Tunnel Rat posted on September 30, 2009 09:05

According to the San Diego Union Tribune, the CEO of Qualcomm walked into their office and blew smoke up their ass:

"...That makes no sense. These jobs may be on U.S. soil, but they are not an entitlement for U.S. workers. In the international marketplace, American workers have to compete for jobs with the international community.

As the article points out, employers in the United States have been saying this for some time. High-tech companies have been pleading with Congress for many years to raise the number of H-1Bs to meet increased demand. That cause has been taken up by Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates, who has made many trips to Washington to ask lawmakers to let in more software engineers.

Closer to home, the issue is on the mind of Paul Jacobs, CEO of Qualcomm. In a recent meeting with the Union-Tribune editorial board, Jacobs suggested that, aside from raising the cap on H1B visas, the U.S. government — as an additional enticement to get highly skilled foreigners to stay — could also speed up the process for some these individuals to become U.S. citizens. It's a great idea. Local members of Congress should take it up.

Globalization is a fact of life for the United States. So is the idea of competition. If we don't find new ways to update the current immigration system, we can expect to keep up this foolish trend of losing the most-highly skilled immigrants in the world to other countries. And if that happens, we stand to lose much more than that in the years to come."


Meanwhile, here is the reality:


"I live in San Diego. There are 2 predominate locations where most of the engineering jobs exist, Rancho Bernardo, where HP, Sony, and BAE dominate the area, and Sorrento Valley where, Qualcomm, Motorola (GI), are the major players.

Sorrento Valley is also starting to acquire the nickname "Little Calcutta" because of all the Indian Nationals that now work in the area. Due in no small part from Qualcomm, where the predominate H!B visas are used.

Tonight I learned how Qualcomm, and other large companies are using the loopholes, to get cheaper engineers.
One of the requirements to get an H1B visa is to advertise the position in the US. So, to be able to use an H1B engineer, Qualcomm advertises the job position is some little newspaper where there obviously are not any engineers. So, Qualcomm advertises in say Big Bear Times, or the Po-Dunk Nebraska. You know, those hot beds of Engineering talent. And when no US engineer response to the ad, Qualcomm can now use an H1B engineer. Simple as that. Apparently, there are teams of law firms who are teaching all these H1B abusing corporations how to use these loopholes. This is not surprising, but this is flatly un-American.

We need congress to change the law to close these loopholes. There are plenty of unemployed local engineers that I know could perform some of these jobs.

How do we go about fixing these loopholes?"



"I learned this from a friend who works for Qualcomm.
He told me that he learned this 4 years ago, after
overhearing a hiring manager asking if they had
satisfied the advertising requirement.

My friend told me specifically that in the hiring managers
case above, the response was that they had advertised
in the newspaper serving Big Bear.
Doesn't matter where, because they are never asked.

Also, that Qualcomm its H1B visa allotment by the end of
the 1st quarter.

I'd like to help figure this out, but I wouldn't know where
to begin. How can you get advertising details from companies
like Qualcomm?"




Tunnel Rat posted on September 22, 2009 15:19

I actually posted this a while back, but it is so much more appropriate now.  I have been spending the last few weeks porting my blog off of Blogger.  All because a pack of rabid, feral guest workers have invaded the American I.T. industry and companies like Google.  It sucks, but a patriot has to do what he has to do to fight the Indu-Invasion.  There fuckers have the nerve to come to my country, and without even a green card, harass me by hacking my blog, attempt to invade my privacy, and put my career and life in jeopardy.  I hope they all they get killed by a lunatic techie.

"My Internet provider is having problems tonight, and I can't get to most sites. Being the target of outrage that I am, of course I suspect foul play. The H[indu]-1B lobby will stop at nothing to continue their scam, including cybercrime.

