tunnel rat posted on January 31, 2010 12:33

From Rob Sanchez at VDare:

"Yesterday censorship on the internet just got a whole lot worse. On January 25, 2010 the website guestworkerfraud.com run by John Doe #3 has been wiped off the internet by request of the H-1B bodyshop APEX and by order of Judge James P. Hurley of The Superior Court of New Jersey. The website lasted slightly more than a month since ITgrunt.com was removed on December 23, 2009.

Network Solutions disabled the domain and put a “legal lock” on the account. Until further notice NS will not let Doe #3 have the domain name back until they decide to release it. Godaddy took similar actions to censor “Tunnel Rat” at ITgrunt.com.

I contacted John Doe #3 to ask if he had received a notice before his site was disabled: he replied that there was no notice at all — not even an email or a phone call. Doe #3 called Network Solutions and was told by a NS representative that his complaint will be sent it to their legal department, which is supposed to get back in touch with Doe #3 within 24 hours.

Best case scenario at this point would be that NS would agree to give back the domain name to Doe #3, which is property he paid for. You can still view the contents of the website by using Google cache, but expect pages to disappear rapidly.

Hopefully Doe #3 has better luck than Tunnel Rat because so far Godaddy has refused to give back the ITgrunt domain name.

What all of this means in a practical sense is that Doe #3 and Tunnel Rat cannot move their websites to a different web host because their domain name has been been hijacked. What this would be comparable to is if Microsoft.com had to change their name merely because a foolish judge in New Jersey ordered their domain to be removed from the internet. Of course that would never happen to Microsoft because they have lawyers, but small web sites containing content that someone find offensive for any reason is fair game for censorship."


tunnel rat posted on January 3, 2010 18:04

The article that started it all:


And more from Computer World:


Which was picked up by THE NEW YORK TIMES







Digital Media Lawyer Blog:


Citizen Media Law Project:


San Francisco Chronicle:


Wyckoff Journal (Deconstructing TunnelRat)




Daily Kos:



Fox Business:


Indian Media:




Skinhead Sites (I don't know if this is a good development for the H-1B lobby):























This post was defaced by Apex and has been fixed:


Mike Masnick Chimes In For TechDirt (Sometimes Protecting Free Speech Means Protecting Speech You Don't Like)




Vivek Wadhwa Drops the N-Bomb on Tech Crunch:


Don Tenant:


Martin C. Daks:


And Apex is suing the U.S. Government, at taxpayer expense:


Dumbass Harvard Law Student Harry Zhou chimes in, and promptly censors my comments.

Update 5/28/2010:

More support from the legal community, this time from Eric P. Robinson:

Hate Mongers and Tunnel Rats are Entitled to Free Speech, Too

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tunnel rat posted on January 2, 2010 11:48

Here's the latest from "sfdrew", a castrated collaborator who hangs out on Dice:

"One day a programmer wakes up and goes into work only to find out he is being let go. A couple of weeks later he finds out he is being replaced by a guest worker along with many others who were let go at the same time. He scrubs all the local resources but work is hard to find in the immediate area because so many other programmers are also freshly out of work there. A few weeks have gone by but he is still optimistic about finding another job.

Six months later the unemployment, personal savings, and borrowed money are starting to run out. His marriage is suffering and he is starting to seriously consider moving to find work. He gets on the internet and starts looking for long distance jobs on Dice. He doesn't have anything else to do all day so he pops into the message boards and creates an account. He posts an innocent enough topic asking for advice. I don't think I need to fill in the blanks on what kind of replies he is going to get. The man becomes angry and wants to learn more.

A couple more months have passed and he still hasn't found work. he spends most of his time trolling message boards like the ones on Dice and is an active member and supporter of groups like the programmers guild. All he does all day is read the same rhetoric over and over again. He is convinced that he is the victim of a conspiracy by the government and the large mufti-national corporations. At this point he despises any employer who might consider giving him a job if they hire guest workers or do any kind of outsourcing, which is practically all of them. Instead of trying to get his life back on track he just focuses more and more on the rally cries of the cause.

He becomes increasing active in the fight and join picket protests, goes to Washington, and harasses every member of congress every chance he gets with phone calls and letters. The more time that goes by without anything changing the more angry he becomes. His entire life is consumed by negativity and he is convinced that if the evil corporations would be indited and the all the filthy Indians would leave then things would go back to the way they used to be. He has lost his family, his job, his dignity and the only thing he has left to hold onto is his hatred for guest workers, off-shoring, the government, and large corporations.

A senator announces a bill to double the amount of guest workers and groups like the programmers guild send out a call to action. When the usual letters and phone calls are ignored for the hundredth time he finally snaps and sends a bomb in the mail to the senators office with a note attached. He goes down to his old employer and shoots every Indian in the office and then himself leaving a suicide note.

If you don't think something like that could happen then you need to pull your head out of your *** because that is exactly the type of story that unfolds in all those tragic cases."

Geez, dude, you say it like it's a bad thing...

tunnel rat posted on January 2, 2010 11:06

Welcome to new domain of Tunnel Rat, www.techinsurgent.com.

I am now registered in Japan and hosted by wonderful Cirrus Tech, based in Toronto.

This will be my command post while I fight that pack of jackals that got me shut down in America.  I will be posting links to Apex case and you can get frequent updates.

In short, the Apex case has blown up all over the internet.  Few Americans like the idea of an Indian national getting a corrupt judge and a mob lawyer to shut down web sites and domains over some fabricated libel case that revolves around an illegal contract.

"Now I've got blood on my hands...Me, I finish things...That's why I'm going it alone..."

- Gran Torino

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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