Admin posted on March 31, 2009 10:25

The DOJ is investigating numerous companies for L-1 fraud, and the DOL is auditing all H-1B dependent companies.

The H-1B and L-1 Visas are modern day Jim Crow laws, subjecting American hi-tech professionals to abuse at the hands of India, Inc.

Here's my letter to David Boies (famed attorney):

Mr. Boies,

I am reaching out to you for some advice.

I am programmer and have been working in I.T. for about 15 years. Recently I started having a hard time finding new contract gigs, and the contract rates have been cut drastically to the point that they are about the same as a full time employee, minus the benefits.

I know my industry has been impacted by offshoring, but even more stunning is the massive influx of low-wage, mostly low-skill workers from India. These workers come over under the H-1B and L-1 visa programs to fill a mythical programmer shortage. This is a canard created by the hi-tech companies so that they can suppress wages and displace American I.T. professionals.

Recently, I was forced to start looking for work all over California because I couldn’t find anything in O.C. I even flew to Sacramento to interview for a contract in Modesto, and was prepared to leave my family for a few months. I never got the offer, which was good.

Instead, I spent three weeks contracting at an Indian software company that develops systems for the pharmaceutical industry, and worked on programs for Amgen. The experience was a nightmare. I was the only white male on a team of 15, with four being non-Indians. The staff spoke Hindi all the time, and it was a sweatshop. The company had flown in seven coders and QA people from New Delhi and they lived in a motel around the corner.

Fortunately, I found another contract and was able to walk out of the place. I didn’t give notice and enjoyed departing. One of my contractor buddies had interviewed for one of the two programming positions, and he was rejected. He is a really sharp guy and could run circles around the folks they brought from India.

I was so disgusted with the whole situation that I reported the company to the Dept. of Labor for H-1B fraud. They should have hired locals and instead flew in a crew from India. A DOL agent in S.F. took the case, and I talked to him yesterday. He said very few cases are prosecuted because there are so many loopholes. He is filing a report but said that their preliminary investigation determined that the case was out of their jurisdiction. He urged me to contact the Civil Rights department of the DOJ that handles L-1 fraud.

Companies like the one I worked for bring in millions of workers under intra-company transfers through the L-1 program, and they are supposed to prove that no local worker can fill the spot. The system is so corrupt and full of loopholes that any company can be technically compliant and still avoid hiring Americans. An immigration lawyer even gives seminars on how to avoid hiring U.S. citizens:

The reason I am contacting you is because I feel that there is rampant discrimination against American workers going on in the I.T. industry at the hands of the Indian software lobby. If you walk into some of the I.T. departments, you will see 80-90% Indian staffs. They have a monopoly, and exploit workers from India by confiscating their passports and forcing them to work unpaid overtime. These workers show up in big companies and American workers are forced to train them, and then the citizens are fired. IBM just laid off 5,000 U.S. employees, and many were forced to train their Indian replacements. There is massive fraud and corruption in the system, and American programmers are being decimated. Many are leaving the field.

With the bad economy, displaced I.T. professionals are starting to organize and agitate to abolish these guest worker visas. It is becoming evident that offshoring software development doesn’t save companies any money, so they are trying to use these visas to ship in programmers who can be onsite and compliant. The infrastructure is horrific in India, and there are so many obstacles to creating and running corporate computer systems that it has become a fiscal liability to do all work offshore. But the big companies like Wells Fargo, State Farm – anybody that needs massive I.T. manpower is now bringing the cheap labor here.

The net result is that guys like me see their wages declining and work scarce. I know people that have been looking for jobs for months. They can’t get interviews because the Indian lobby has cornered the market and staff only their own people.

I think there is a potential for a large class action lawsuit against American tech companies, the Indian bodyshops, and the Indian offshoring consulting companies like Infosys and WiPro. You may have heard about the Satyam scandal. There is plenty of anecdotal and statistical evidence that Americans are getting forced out of the global I.T. industry. For example 55,000 of the 65,000 allotted H-1B visas in 2007 went to Indian workers, who are essentially indentured servants, forced to work for one company and frequently abused. The companies have pitted the foreign workers against the local employees and the industry is in chaos; the imported workers lack the skills to do the work, and the Americans are forced to train them or get fired.