But before my web surfing slowed to a crawl, this article in the New York Times by Clyde Haberman by did catch my eye:

The Right to Offend Is Sacred

Here's an excerpt:

"“One of the prerogatives of American citizenship is the right to criticize public men and measures — and that means not only informed and responsible criticism but the freedom to speak foolishly and without moderation.” It is an American right, Frankfurter went on, to express “silly or even sinister-sounding views.”

Now go do some reading, slumdogs. You have a long flight home, so I am going to suggest some good books:

Atlas Shrugged


Untouchables: My Family's Triumphant Journey Out of the Caste System in Modern India"

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Tunnel Rat posted on September 15, 2009 22:57

A reader wants to know if it is worth getting into the I.T. biz:

To describe my situation in more detail, I currently live in NYC.. I've been working in IT-related work for a few years, opted for a 2-year school when I was young, growing up from fixing computers to picking up some certifications (A+, Net+, Linux+) to find work, but I haven't been able to truly find any. I'm convinced however that this path simply is not an option anymore. Programming is a secondary skill I've practiced on some occasion (Java, C, C++) that I would hope compliment my skills.

I enjoyed the two internships I had which were helpdesk related. I seemed to have impressed enough to get good references, was always on time, eager and polite to everyone on staff. Doesn't seem to be enough, however. I held two jobs which claimed needed technical people but turned out to offer little in nurturing a career-- The first was a city contract for public schools which turned out to be a manual-labor job carrying loads of boxes, configuration beyond entering security keys for wireless networks were off-limits. Customer support for the local cable company cablevision punished people for deviating from the scripts. I'm convinced my 2-year school has failed me (Katharine-Gibbs), put me in debt and offer nothing more than a chuckle from potential employers. Having to fall back into living with the parents again due to a big lack of job offers really isn't a comfortable thing to have on the shoulders.

Reading forums like dice.com offers little in encouragement, or sometimes are met with general rudeness for my naivete or determination to remain in the field while sites like slashdot.org or much lesser-known college-based forums continue to offer encouragement *as long as the field is for you* .. I am acquainted with two who are in the video games industry as software engineers and both encourage me on the path despite that both of them have been coding since they were young teenagers, which are fresh breaths of air.

However, the stuff you report on itgrunt.com and the things I see on dice.com, along with two real-life friends (older than I) who fell out during the dot-com crash seems to suggest I'm dooming myself by pursuing a Computer Science degree at the local city colleges (CUNY) here in the city. Ultimately I feel like I'll need some more time on coding to consider myself truly hire-worthy, though I can certainly handle myself with IT-related jobs like helpdesk, any networking-related jobs, computer hardware..

I do have 'backup' plans: I enjoy the natural sciences and animals and would certainly pursue a college major / career for it in lieu of technology. Failing that, an Electrician career. I prefer to pursue what I love, and I spent my entire life growing up getting this (along with the importance of graduating college!) hammered into my head! Deviating from this is foreign and almost a bit scary. If companies can find somone in India to work at $10k / year instead of hiring me, then what's the point? How in the heck can you compete with that???

I do have questions from someone more experienced in the field such as you though, and I take any and as much advice as I can get! :

1. Is the field as overcrowded as people say?

2. If so, is it true that the field is sort of "purging" itself of all the CompSci majors who took up the career for monetary reasons, but have no true passion for computers?

3. If so, should I ignore all the hype and gloom and continue to pursue what I love?

4. Aside from CompSci, I do enjoy Mathematics as well.. Would pursuing a Mathematics major make me a bit more of a broader and therefore, more likely to find more non-related jobs?

5. Is pursuing a specific goal (game development) a formula for trouble, or should I concern myself with being a bit more broad?

Thanks for the advice and offer.. I'm for the most part, low-profile and keeping my ears to the ground, watching what's going on in the industry and I apologize for any naivete on my part. :) While I'm not new to computers, the conditions of the job market never ceases to cause anxiety. I seek encouragement where ever I can.

