Jesus, don't these Feds have anything better to do?  The prick left a message and of course didn't give any details.  His name is special agent Nick Geridla or something.

I called the FBI office on Wilshire where my homeboy Agent Abalon works and filed a complaint and raised a little bit of hell.  Then I gave agent Nick The Prick my lawyer's number.  I also suggested that he contact the JTTF agent that bugged me a few months ago about the bogus terrorist threat on some Georgia college that was traced back to a dormant email address of mine.  I told him to use whatever communications medium the Dept. of Jihad has, probably carrier pigeon.

Did you ever wonder how the Ft. Hood killer got away with his massacre?  Or why the FBI missed the 9/11 plot?  Or Madoff? 

The feds were too busy following bogus leads sent in by scum like the slumdogs.  When Americans die, you can blame the slumdogs.  They are so so so fuckin' busy trying to ethnically cleanse Americans out of our I.T. industry and reporting Patriots like me, distracting the Feds from chasing terrorists and child molesters.  They fabricate phony emails, call the FBI hotlines, and bitch about some blogger.  Then some poor FBI douchebag has to go through the motions and call a decent hard working American like myself.

This is a real nice pack of rabid jackals we have imported to take all the I.T. jobs. 




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One of the cases that I've been following involves a blogger named Robert Delsman who took on a giant company, and won. Here's some background:

Sedgwick, a company that provides insurance claims management services, sued Robert Delsman, a former employee of one of Sedgwick's clients, for copyright infringement, defamation, and other torts, after he created gripe sites, blogs, videos and print materials criticizing the company. Delsman's beef with the company started after he filed a claim for disability benefits in 2006.  According to the complaint, Delsman was unhappy with the way in which Sedgwick handled his claims, and began a campaign of harassment which allegedly included:

  • Hosting pictures of Sedgwick's CEO and COO on his website and blog, which "morph[ed] . . . into images of Adolph Hitler and Heinrich Himmler," and posting a similar video to YouTube
  • Referring to Sedgwick and its employees as "Sedgthugs"
  • Unjustly accusing Sedgwick of engaging in criminal behavior on his website and in emails
  • "Operation Going Postcard," in which Delsman sent postcards to Sedgwick offices, employees, customers and outside insurance agencies in multiple states.  These postcards allegedly contained copyrighted images of Sedgwick's CEO and COO and an image of a human skull containing Sedgwick's trademark in the eye sockets, along with "defamatory, false and libelous statements against Sedgwick.

I spoke to Delsman recently, and this guy has some serious huevos.  I love the part about the postcards -- I will do the same to Apex's clients.  BTW, we were in the Persian Gulf around the same time, me with the Marines, and he with Westinghouse, and we shared stories about Kuwait City.  Delsman filed his own suit against Sedgwick AND WON:

07/17/2009- The court construed Delsman's motion for summary judgment as a motion to dismiss and granted the motion.  The court held that the copyright claim failed because Delsman's use of Sedgwick photographs was fair use.  The court dismissed the remaining claims under California's anti-SLAPP statute.

John Dozier, notorious Internet lawyer (stay away, far away), took a dim view Delsman's actions:

 This type of situation is an all too common occurrence and must be managed very carefully to avoid a “mobosphere” attack from all regions of the world defending this individual’s right to “free speech”.

Well, no shit, Mr. Dozier.  Consider me a proud member of the mobosphere.  The criminals from Sedgwick Claims Management Service went after a disabled Navy vet, and are now suffering the consequences.  I can assume that this attack on Delsman has blown up in their face, and further damaged their already pathetic reputation.  I've read that they even had the nerve to appeal the case to the fuckin' 9th Circuit.  They have more money than brains.

This brings us to Apex Technology Group.  Apex (mob) attorney Patrick Papalia has been playing fuck-fuck games with my Jew lawyer and refuses to settle.  I was even willing to take the Apex shit off of my sites if I ever got them back, and move on.  They are fucked, forever, and know it.  Google searches for Apex Technology Group will always have an odd assortment of results with the word "fraud" in them. 

So they won't settle, and they won't sue.  Suing would mean that their corrupt fuckin' business model would be exposed in discovery, and all of their illegal bonded contracts would see the light of day.  Plus, they don't have the money for that kind of shit. 