I suggest that the time is ripe for a civil rights battle. American I.T. professionals are getting displaced in large numbers, and the H-1B lobby and India, Inc. want to lift ALL visa caps. This is nothing more than an attempt to arbitrage employee wages.

What say you?


Kevin Flanagan

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Admin posted on March 30, 2009 11:04

The H-1Bs
(Sung to the tune of Rush's The Trees)

There is unrest in the business
There is trouble with H-1Bs
For the locals want more jobs
And the Desis ignore their pleas

The trouble with the locals
(And their quite convinced their right)
They say the Desis are too greedy
And the locals want a fight

But the Desis can't help their feelings
If they cornered all the gains
And they wonder why the locals
Can't be happy being their maids

There is trouble in the business
And the lawyers are all seeing red
As the locals scream "Corruption!"
And the Desis just shake their heads

So the locals formed a posse
And demanded back their jobs
"The Desis are just to shady,
We will make them face the mobs!"

Now there's now more Desi oppression
For they passed a noble law.
And the H-1Bs are no more
Or gone...

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Admin posted on March 29, 2009 11:16

A few years ago, I worked at a major payroll outsourcing company, let's call it ADP. This was at the end of the dot-com boom, and I had just left a contract at EDS after turning down their offer to go full time.

The project was a big online tax-payment system, with clients like B of A, Union Bank, and others. I came on in the middle of the project, just before beta. There were about 12 on the team, half contractors and half FTEs. They had a solid in-house architecture team, who had laid down the framework and kept things rocking, code wise. BTW, not a single CEWP among them.

So I get busy, and take over the front-end team. There where two ex-COBOL guys, both long-time FTEs that were being retrained to be web developers. One was a dud, a fat-fingered mouth-breather that couldn't code to save his life.

But the second guy was a gray haired Vietnam vet named Joe. Joe was a legend at ADP. He had seen all the shit, and lived to talk about it. He knew where the bodies where buried. And he also had a son that had committed suicide, and he volunteered at nights at the Crystal Cathederal, running a suicide hotline.

I loved Joe.

He was a warrior, a guy that still could keep up with the latest technologies, even though he was pushing sixty. He had just had a kidney replacement, and the drugs made it hard for him to stay awake in boring dev meetings. Can't say I blame him. Those sessions sucked.

Joe and I bonded. He would give me shit about the Marines, and I would talk trash about the Army. I taught him about web development, and he taught me about life. His devotion to the spirit of his dead son was epic.

One day, something weird was going on. First one of the dipshit I.T. managers came over and tapped the fat-fingered mouth-breather on the shoulder and I never saw him again. Then they got the primadonna Vietnamese prick that had been sabotaging the project from day one. I made some calls. They were all getting shit-canned, escorted out.

Joe comes in at about 10 AM, and I tell him about the executions. Good thing it wasn't him, we joke.

Ten minutes later, the collaborators come for Joe. They wouldn't even let him pack his shit, just escorted him to a conference room, where he was forced to sign some paperwork in order to get his severence.

I never saw him again.

Guess who showed up the next day?

Two fuckwads from Infosys, the lead element of what was to be a massive offshoring initiative.

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Tunnel Rat posted on March 24, 2009 14:55


While the insurgency only advocates rhetorical violence and psychological cyber-warfare, here is some good news, out of all bad comes good -- four more Americans may get jobs in the I.T. industry. And there are four slots open to get a MS in I.T. from EIU:

Four Indian students killed as drunk US cop crashes car

Posted on Monday, March 23, 2009 11:08:19 AM by

NEW YORK: Four Indian students, including three girls, were killed and another was injured when an off-duty and apparently drunk policewoman crashed her car into their vehicle on a highway in Missouri.

The five, all hailing from Andhra Pradesh and studying for their MS degrees in information technology in Eastern Illinois University, were returning home on a Honda Accord when the policewoman's SUV, speeding on the wrong lane, hit them head-on in Des Peres, authorities said.

Four of the students — Anusha Anumolu (23), Satya S Chinta (25), Anita Lakshmi (23) and Priya Muppvarapu (23) — died on the spot while 27-year-old Nitesh Adusumilli, who was driving the car, was seriously injured.