I don't plan to remain in NYC for long, or possibly the east coast at all. From what I see and hear, everyone says IT is completely dead in this city, and possibly the east coast completely.

Thanks for reading.. again any advice is appreciated.

While I think the industry is not what it used to be, there are still plenty of opportunities. Eventually, the Indian frauds will be exposed and we Americans will one day look back on this decade with remorse. It was a time when salaries were flat or declining, and the industry turned into a global gladiator pit where we had to take on the curry-scented menace. But we will eventually prevail, so it is a good time to get into the I.T. biz:

1. The field is very diverse. Some areas are overcrowded, some have hardly any people. Here’s how it breaks down:

a. SQL (Oracle, etc.):

Saturated with middle-aged Americans and cheap Indian imports. It has been around for decades, so a lot of people can do it. But in reality, few people can tell the difference between a good DBA and bad one, that is why the Indians can flood that field. If they can log in and write a query, they qualify. Data Warehousing skills are few and far between, and it takes some hardcore SQL talent.

b. Web Development:

PHP and open source is flooded with hackers and Indians. Because it is free, anyone can build a web site and shop themselves as web developer. Open Source is virtually non-existent in corporate I.T., which is either .NET or Java. Java is losing support because it sucks, and was designed by mostly Indians at SUN. That leaves .NET, which involves C# or VB.NET (dying). With Microsoft’s
dominance in corporate I.T., .NET is going to be around for a long time. Few Indians can do .NET because it involves design skills, creativity, and many corporate intranet projects require close collaboration with end-users. End users hate dealing with a marble-mouthed retard posing as a “Debeloper”.

c. ERP (SAP, etc.)

OMG! Get the fuck away. Completely saturated with Indians. All those projects are graveyards. It has proved to be the best way for an Indian outsourcing company to destroy an American corporation – turn over all their ERP projects to a fleet of illiterate Indians.

d. Networking, hardware, etc. :

Routers, etc. are getting easier to configure. The need for onsite technical guys to support LANS and servers is diminishing. Indians can’t troubleshoot, so it is still a safe career path, but not for long.

e. FLASH, FLEX, etc:

These are the creative fields, and you will be competing with displaced graphic artists and photography majors who have nothing else to do. The work is piecemeal and caps out at around 100K. Indian-free because Indians aren’t creative and can’t work with customers, which is what a lot graphics guys do.

f. Network Security:

HOT HOT HOT. Hard to break into – most are Cisco pros. Totally Indian-free – nobody would trust an Indian to secure their networks.

g. Bleeding Edge:

iPhone apps, SEO, Cloud, etc. 1% of the players in these fields are making 90% of the big money. Indian-free. Remember, there is not a single Indian commercial software product. More software comes from Scandinavia than India.

2. About 40% of American I.T. workers don’t even have a college degree. Many are drop-outs, including Bill Gates and Facebook’s Zuckerman. The truth is, creativity, initiative, and communication skills go farther than a degree. Indians are obsessed with degrees and certification, no matter how bogus. But they lack the soft skills that are needed in I.T. For true Comp. Sci. majors, there is plenty of work. Very few of the people you see moaning on Dice are true programmers. Many are ops folks or script monkeys. I myself have a business degree and it has served me well. And computer work is way too hard to just do for the money. They opposite is true – many techies flooded the investment banking and legal professions because they wanted more money, and would rather be coding. As soon as we get rid of the Indian scabs, coders will be making as much as lawyers and bankers.

3. Pursue what you love, but be pragmatic. I knew techies that loved working on the Amiga, and could never move on once that niche died.

4. A math major will qualify you for most programming jobs, but I have yet to meet a math major in my career. Plenty of econ and stats guys, though. Nothing wrong with a Comp. Sci degree.

5. You have to go where the work is. If you want to program games, and there is work there, do it. Be prepared to start as a tester, which has a huge burnout rate.

