Tunnel Rat posted on February 28, 2009 15:12

I have a DBA buddy of mine that works just up the street from my new gig; a real good friend. We go way back, since I was an FTE at the psycho ward, uh, I mean the mental health division of a major HMO. Wifey and I have dinner with him and his wife all the time. Great people.

So I text him to see if we can meet for lunch. Fifteen minutes later, we are at Outback.

“So how’s [insert name of major apparel company here]?” I ask.

“It’s ok.”

“Hum, sounds fun.”

“Uh, it’s all I can get now. Job market sucks,” he tells me as he thumbs the screen of his iPhone. “Dow is down big. Look at Citi – 40 percent drop just today. I’m getting killed.”

“Tell me about it. You gotta go short, but I see a rally coming. So what have they got you doing?”

“Some XML shit. Don’t really know. Oracle crap.”

“Oracle sucks, it's all coded in India. Fuckin' Larry Ellison has sucked so much Desi dick that his tongue is brown, like a Chow. How’s the team?” I ask.

“Team? There ain’t no team. They got a bunch of H-1Bs working for some consulting company in there, doing the back end,” he says. "I'm just freelancing."

“Motherfuckers are taking over.”

“Tell me about it. It’s bad out there. I’m scared,” he tells me, biting his fingernail.

“What do you mean?”

“I’m living paycheck to paycheck. An’ this gig is just a couple of months.”

My DBA friend had just put two adorable daughters through college and both have engineering degrees. The denigrating Desis that insist that our schools can’t produce engineers should put that in their Hukka pipes and smoke it. And the fact that both kids are women would really piss off the average shrimpdick slumdog, with all his sexual issues.

“But you got a good rate, didn’t you? You’re a high-dollar guy.” I knew he billed $75-$100/hr W-2, back in the day. The guy is a EE from Penn State – way sharp. Knows data warehousing, all sorts of shit. The dude can write SQL like I can surf porn – with great efficiency.

“What ya’ mean? Man, I took 55 bucks an hour, and its 1099.”

“No shit? Dude, you still gotta pay taxes. That is so fucked.”

“I never seen it so bad,” he said.

“I hear ya’. It’s the fucking Indians, man. H-1Bs have fucked up the whole business.” I check my email on my Centro. Five illiterate slumdog comments from my blog and some spam. “Didn’t you have a shitload at State Farm?”

“Don’ even go there with me,” he says, glancing at the iPhone. “Obama’s speaking. Dow’s down another 50.”

“What, you were there a couple of years?”

“State Farm? Yeah.”

“Bunch of slumdogs, right? Dude, they're taking over.”


“Whatever. So how bad was it?” I asked.

“When I got there, there was fifteen on the team. Five white guys.”


“Two years later, there were 35 on the team. I was the only non-Indian.”

“What da’ fuck?” I ask. “Dude, that’s like, fuckin’ genocide.”

“No shit. I would help them, but they wouldn’t help me out. I was on my own.”

“Yup, they’re tribal, just fuckin’ primal. You get three of ‘em in a room and two will form some sort of alliance because they were from the same side of some shithole village and they will turn on the other slumdog. But now they got thirty days to get out.”

“Thirty days?” he asked.

“Yeah, they gotta get a new gig by then or go home. There are a bunch of Hindu fuckers in India trying to get that time extended, to like three months or something. But nobody would hire those dipshits, not in this economy.”

“Thirty days, and they gotta dump the house, pull the kids out of schools,” he said. “ In this market? They are so fucked.”

“The ones that have a house. Most live in motels. I saw it at [Curry Den]. Seven of the bastards lived around the corner in a Residence Inn. Motherfuckers would take two hour lunches. Check this shit out.” I picked up his iPhone and pulled up a Dice forum. “This whole Dice site is full of anti-H-1B shit. The whole I.T. biz knows it’s a scam. Managers won’t touch ‘em.”

“Plenty of Indian managers out there. I saw ‘em at State Farm. Local guys, not imports. They hired nothing but other Indians.” He scanned the posts on the Dice site.

“Dude, I told you, it’s a primitive culture. They don’t work like you and me – it’s all about the tribe.”

“Yeah, well I got a few more years and I’m out. Let ‘em have it. The business sucks. It used to be a good career, and –“

“No shit! I’m trying to get out. But what the fuck am I supposed to do? It ain’t like I’m some dumbass, I can code, design, deploy, back-end, front-end, middle-tier, you name it. I run circles around those retards. But at my last place, those fuckers got all scared as soon as they saw that I could do the work of three of ‘em. They had me sit on my hands all the time, because I made them look bad.”