The policewoman, identified as 41-year-old Chrissy Miller, was off-duty from her job at the Sunset Hills Police Department. She is also in a critical condition at St John's Mercy Medical Center in Creve Coeur, media reports said.

"They had gone to an Indian restaurant and then to a bowling alley, and were returning home," said Suren Pathuri, an acquaintance of the victims. He said the bodies of the four victims will be sent to India.

"We do suspect that alcohol may have played a part in this crash on Miss Miller's part," said Missouri State Highway Patrol Sergent Al Nothum.

"The investigation is ongoing," he said.


But let's just say a few "guest workers" "accidentally" fall off of a subway platform, why should we be surprised? With over 200,000 displaced American programmers, there are bound to be a few violent ones that snap. After all, they have been hearing this for years:

"This is Kumar, your replacement. Train him and then pack your stuff and get out. And don't gripe, or you won't get your severence and you will be blacklisted in I.T."

And why do all the slumdogs come from A.P.?

Finally, I am sure that the cost of these dead slumdog's poor deceased future indentured servants education was sponsored by their corrupt government, and they took the slots that could have gone to an American. Why aren't we sponsoring the I.T. education so that a black kid from Harlem or Mexican daughter of a drywaller in East L.A. can get a career in the industry? Because the H[indu]-1B lobby hates Hispanics and blacks, that's why.


BTW, the first official monthy H[indu]-1B blackout day will be on April 1. Get busy, insurgents.

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Tunnel Rat posted on March 24, 2009 14:54

What a busy day! I guess my last post touched a nerve. Get used to it, slumdogs, collaborators, and H-1B pimps.

I have seen war, and it sucks.

Sometimes innocents get hurt. But the alternatives are worse. So, for those of you Desis and collaborators pissed off at my cold, reckless, and tasteless disregard for the death of four Indian college students, I have one thing to say.

Shit happens.

It is called "collateral damage" in combat.

Like, what can be more tasteless than making an American I.T. professional train his semi-literate replacement? Killing a Dalit, perhaps? It happens every day. Often. And Hindus think of Americans like Dalits. They want us drinking out of Clay Cups. And if we bring up caste, they say it is none of our business. Fuck them.

So, let's recap:

A few months ago, I started getting this message from Dice:

Sorry, there were no jobs posted in the past day which matched your criteria.


I mean, how could this be? I had current skills. Solid I.T experience. I had fought for my country, goddammit. And this is how it repays me?

There was only one answer.

My career had been impacted by a flood of low-skill, low-wage slumdogs.

So I got busy. I went through my "Grapes Of Wrath" period.

This is where I sent my resume far and wide, and prepared to leave my family. I even flew to Sacramento on my own dime, ready to take a six-month contract gig in that shithole called Modesto.

WTF? I, Tunnel Rat, had to leave MY family to make a living? While a pack of slumdogs enjoyed their nice cubes, seat-warming and performing occupational masturbation, minutes from my home? While yours truly lived in a motel, separated from Wifey and their adorable daughter?

Fuck that.

So I got busy. Joined WashTech. Emailed, called, and faxed my representatives, those cunts named Boxer and Feinstein.

I heard NOTHING from them. And these were nice, proper messages, not like the shit you read on my blog.

And then, I was forced to take a contract at a Hindu ghetto, where I was one of four non-Indians on a team of fifteen, the only white male.

So I got busy.

After all, what had I done to deserve this (meager job prospects, declining wages, forced to work for bigots and cretins, etc.)?

I had paid my dues. Kept my skills current. Went to ToastMasters, just to be well-spoken. BTW, have you ever meet an Indian at ToastMasters? YOU NEVER WILL.

And what did I get?

Slumdogs telling me to retrain as a nurse. Death threats. Insults. Degradation of my skills. More insults. Scumbags hacking my site. Fuckers on exchanging tips on how to shut me down. Threats. My AdSense account getting shut down. More threats. Hundreds of comments on my blog, all revealing the bigoted, misogynistic, anti-American, homophobic, Hindu-supremacist mentality of the typical H-1B from that shithole sub-continent.

Thus continues the hating...

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Tunnel Rat posted on March 18, 2009 15:01

I live in the Bay area, and to put it mildly, THERE ARE A TON OF SLUMDOGS WALKING AROUND.