N.Y.C. may be dead because of its proximity to the epicenter of the Desi bodyshop industry, New Jersey. The blogger from http://www.outsourcedandhomeless.com/ is in New Jersey. Every single email I get from a Desi recruiter comes from New Jersey.

Check out craigslist and see what metro areas have the most gigs. SoCal and LA are still good – but I the rates have dropped.

I have a rental property that is up for rent in November. It is a 3-bedroom house in a nice neighborhood. I am thinking about sponsoring unemployed techies and giving them a place to live while they get back on their feet. They can improve their skills while they look for a job. They would pay what they can until they find a job, and then pay back the cost of their housing.

In essence, this would be like the typical “guest-house” that the Indian H-1Bs live in while being pimped out by their Desi bodyshops. It is rather ironic that Americans will have to live like the scabs, but we have to do what we have to do. This would be almost like a Ronald McDonald house. Let me know if you are interested in coming to SoCal.

Tunnel Rat posted on September 8, 2009 23:07

Some of you may not know it, but the AFL-CIO has now publicly opposed the H-1B program. They are way more powerful than Washtech or Programmer's Guild. Now the G.M. white collar folks are getting uppity.

Since taxpayers like me own most of G.M., we have a say in their hiring practices. In fact, I can walk right into a G.M. office in Detroit, start grabbing the slumdogs by the collar, and throw them out. I'll have about 4,000 American G.M. workers with me. We are planning this purge for Sept. 14th, and I have already booked my flight.

This is an open letter to Mr. Fritz Henderson:

General Motors continues to retain H1B Employees while US Citizens are getting laid off. H1B employees are those who are here on a temporary work visa.

Approximately 4000 white-collared employees will lose their jobs by October 2009.

We are a group of technology workers who are also US citizens and are all unemployed due to issues faced by US automakers.

In spite of years of experience working in the information technology field, we are unable to find suitable positions. It is unfair then for GM and other companies to retain H1B workers when US citizens cannot find jobs.

There is no job out there today that a US citizen cannot be trained to do. Mr. Fritz Henderson, we request you to review your employee files and determine why an H1B employee is currently employed at GM when similarly or more experienced US Citizen workers are available in the market place.

We urge you to do the morally right thing for America and to replace your H1B employees with US citizens or Green Card holders. This is an appeal that is being sent out to all the media so that appropriate attention is received.


Tunnel Rat posted on September 5, 2009 10:44

Now that the slumdogs have taken over Google, I can no longer trust them to protect my anonymity. Thus, I need to port my blog over to another platform.

The whole "NY Skank" thing makes me doubt Google's responsibility. If they won't protect a blogger's anonymity, why do they even offer anonymous blogging? As Rosemary Port's lawyer so eloquently put it:

"I'm ready to take this all the way to the Supreme Court," Strazzullo said. "Our Founding Fathers wrote 'The Federalist Papers' under pseudonyms. Inherent in the First Amendment is the right to speak anonymously. Shouldn't that right extend to the new public square of the Internet?"

"I feel proud to live in a country where you're not persecuted for your opinions," Port said. "That right has to be protected."

If their policy is "we will protect your privacy until someone threatens us" then there is no privacy policy. And since Google is flooded with slumdogs, I am sure they wouldn't hesitate to out me. That is why I am protecting myself and my family by stockpiling weapons and ammo, which, btw, is getting scarce, and getting off of Blogger. I am switching to Community Server.

I have also "lawyered up" and my 90210 attorney vets everything I write. My domain is registered in a proxy. My server is in Panama. My funds are in a blind trust, so I have nothing to get sued over. And who would sue? Every-fuckin' Indian in the world? Then their sordid practices would have to be exposed.

But what I have found is that Indians for the most part are all bark and no bite. Like the slumdog who crossed me at one of my previous contract positions, all I had to do was follow him to the men's room, slam his mouth into the toilet, and remind him that I knew he had a phony visa and fake resume. Shortly there after, he was replaced by another slumdog, because he had to fly back to India to get dental work done. I never heard shit from my boss or the Infosys project manager that had flooded the company with slumdogs.

