, merely for speaking truth to power.

Well, I have some intimate knowledge about Joe Bird and T & J (which probably stands for "Tongue" and "Jism"). 

You see, I was passing through Kalamazo, Michigan a while back, doing a short term contract gig.  I was staying at the Super 8 off of Maple Hill, not far from the client site, which was at some BFC (Big Fucking Company).  I had a rental car, a piece of shit Impala, that was I using for the week.

After a late night (I was working 12-16 hours a day, as is usual for a high-tech hobo like me), I logged off and headed back to the Super 8.  I got to the first light, and the fuckin' Impala stalled.  It had 8,000 miles on it and was dead in the water. 

So I called the rental company, and they said they would send out a tow truck.  I waited outside the car, and a few minutes later, this T & J wrecker shows up.  Mind you, it was now almost 11 pm.

Out of the truck comes this fuckin' hillbilly, dressed in nothing but overalls (Dickies), dingy white socks, and Berkenstocks.  No shirt, hairy back. 

"Yuse da' one dat called?" he asked.

I answered in the affirmative and he got to work hooking up the Chevy to his truck.

"Ya' ain't from aroun' here, is ya'?" he asked while hoisting the car...


"Well, get in, I'sa gotta take the car to the lot."

"Can you drop me off at the Super 8 on Maple Hill?" I asked.

He just grunted, Slingblade like.  We got in the cab.  It stunk.  Like feet and piss. I figured the lot was nearby and I'd be back at the motel, watching Pay-Per-View porn and sipping a cold Heineken in no time. 

Slingbade looks at me says "My name's Bird.  Joe Bird.  Wus yours?"

"Uh, Rudy."

Slingblade slides open the ashtray.  As he is doing 85, or more, on I-131, he pulls out one of the fatest joints I've ever seen.  He fires it up.

"Wanna hit?" he asks.

"No thanks.  And why don't you watch the fuckin' road, Jethro?" I ask him.

"No need to get sassy.  And da' name's Bird.  Joe Bird," he says.  He turns up the radio, and no shit, I start hearing the Pet Shop Boys.

"You work out?" he asks.

"Just drive."  I was getting a bit weirded out.

Slingbade took another hit off of the fat spleef with grease stained fingers.  We were pulling up to the lot T & J towing, and I saw a big green shack.   


"Here we is.  Sure you don't wanna hit?" he asks.  I reach for the door handle, and Joe Bird flips the locks.

"What the fuck?" I say.

I look over, and see Slingblade unzipping the fly of his Dickies overalls. 

"Wanna watch me jack off?" he asks, as he wrapped his blackened fingers around one of the smallest cocks I had ever seen (counting locker rooms, Subic Bay whorehouses, and pornos).

I reached for a huge tire iron laying on the floorboard.

"Hell no, you dumb country fuck!  Unlock the fucking door, Jethro, or I'll ram this fuckin' hunk of metal in your inbred face."

He shook his head like someone had slapped water in his face, and shoved his little dick back in his Dickies.

"Ya' don't have to get so sassy!"

I told him to fuck off, and walked the two miles back to the Super 8. 

I hope Joe Bird of T & J Towing gets what he deserves. 


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tunnel rat posted on June 6, 2010 23:01

Rob Delsman is a giant among men. He has fought a one-man crusade against that criminal enterprise called Sedgwick CMS, a company that has tried to destroy him for exposing their scams. I am following his lead by filling a $2 million lawsuit against Apex Technology Group in federal court, pro se.

BTW, LOCKE LORD BISSELL & LIDDELL LLP, a vile law firm representing Sedgwick, has been harrassing Mr. Delsmen for months, hacking into his computer and fucking with his mind. Here is Rob with another beauty, featuring some of his enemies:

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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