Anyplace you see some tilt-ups, extended-stay motels, and Indian fast-food places, you are in the midst of a slumdog kennel.

So as I walking to Starbucks the other day, I spotted a species of slumdog that was worthy of my attention -- the Show Shoe-Wearing Slumdog.

This guy had it all. Cheap Kirkland jeans. K-Mart polo shirt. A backpack.

White socks, and shower shoes.

I was so exited at catching a glimpse of the prototypical slumdog, I dashed across the street to the median, pulled out my cellphone, and took some pictures. I didn't want to be too obvious because you never know one of those fuckers will go rabid and try to throw acid in your face.

Unfortunately, my camera doesn't have much of a zoom, so the picture doesn't really do justice to what I saw. But you get the idea:

Anyway, I want my fellow members in the insurgency to send me your Slumdog Snapshots. I want to start a gallery, sort of like the one on the Mullet Madness site.

And one more thing before I sign out -- there was some crazy shit on my block last night. For those of you following along, some Desi has setup what I believe to be a slumdog clownhouse a few doors down. Nobody really lives there, and we only see the Desis and some dot-heads on the weekends when they gather in the mostly empty house. Supposedly, the rumor is that the rich Desi dad bought the house for the Desi kids that were going to get married and move in. Really weird.

But last night, a pack of Desis were partying on their patio all fucking night, getting big time belligerent and obnoxious. They were obviously coked-up. You don't stay up all night unless you are doing blow, just ask Larry Kudlow.

At 5 AM, I called the cops, and most of the block was out in force (we got some serious vigilante crackers on my street, and I'm the ringleader). This shit went on all morning, with the cops coming back at 6 AM, and they still wouldn't arrest the crazy coked-up Desis. I filmed the whole scene, and starting yelling at the Desis from my patio as they were sitting on the curb, getting the riot act from four cops. Minor shit like this:

"Go home, slumdog!"

"Get the fuck back in your kennel, mader chad!"

I gotta edit the video and then post the full narrative next week. It's funny as hell.

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Tunnel Rat posted on March 17, 2009 00:11

I got this text from my DBA buddy today:

Him: I was replaced by 3 offshore
Me: ???
Him: Laid off at [Big Ass Apparel Company]
Me: Your joking. Call me
Stan: It's over
Me: Time for a big st. Patty's drink or two

He never called back.

I was worried about him. Like me, he has a house and a rental property and serious mortgage payments. He has been tapping his 401K to make the nut.

I didn't want him to turn into another Kevin Flanagan.

I got hold of him tonight, and he gave me the scoop.

The company he was consulting for had a major Oracle Retail upgrade going on. They brought on Patni, a slumdog consulting outfit to do the conversion offshore. My boy was hired to fill in for the onshore work. Patni had three slumdogs onsite, who of course did not know shit. My DBA friend sat on his hands a lot.

Somehow, this conversion gets FOUR weeks behind schedule. Maybe, just maybe, dealing with a crew offshore has some serious transaction costs. Ever think about that, you cheap I.T. bastard, Mr. Slumdog Collaborator, V.P of Fucking Every American Out of Job, Chief Desi Dicksucker?

Probably not.

So, as usual, like what happened at the Curry Den, Patni decides to parachute in FOUR FUCKIN' SLUMDOG DBAs to move the project along. That way they can work 'round the clock, since now everybody on the team speaks Hindi. Except for my DBA friend, that is.

So the CIO shitcanned him; he said it had nothing to do with his performance, they just needed some, uh, people, uh, that could speak Hindi.

All of this is illegal, BTW. Legally, you have to make an effort to hire local talent before your bring in your, uh, top-guns, uh, make that CURRY EATING WAGE PIRATES, to do a job in I.T.

And that never happened.

So I'm personally going to fill out the WH-4 for my bro', have him sign it, and we'll have another U.S. company undergoing a cavity search at the hands of the DOL.

And when things cool down, and my friend is forgotten, the CIO of that Big Ass Apparel Company will have his picture on my sister site, (his profile is on LinkedIn). That mofo has some 'xplainin' to do, once the insurgency gets hold of his email and phone number.

That collaborator will have to join the witness protection program after we get through with him.

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There's an intriguing article in Wall Street Journal about Desi I.T. consulting firms trying to recruit Americans.

People, hide your children.