But I do.  I have plenty of cash to sue the shit out of Apex.  We will start by dragging them into court in the State of California, where an anti-SLAPP motion will be filed against them.  Considering that their complaint lacks any merit, and all my online activity was protected under Section 230 of the CDA, they will lose, and then have to pay my legal fees with a triple multiplier.

Then I will sue them in New Jersey for abuse of process, and they will lose there.  Those damages will be considerable.  Pretty soon, they will be out of business.

tunnel rat posted on March 27, 2010 13:07

Man, it has been so peaceful lately.  I think all the slumdogs at Immigration Voice that used to harass me finally got deported.  No more death threats, no more creepy emails, no more posts on their forum to "get" me. 

You can notice the difference whenever an H-1B related article comes out.  The slumdogs are completely outnumbered and pretty much silent.  American techies are now vocal and militant, and flood the comment sections.  No more surly posts written in Hinglish about how dumb Americans are, and how Indians will rule the world. 

Good riddance.

Meanwhile, I am hunting for a lawyer to file an anti-SLAPP suit in California against Apex so that I can recover my legal costs and damages.  If you know of anyone, send me an email.

In the meantime, I offer you this pathetic video I found on YouTube, featuring none other than fat fuck Sarvesh Kumar Dharayan.  Just look at all the slumdogs -- not a cracker in sight.  It is one hell of a curry den!


Last month, I blogged about another Desi bodyshop, Fulcrum Logic that ran an illegal "H-1B only" ad.  BTW, that fuckin' ad is still online.

At the time, I placed a call to Fulcrum Logic, wanting to apply for this position.  They asked me if I was an H-1B, and I said no, I am a U.S. citizen.  They hung up.

So, for the second time in recent history, I filed a charge form with the DOJ Civil Rights Division.  It is very easy to do, and I encourage all Insurgents to do so whenever they encounter the slightest bit of nepotism, bigotry, or outright discrimination from the Indian outsourcing regime.  You can get the form here.

I think every American should file this easy-to-use form whenever they get to an interview and have to answer questions from a crew of Indians, with not a single cracker in sight.  They should also do this if they are displaced during some ethnic cleansing operation, like an outsourcing initiative. 

tunnel rat posted on March 20, 2010 10:41

Well, now that the Feds are off my back, I can finally write about the events of the past few months. 

It all started late last year when an agent from the Joint Terrorism Task Force came by my house.  I wasn't home, but he called me on my cell.  He mentioned something about an email threat, or what they thought was a threat, but it wasn't really a threat, or some shit.  It had to do with some violent act at a university in Georgia.  I referred him to my lawyer, and never heard from him again.

So much for that crap.  Some slumdog obviously sent a bogus email to the FBI, spoofed the header, and made it look like it came from an email account that was traced back to me.  No big deal.  Like I always say, the Insurgency only advocates rhetorical violence.  Slumdogs are not worth going to jail for.

There was only one problem.

I have never sent mail from my Time Warner email account.  But how did they even get that email address, I wondered.  That must have been some slumdog at Time Warner, who has plenty of H-1Bs working at its data centers in Virginia.

Then I got a call from my lawyer about some FBI agent named Abalon who wanted to set up an "interrogation" with a DOJ lawyer named Thomas Dukes.  Well, not really an "interrogation" -- that is the term my dumbass lawyer's bimbo secretary used.  Anyway, the Feds wanted to talk to me.  And not about some violent act in Georgia.  The only thing I knew was that I was not a target of an investigation.  Considering the jack-booted thugs at the Department of Jihad had not yet served me with a warrant and confiscated my computers, I really didn't have much to worry about. 

Fast forward three months, and I was being served with a subpoena by my fuckhead FBI agent Joey Abalon.  This prick refused to call my attorney back and just ran out the clock until Thomas Dukes was forced to issue a subpoena for me to testify as a witness in Virginia.

I flew into Virginia last week, and made my appearance before the Grand Jury investigating the hacking of a Virgina state web site dealing with prescriptions (which was probably facilitated by some slumdog at HCL).  With my fresh haircut and crisp suit, I hardly fit the profile of a deranged cracker who was about to start killing people. 