“Ya’ walked out, huh?” he asked. “After a month or something?”

“Damn straight. Place fuckin’ sucked. It was like working at the county fair – they sound just like a bunch of farm animals, always braying, barking, moaning in broken English or Hindi.”

“They spoke Hindi in the shop?”

“All the fuckin’ time, man. They were all Hindi. Like, three white boys in the whole place. A couple of Asians. One little white guy spent his time kissing Indian ass, the dude had total Stockholm syndrome.”

“The prisoner thing?” he asked.

“Yeah, like you know, when you start to empathize with your captors and their agenda? Just like that. It was like they sucked his brain out of his head.”

“Oh yeah, like in Planet of the Apes, where Charlton Heston finds that guy with the big scar on his skull, and the guy is like, a zombie.”

“Oh, it was definitely Planet of the Apes at my last contract," I told my weary DBA friend. "Fuckin' bunch of simians. It’s a crime man. Operation Mindcrime.”



“Whatever. Let’s go. I gotta finish this batch job for the H-1Bs. Some inventory shit. They don’t have a clue what their doing.”

“Hey, go back and, like, the first one you see, say ‘madharchod" I tell him.

“How do you spell that? Is that like a greeting or something?”

“Yeah. It will help you get to know them.”

“Ok, I’ll try it. But I don’t want to know them. I just wish they’d get out I.T., they're worthless” he says.

“Tell me about it.”

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Tunnel Rat posted on February 26, 2009 12:48

I often reflect on what led me down this path of H-1B bashing. I’ve tracked its origins to one particularly bad experience. From that one episode, every experience thereafter involving H-1Bs, Indians, Desi body shops, Pakis, slumdogs, Infoys, etc., has been colored by that encounter.

My very first incident with an H-1B was not pleasant. It was back during the dot-com boom. I had just finished my first big web project and had made the transition from client-server development to large website work. Business was booming, and I was fielding 3-4 calls a day from recruiters. I figured that once I got Microsoft ASP experience under my belt, I could write my own ticket.

So I jumped at the chance to work for a second-tier I.T. consulting company that was doing a massive website for a global executive recruiting firm. I joined the team of six developers, half FTEs and half contractors.

Of course, it was a death march – the site was supposed to launch in a month and it was nowhere near done. After the first week, one of the account executives managing the project approached me to say that they needed to add some bodies to the team. He wanted to me to do a little preliminary tech screening of some candidates in New Jersey.

Sure, I said, I’d be happy to. After all, I had almost six years in development and pretty much knew my shit. I thought I would just weed out the phonies, and the ones that got past me would get face-to-face interviews with the architects and tech leads.

So he set up the calls and I talked to three guys, the most competent being a man with a pleasant Hindi accent. He was fairly articulate on the phone and answered most of my questions correctly. I recommended him to the client.

The body shop sent someone across country the next day. But this was not the guy that I had talked to on the phone; he was a slobbish Pakistani wearing black sneakers and a cheap suit. They hadn’t even done a face-to-face, just flown him in. He started immediately.

This guy could not speak much English. Plus, he was surly, confused, and utterly worthless. It was the old agency bait-and-switch. My project manager told me to get him up to speed on the project within two weeks and parked him next to my desk . It was a hopeless cause. The guy could barely communicate, much less code. Plus, I had to spend so much time showing him how to do the simplest things, I missed some of my own deliverables.

Man, I really tried. When I noticed that he couldn’t even get his IDE running, I approached one of the Pakistani consultants on site, a really sharp local with his own little development firm, and asked him to talk to the guy; you know, help him out.

“Hey, you speak Punjab, don’t you?” I asked him. (I probably should have said “Punjabi.”)

“Sure,” he said pleasantly.

“Can you have a word with Joban?" I said. "He’s not quite up to speed, and he just fumbles around. I told him to ask if he as any problems, but he refuses to talk to me.”

“No problem, I’ll talk to the chap.”

Later that day, the H-1B comes back to work (we worked literally side-by-side, no cubes, eight of us in a windowless scrum room), and gives me the stink eye. In his broken English, he tells me, in so many words, that if I have a problem, I should take it up with him. I could barely understand him, but his belligerence overcame the language barrier. And that fucking stink-eye; it was like the guy wanted to throw acid in my face.