"To prepare for any restrictions on new visas, Wipro, India's third largest software exporter by sales, has been in talks with universities in the Atlanta area, where it has an office. The company will start a pilot program at Kennesaw State University this year and plans to hire 500 students in its first two years. It's the first time the Bangalore-based company will recruit at an American campus, says Mr. Kumar."

Don't get to excited, grads. Working at a Desi consulting company is not all that is cracked up to be, for the following reasons:

1. If you are female, get used to doing QA or admin. They will never let you near the code. Cultural issues, and all.

2. Get used to signing in and out. Indians run their I.T. departments like penal colonies. Trust me, I am a refugee from one.

3. Forget about surfing the web at work -- Indians shops don't allow it. At the Curry Den, I was working with a slumdog to set up my development system, and he was terrified to get on the net, even to download Adobe Acrobat. I waited until he was gone and got what I needed, but to be afraid to get even get work-related stuff online is just plain creepy.

4. Like listening to music while you code? Forget it -- you will get the stink eye from your Sikh Project Manager if he sees you wearing headphones (Sikhs are bigshots in the Desi world). I actually had to ask my Desi lead at the Curry Den if it was okay to wear headphones, and he reluctantly said that he didn't have a problem. The next day, ALL the slumdogs had brought in headphones, and they treated me like a god -- I felt like Jack Nicholson's McMurphy character from "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest."

5. Expecting to play volleyball or team sports on your lunch break? Not going to happen -- all you are allowed to do is go outside and smoke, and call home, like most if the slumdog "debelopers" do. And slumdogs have no money, cars, or girlfriends, so all they do is go back to their extended stay motels and eat their communal curry lunches and nap. Nice job, corporate I.T. execs -- you have imported a bunch of horny, desperate young males to do coding, and they behave like Nazis in Paris, except that they can't get laid.

6. Like a quiet peaceful environment to work in? Guess again. Indians had to fight over computers back home and are used to working three or four to a machine. Expect to hear them bickering in broken English, or probably Hindi, all day long.

7. Do you have good communication skills? It doesn't matter, because you will be bombarded all day by emails from your team members that look like they were sent as text messages from a cell phone. Expect a lot of "u r dis" and "i no do dat"

Other than those few minor issues, you can expect a great experience working at one the Indian companies for the likes of Mr. Kumar

BTW, I am refusing to renew my WSJ subscription. After 15 years, I am done. It started going downhill after Murdoch took it over, but it still is the paper of record for capitalists like myself. But it's pro-H[indu]-1B stance has disgusted me, and its editorial page is not what it used to be. Finally, it's eat-our-young capitalist agenda is disgusting me. I wish every fuckin' reporter at WSJ could be tapped on the shoulder and told this:

"This is Raj, your replacement. Train him and then pack your shit. And don't bitch -- there are millions more like him."

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Tunnel Rat posted on March 13, 2009 15:03

Decisions, decisions. I could either blog today, or surf porn.

But there is work to be done, so I am blogging.

A shout out to, another fire team in the insurgency.

They have a great post about how shills like Duke's Vikek Wadhwa play the race card to justify the ongoing occupational apartheid that is being committed by the H[indu]-1B lobby:




I sent my own email to Mr. Wadhwa, and doubt I'll get a response:

Dear Sir,

I have 15 years in the programming business, with top skills, and I have seen my wages decline every year -- it is occupational apartheid at the hands of mostly upper-caste Hindus. Call me politically incorrect, just don't call me a coward. It is the truth, and for over ten years 200,000 American programmers have suffered the humiliation of being displaced by low-skill, low-wage H-1B imports, almost exclusively from India.

The monopoly of the IT profession by the mostly Indian H[indu]-1B lobby must stop. So few of those imports can communicate in English, much less code. And their phony "CVs"!!!! What a riot. 24-yr olds with 10 years of experience!!! And the idiot American I.T. managers drool over these guys, because they are docile, humble, and meek -- unlike the skilled U.S. developer, who maybe cocky yet talented and creative.

There is no "programmer shortage" -- just a shortage of American I.T. executives with integrity and gonads. And their sycophant, eat-their-young capitalists are helping to eliminate the American programmer from the industry. And you aren’t helping matters by promoting this myth, along with the stereotype that Americans can’t be engineers, programmers and scientists. I have a daughter and know that she will have a hard time becoming a software developer if the industry continues to monopolized by nepotistic and misogynist Indian males.