The DOJ lawyers met with me in a small room before my testimony.  I told Mr. Dukes that I don't have to answer any of his questions, and that this was all a huge waste of time and taxpayer money.  Once he got the hint that I knew the rules, he stopped trying to trick me into running my mouth and showed me the "evidence" he was going to ask me about.

I use the term evidence lightly.  This is what he placed in front of me:

1.  A printout of my blog post titled "The Retribution Continues".  Big deal, I thought. 

2.  A printout of some web page comment on a Washington Post story about the case:

We in the Insurgency only advocate rhetorical violence, but there are other cells that are taking more extreme measures. Some are involved with MS-13 in SV and the GD in ChiTown.

These folks that broke into the Virginia Prescription Monitoring Program
have been in touch, and I can neither confirm nor deny that we have aided them in their patriotic efforts.

We have your data. We know where you live. The discrimination, denigration, and displacement of American I.T. professionals will stop.


Posted by: tunnelrat1 | May 8, 2009 1:55 AM

That was obviously a phony post, even though those were my words; I never have to use the TunnelRat1 nym because I am always the real Tunnel Rat.  No big deal.

3.  A printout of an email messages that I clearly didn't write.  First off, it used the N-bomb repeatedly.  I never use the N-Bomb in my writing.  Only desi douchebags like Vivek Wadhwa use the term "nigger" to further their own agenda.   This message, once again, had something to do with a violent act on some campus in Georgia.  Maybe it was the same fake email that the JTTF was investigating.  Either way, I had nothing to do with so I had no worries.  But I vowed to find out who sent that email, even if it takes me the rest of my life.  I have already requested the digital email so I can have my security experts in the Insurgency investigate it.

So that what was it.  This would be easy.

More to come...

tunnel rat posted on March 17, 2010 10:27

I've got some catching up to do, and then I'll blog about my appearance before the Federal Grand Jury in Richmond. 

I can say one thing -- HCL, the notorious Indian outsourcing company run by a fat fuck bigot Vineet Nayar, is now going to be looked very closely by the authorities in Virginia.

tunnel rat posted on March 13, 2010 17:58

Slashdot picked up the story of Indian Bowel Movement hiding their US headcount, and one IBM insider has some great comments:

"We're projected to have more Indian employees than American in the next year or two. We already have over 100k in India, and we're ramping up in Argentina and Brazil.

Meanwhile, internal outsourcing has been an absolute mess. Our Indian-based helpdesks are reviled, both inside IBM and by our customers who use them. Indian technical resources are likewise extremely difficult to work with, and it has nothing to do with language or timezones - they refuse to speak up (from what we're told, "it's cultural", meaning don't make an issue of it or you'll get sent to sensitivity training). A solution can be completely wrong - as in, the contract says we were supposed to start work two months in the past or numbers literally don't add up, yet they won't question blatant errors, and won't respond if you question them. Apparently questioning someone else is deeply frowned upon, and makes them next to useless as anything but strict, brainless order takers. They have no initiative whatsoever, and seemingly no capability of independent creative thought. Maybe it's "cultural", maybe it's poor training - I don't know. I do know it's not working, but all executive management sees is that they cost a fraction to hire as western workers. You get what you pay for, and all that...

None of this applies to the many Indians I work with who are based in other geographies. But for whatever reason, Indians in India are just extremely poor replacements for western workers."


Americans can't make an issue out of crappy co-workers in India?  Jesus Fuckin' Christ!


tunnel rat posted on March 12, 2010 10:06

NY set to replace IT consultants with state workers

Legislation could add up to 500 IT jobs; calls for bypassing H-1B workers

Patrick Thibodeau

March 11, 2010 (Computerworld) New York State has embarked on a plan to shift a number of jobs filled by IT contractors and consultants to the state payroll as part of an effort to save millions of dollars.

"As many as 500 new state IT jobs may be created under a new in-sourcing program that was recently approved by the legislature and backed by Gov. David Patterson.

This law creates "term appointments" for state IT workers, which strip away some hiring and firing rules that apply to permanent workers. The maximum tenure for "term appointments" is five years.

The state estimates that it can save approximately $25,000 annually for each contracting position that is shifted to the state payroll. The annual savings is pegged at as much as $15 million, but that estimate is contingent on whether the contracted positions can be replaced.

"I think most managers here would be very happy if we didn't need to outsource," said Mark Leinung, deputy director for state operations, said yesterday in a presentation to state managers that was made available on the Web...