The delusional Indian media continues to cyber-stalk me, and most of the death threats I get come at odd hours of the night, indicating that the call center jackals and NASSCOM shills are busy on the other side of the world harassing me.

Many local Indians are ashamed of the newbies that have given Indians such a bad name, and openly regret the fraud, nepotism, and abuse of local techies that their brethren are now famous for. They are praying that some displaced techie doesn't go postal and start capping rounds into the heads of all the Indians that wait at bus stations in Silicon Valley or ride the train to Wall Street companies. After all, they saw the news, they read what happened in Australia. They don't want to be the innocent victims of deranged techie that just spent months training his H-1B replacement and then got shitcanned.

So this is another minor inconvenience in this long campaign to expose the Indian invasion of the American I.T. industry. If I wasn't around, nobody would hear about the mother of a 3-yr old old that was tormented by her Indian manager and eventually displaced, or the DBA that had to transplant his whole family, including his disabled daughter, just to find work after he was replaced by an H-1B.

Anyway, I welcome the controversy. My greatest hope is that some techie goes crazy and acts out violently against his slumdog replacement and the collaborators that hired the feral jackal. That techie in Pittsburgh was way off the mark by going after women at a gym. If he was going to kill himself anyway, he should of stopped off at the nearby law offices of Cohen & Grigsby.

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For some reason, techgoss.com, an Indian internet news site, has been writing about me for several months. Here's what they had to say about my last post:


...The Indian IT/BPO/KPO will continue this growth for the next decade. While our techies rely on their superb education, skill and competitive costs, there is a darker side to our expansion. Not only has it caused job losses in America and Europe, the manner in which some foreigners are sidelined is quite demeaning. How does this work? An Indian IT/BPO company gets an outsourcing contract. One element of such a contract is to train Indians to run the show, the other element is to ‘let go’ Americans and Europeans working in that particular IT/BPO companies. Many Indian managers use psychological warfare and dirty tactics to drum westerners out of the company that has outsourced business to them. Western tech employees cost more and have the confidence to speak their minds. Indian workers are more malleable. ITGrunt has an irrational hatred for all things Indian and so lies discredited in the eyes of many Indians. But hidden away in this blog’s venom is the confused shock and humiliation of many of the Americans who have lost their jobs to Indians on working visas in USA. One such account of an American outsourcing victim was published in ITGrunt. While globalization and the movement of jobs to countries like India are inevitable and good for the international economy, this first hand account is certainly moving.

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Tunnel Rat posted on September 1, 2009 14:03

Lou Dobbs is again exposing the impact of your vile, disgusting presence on our shores.


The woman in this video could have very well written this, an email I got recently:

...Just wanted to provide an update. I've been gone from this company since March. Since then, one of the Indians I trained tried calling me at home to get help on something. Since I won't help, they are now bugging a former colleague of mine who is still with the company who used to do my old job. This guy can't even figure out how to import a table into DB2 to query against with SQL code. This is something I personally trained him on and walked him through at least 2 dozen times and is considered a very basic skill for the job. Another colleague told me that data she used to get from me in about an hour is now taking 3 months to get from India. And when she does get it, it's completely wrong.

When she complained to her director, she was told she needs to "step up to the plate" and figure out way to pull data herself. My ex Indian boss continues to get recognized and rewarded by senior management for outstanding work. This is the same woman who was so hard on me, that she caused me to have health issues which I had to be professionally treated for through medicine and ongoing psychotherapy. At this point, just the thought of going on an interview throws me into a panic attack, because she pounded into my head for a year that I was worthless. I know I shouldn't, but when someone tells you that over and over long enough, you do start to believe it. It's been nearly a year, and I'm still recovering psychologically. "Confused shock and humiliation" was replaced with anger long ago. I pray every day to find my inner peace again.


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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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