In addition, you are supporting a program that results in the exploitation of many Indian immigrants. They come here, get their passports confiscated, and then are forced to live in squalor while they work as indentured servants for corporate America. You should be ashamed of yourself for being a propagandist for this corrupt and abused program.

Tunnel Rat

What is scary is that this Desi is probably tenured, and discriminating against American college students at Duke.

Send him an email ( or [thanks, Bob]) and let him know that we are on to his ways. His days are numbered. As the anti-H[indu]-1B revolt gains momentum, shills like him won't get any airtime, and will be lucky to have a job. They are the Goebbels of the H[indu]-1B lobby, and will pay the price. Fire for effect.

Also, thanks to my fellow insurgents for sending me these emails:

If you have not seen Robert Oak's work yet, you

A most excellent question: how come an H-1B can start a company, and snag a government job, and in IT security no less?

Good question. I am sure there is a logical explanation -- no American could be found to install keystroke loggers, uh um, I mean anti-virus software at the D.C. DMV.

Brad Reece at has a great post on the Cisco connection to the AITC bust:

"Outrageously in the opinion of yours truly, it appears that there is absolutely nothing in Acar's work experience or technical education that would make him qualified to be an Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO)."


And Brad has a point. It appears that there is absolutely nothing in the average slumdog's work experience or technical education that would make him qualified to be a .NET developer/DBA/Java programmer/pick one, yet they still keep flooding the market and displacing Americans.

Here's some more intel from the insurgency's recon team:

To: Tunnel Rat
Subject: Don't forget the L-1 visa

They are right to be worried. The L-1 has more restrictions on it than the H-1B, because of a crackdown about 5-6 years ago (if memory serves). They were interpreting ANY IT skill as 'specialized knowledge' that would justify bringing in their folks, then shopping them out to displace ours. Even that notorious traitor, Harris Miller (former head of ITAA) warned them to cut it out, but Hindu hubris prevailed. Until the crackdown. There are two types of L-1 visa, one for managers and one for subject specialists.

One interesting thing: over on Immigration Voice and on any board that allows posts, as soon as we start nailing the problems of the H-1B visa, they start whining, 'what about the L-1' and 'what about the illegals from Mexico' (as in, go worry about them and leave us alone). When the seat gets really hot for them, then the internal ethnic and caste hostilities often start to show. 'It's those gultis' (Andhra Pradeshis), 'It's those gujjus' (Gujaratis), 'It's those greedy Banias' (large merchant class), 'It's the northerners (or southerners)' and so on and so forth.

Another interesting thing: In all the years that I've been watching, I've seen many situations where an H-1B has fallen out of status. Firing, layoff, botched job switch, etc. In only ONE case have I seen the advice be, "pack your bags." There are a million loopholes that Americans might be outraged to learn about. 8-9 years ago, the average American had no clue about guestworkers visas, but now they know something has gone very wrong in the job market.

Here are some resources you might enjoy:

Keep 'em coming, fellow rats!

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Tunnel Rat posted on March 11, 2009 15:07

This is all over the news, but still worth a post. Is there a pattern here? Why are so many people associated with the H[indu]-1B program corrupt, and, uh-um, Indian? Why don't they just call it the fucking "Indian Visa?"

"Sushil Bansal, President and CEO of Advanced Integrated Technologies Corporation (AITC) and a former D.C. government employee, was charged with bribery of a public official, money laundering, wire fraud and conflict of interest.

Bansal, 41, was released but ordered not to engage in overseas
financial transactions and had to surrender his passport. Bansal, of Dunn Loring, Va., is due back in court on April 21.

Government records show Bansal, a native of India, is not a U.S. citizen and holds an H-1B visa, which is given to foreign workers in specialty occupations.

... Bansal's company has offices in D.C. and India and received more than $13 million in business with the D.C. government in the past five years, according to court documents. One contract involved providing computer support to the D.C. Department of Motor Vehicles. The company also was given a contract to upgrade
the city's human resources computer records and sold virus detection software to
the city. "

Shit! This slumdog has our DMV info! WTF????

Check out the video

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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