...The state has contractors now using H-1B visa holders, but the state is recommending that any state agencies "avoid hiring candidates who require visa adjudication" to the term positions..."


Well, it looks like I am headed to Richmond Virginia, to testify before a federal grand jury.  I'll be flying in on March 14th and testifying the next day.

Now that I know what the case is about, I have no problems appearing as a witness.  What I do have problems with is the this was handled.  For three months a rogue FBI agent (Mr. Joey H. Abelon) and a bullying DOJ lawyer (Mr. Thomas Dukes) have been playing games with my lawyers, acting like they wanted to talk to me about this case (the hacking of the Virginia government web site).  All they really wanted to do was serve me a subpoena.  For about three fuckin' months.

All I know about this case is what I read on the internet at the time.  What I saw was that VITA (Virginia Information Technologies Agency) is one of the most fucked up organizations in I.T. and that most of Virginia's I.T. work has been outsourced to HCL, who's racist pig CEO, Vineet Nayer, said that most American grads are "Unemployable."

I look forward to meeting Mr. Thomas Dukes (*67 1-202-307-9945) and asking him why he felt compelled to fuck with an American techie the way he did with me.  Even targets of a grand jury investigation get a subpoena indicating what case the grand jury is investigating.  Of course, there is not much I can do.  It did file a complaint with the Office of Inspector General and the DOJ Office of Professional Responsibility, but probably nothing will come of that. 

Guys like Dukes only fuel the anti-government fever that this country is currently in the grip off.  I am no conspiracy theorist, and although I am a proud tea-bagger, I am not a follower of the Alex Jones crowd.   Thomas Dukes of the Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section of the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. is no fascist agent of a corrupt regime, he is just an inept gov't lawyer who doesn't respect the constitutional rights of some Americans.

I did some research on the guy that fucked my life up for a few months and it looks like he has a LinkedIn profile showing that he works as a Trail Attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice and is a Lt. Col. JAG officer with the U.S. Air Force Reserve.  That's pretty shitty when a fellow military guy goes after a Marine, but there are assholes in every organization.  Many gravitate to the U.S. government because they are on a power trip and like to fuck with people.

To date, it looks like his biggest DOJ case was the prosecution of a spammer.  He also had something to do with a case in Houston, and nailed an identify theft ring in 2005.

Now, the Virginia hacking case looks like it might have been a prank by an amateur and no data was stolen .  Either way, it was embarrassing for the State of Virginia, the Department of Health Professions, and director Sandra Whitley Ryals.  But it is especially embarrassing for Aneesh Chopra, who was the tech czar in Virginia before joining the Obama administration to become his CTO.

After all, it was Chopra who outsourced most of Virginia's I.T. work to his Desi buddies at HCL.  He got a lot of heat for the outsourcing contracts he signed while at his Virginia post.

If you Goggle Chopra's name, my blog shows up a lot, and it is not a flattering portrait.  So here is the guy, running the U.S. government's I.T., and this American techie named Tunnel Rat is reminding people of how fucked up Virginia's I.T. is.  How hard is it for him to get on the phone, call Thomas Dukes, have him read some shit on my blog, and order him to hassle me for a few months -- all at taxpayer expense?

Dukes is probably reluctant at first.  He knows I have nothing to do with the hacking case -- if he had any suspicions, he would have the FBI confiscate my computers along time ago.  So he cuts a deal with Chopra; he can't target Tunnel Rat because there is no evidence, but he can subpoena me as a witness.  And he can do it in a very manipulative, aggressive, and dishonest way that will make things difficult for this disobedient honkey blogger. 

And that is what he did.  He has the FBI contact my lawyer, does not reveal the nature of the case, and then plays mindfuck games with me and my attorneys for about three months.  When he has had enough fun, he orders Abelon to serve me with a subpoena while I am having dinner with my family.  Only then does he tell me what this case is about, and in a rather rude manner, I must add.  What a prick.

This is just plain sadism that borders of illegality.  At least it is misconduct, which is why have filed a complaint with the DOJ about Mr. Thomas Dukes' behavior.  I think some of these JAG guys can't separate military law from civilian practice, and they treat targets and witnesses the same way.  Thomas Dukes of the Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section of the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice is cut from the same cloth as disgraced DA Michael Nifong, who railroaded the Duke lacrosse players and got his ass disbarred.

I am not that worried about what this sadist Thomas Dukes wants to do to me.  But my parents, who fled a communist regime where interaction with the government was never a good thing, are totally freaked out.  They don't trust the government, and people like Dukes only give them more reason to fear the feds.  My little Hungarian mother had to go on medication because the stress of this case has now totally fucked up her heart.  My dad told me not to even go to Virginia; he thinks I may not come back.  I had to inform him that if I don't, sadist DOJ lawyer Thomas Dukes will throw me in jail for contempt of court, just like he threatened to do when we chatted on Friday.  My dad has issues with government hauling people away.  He saw it a lot in Hungary, and when he crossed the powers that be in that country, he got his teeth kicked in.  Literally. 

There has been much talk about all these militant anti-government groups sprouting like mushrooms, and lone-wolf gunman with issues committing violent acts.  Most are nuts.  But the Thomas Dukes' of the world sure give their rants some more credibility.

But at the end of the day, I have to think that Aneesh Chopra is behind all of this.  These Desis are a pack of vindictive fucks.

tunnel rat posted on March 5, 2010 23:53

Back in December, my lawyer's assistant called me.

"An FBI agent wants to interrogate you.  Does January 6th work?" she asked.

"Just what the fuck are you talking about?" I asked politely,

"Uh, maybe I should have Matt talk to you about this."

"No shit, you stupid fuckin' bimbo.  I don't just agree to meet with the Feds without consulting my attorney."

My attorney, one of many on my payroll, called me back later.  This was during the Christmas holidays, and I was due to have lunch with coworkers.  Needless to say, I was pissed.

"What is this about Matt?" I asked.  "I thought that JTTF guy Sgt. Lopez dropped the case about the whole fake terrorist threat that was traced back to an email that I never even used."

 "This is something different.  An FBI agent named Abalon wants you to talk about a case the DOJ is investigating.  A DOJ lawyer named Dukes wants to talk to you."

"About what?" I asked.

"I don't know, he was very evasive.  And kinda rude"

"Look man, I know we are all very busy, and it's the holidays and shit, but I just can't have some lawyer having some dumbass secretary schedule an interrogation with the Feds about something I know nothing about.  You are fired."

So I went and found a criminal defense attorney.  He got the info about the mysterious agent Joey Abalon and called him.

"It has something to do with internet hacking.  A guy at the DOJ, a lawyer named Dukes wants to talk to you.  They said that you are not a target," he told me.

"Hacking?  Cool, they are finally tracking down the motherfuckers who hacked my site and spoofed my email."

"Maybe.  They were very evasive."

"Sounds familiar," I said.

So for two months, my $300/hr lawyer played phone tag with Mr. Abalon of the FBI office on Wilshire in L.A.  I was ready to talk, even eager.  I had nothing to hide.

No word for weeks.

Finally, last month, I called my first lawyer.

"What the hell happened with that Sgt. Lopez from the JTTF about that email threat?"  I asked.

"He said the case was closed.  No evidence.  I already explained that to you."

"So how does FBI agent Joey Abalon get your name?"

"Probably from Lopez."

WTF?  These clowns can't share information about the fuckin' 9/11 terrorists, and the underwear bomber gets a free ride after the feds knew all about him, and Major Islam The Religion of Death blows up Ft. Hood while the feds casually read his email and ignore it....

But the JTTF, the FBI, the DOL, and the DOJ are all into Tunnel Rat's shit? 

Jesus fuckin' Christ. 

Weeks pass.

No word from my new lawyer, Dan.  Nice guy.  But took my $1000 retainer and is maybe ripping me off.  No word about this meeting with the elusive FBI agent Abalon and the nebulous DOJ lawyer Dukes.

Finally, last night I was enjoying dinner with wifey and my lovely eight-year old daughter at a local Italian restaurant.  The cell rings.  The place is loud, and I have to step outside.  I thought it was my drinking buddy, Esco, talking about our friend Mike, who is in a coma.

"Yo Esco.  Wassup?" I ask.

"Uh, this is agent Abalon.  With the FBI."

"You?  The guy that my lawyers have been trying to get ahold of?  The one that won't return phone calls?  You gotta warrant? " I asked.  Politely.

"Look, we are at your house, and I have a federal subpoena to give to you," he says.

"Aren't you supposed to deal with my attorney?  Is this a joke?  Are you some process server sent by that mob lawyer Papalia?"

"No.  You're not in any trouble, I just want to give you this subpoena.  Can you come back to your house?" he asks.

"I'm having dinner with my family.  You can meet me here.  It is three blocks away."

I really want to figure out what this shit is about.  I finally want to confront the bozo Fed agent that should be chasing terrorists and instead is hounding a Marine vet.  Prick.

So he shows up five minutes later, and I meet him out front.  He gives me the subpoena, and I read it.

"This says nothing about why they want me to testify.  What is this about, Mr. Abalon?  Kiddie porn?  Drug dealing?  Animal Sex?  My illegal toilet bowl that I bought in Mexico?  Just why da' fuck are you harassing me and intimidating my family?  What, they won't let you target Muslim nutjobs, because that would be politically incorrect, so you gotta fuck with me?"

"Sorry, you have a lawyer and I can't say anymore."

I look over at the goon standing next to him.

"And who's this guy?"

"I'm agent Steve Bolz, with the DOL.  I came to your house last week," he told me.

"You?  You and the other guy, the ones that eye-fucked my wife while she called me at work, terrifying her?  You're one of the creeps that intimidated my family?"

"You don't look intimidated."

I guess he did have a point.

Meanwhile, wifey and the kid are watching this all go on, looking out the window of the restaurant.  What kind of shit is this, I thought to myself.

"So you, Abalon, are here to serve me a subpoena about a case you won't tell me about, and your refuse to contact my attorney, and you bring this DOL thug along for the ride?  Is this how you guys roll?"

"Look, we don't want to make this difficult," he tells me.  The guy is about 5' 5".  Paper pusher, not a real agent.  "We could have served you at work."

Nice veiled threat, you little fucker, I thought to myself. 

"Fine.  I think we are done here.  You guys can go back to harassing other American citizens, as opposed to chasing terrorists. Good night."

I called the number on the subpoena the next morning and finally got hold of DOJ attorney Mr. Dukes.  Show up in Virginia, or we will charge you with contempt of court, he says.  Rudely.  He was a real asshole. 

"What is this about?" I asked.  I was livid.  The guy was talking to me like I was a target of the investigation, but I was only a witness/victim, according to the subpoena.

"It's about the hacking of the Virginia State Prescription Drug Database," asshole DOJ lawyer said. 


These fuckin' idiots want to talk to me about an issue that I had blogged about last May:



You stupid fuckers are flying an American citizen across the country at taxpayer expense, paying for his hotel, to ask him about a case he read about on the internet!!!!

Mr. Dukes is one abrasive and stupid fucker, as I found out today after talking to him on the phone.  He insisted that Agent Abalon had come to my house several times and called me to work this out, which was all bullshit.  Agent Abalon maybe called my lawyer once or twice, and then went back to harassing American "domestic terrorists", uh, Tea-Baggers, like the Obama administration had ordered him to. 

Just call Mr. Dukes and ask him why your tax dollars are paying to fly a guy across the country to be a witness in a case he knows nothing about, when he could have interviewed him here in SoCal at the local FBI office.  After all, I would have just told the feds just what I am writing now:

1.  State of Virginia outsources I.T. to HCL, an Indian outsourcing company.  You, know, with the CEO that said "Americans Are Unemployable".

2.  State of Virginia is victim of massive hack, probably by Indian guy working for HCL, or Russian mobster exploiting sloppy slumdog code.

3.  The former CTO of Virginia Aneesh Chopra, who hired HCL, joins Desi shoplifter Vivek Kundra as Obama CTO.

4.  An embarassed Aneesh Chopra, now working with feds, calls DOJ lawyer Mr. Dukes, and tells him to give Marine vet and notorious blogger Tunnel Rat "a hard time."  That's how those Desis roll.

Here's Mr. Dukes personal number.  Leave a voicemail:


Please use *67.  He is a prick that will fuck with you and your family to no end if he finds out who you are.  After all, he is a DOJ attorney, and they can do whatever the fuck they want.

Except stop me from blogging. Tongue out

- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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