Speaking of acid, when the burn rate on the project got to be too much, they let me go with half a day's notice. The firm was obligated to give my H-1B friend two week's notice , so he ended up sitting around for a while longer, grimacing, fumbling with some code, and frowning at everybody else on the project until they shipped him back to New Jersey. There he probably sat on the bench, breaking the law until he could scam his way into another gig.

Thus began the hating.

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Some of you may recall Bababooey, the Desi from my seminal post, "Curry Eating Wage Pirates (CEWPs)".

Bababooey was a typical GCCD (Green Card Carrying Desi). He was legal and relished in his immigration status. He took it upon himself to walk around the now-bankrupt dot-com we used to work at and tell everybody what to do. Nothing unusual about that – Desi arrogance is ingrained.

But what I remember most about Bababooey are his stories about his consulting gig at a now-defunct sub-prime mortgage lender; let’s call it QuestAmerica, so that we can protect the identity of the company. It’s not that I want anybody get hurt. I’m sure it was a great, upstanding company in its day, especially when it was running those expensive Super Bowl ads.

I’ve run across several people that worked at QuestAmerica, other than Bababooey. In its heyday, the average mortgage broker at the place was 26 and making over $450,000 a year.

Sub-prime mortgage companies require intensive software operations to process all those NINJA (No Income No Job or Assets) loans. And guess who worked on most of those systems.

Desis and slumdogs.

Do you think those companies, many run by young greedy hotshots, would pay for good local talent? Hell no, they went for the bottom of the barrel.

In fact, QuestAmerica had a habit of hiring exclusively H-1Bs and Desis. It was common knowledge in the contractor circles that the only way to get in there was to speak Hindi.

And Bababooey, being the blowhard Desi he was, liked to brag about the stuff that went on at QuestAmerica. He said that whenever the rules-based software engine would reject a loan application, one of the brokers would go down to the floor where the “debelopers” worked and pull some strings.

By “pull some strings” I mean that a guy like Bababooey or one of his slumdog friends would back-door the system, run an update query, and the application would magically go through the workflow.

Now think about it. WaMu (485 H-1B petitions [WTF???]), QuestAmerica (30 H-1B petitions), New Century (16 H-1B petitions) – all tits up. And how did all those phony mortgage applications get through their systems?

Well, if you have some slumdog or unethical Desi working in your I.T. department, they are really in no position to say shit if some punk mortgage broker comes down from the boiler room and wants someone to do some data-diddling.

So that explains the sub-prime mortgage meltdown – greedy brokers using compliant H[indu]-1Bs and Desis to game the system.

It went on for years. And now, the rest of us have to pay.

Thanks, slumdogs. Now please go home.

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Tunnel Rat posted on February 24, 2009 12:53

I got a text from my honkey contractor buddy yesterday. He's the one that got turned down for the other contractor spot at the Curry Den, the one that Chinaman got:

HIM: Started at [Big-Ass Financial Company] today. They have 5 positions open if you are interested.

ME: I walked off [Curry Den] after 3 weeks. Gave no notice and started at [Giant High-Tech Company] today. Freakin awesome place

HIM: Nice. Glad it worked out. I know about 20 people here.

ME: I reported [Curry Den] to dol. Fucking anti-americans

HIM: Lol, they were poised for disaster

ME: U don't even know

ME: It sucked

ME: Keep an eye on them. Next big scandal

HIM: You mean that ethics problems trump the coding problems?

Me: [Curry Den] just sucks period. Shady place


Plus, I got TWO calls from local recruiters today for real gigs. Looks like the H[indu]-1Bs are getting rounded up and deported en masse. I've heard of sweeps and visa audits going on in corporate I.T.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Priyanka Joshi at WashTech sent me this email:

Dear members and subscribers, CNN is showcasing an ireport against outsourcing of American jobs. I've posted a comment on it. I urge all of you to join us in sharing your outrage against outsourcing. See link below. My comment is the first one.



Finally, I've been jamming on Queensryche lately at my new gig (everybody has headphones on -- it's a real company, with an appropriate minority of Desis, not a fuckin' monopoly):

You'll see there's something going on
Got no love for politicians
Or that crazy scene in D.C.
It's just a power mad town
But the time is ripe for changes
There's a growing feeling
That taking a chance on a new kind of vision is due
I used to trust the media
To tell me the truth, tell us the truth
But now I've seen the [DESI] payoffs
Everywhere I look
Who do you trust when everyone's a crook?

Revolution calling
Revolution calling
Revolution calling you
Revolution calling
Revolution calling
Gotta make a change
Gotta push, gotta push it on through
I'm tired of all this bullshit

- Queensryche - Revolution Calling



The genie is out of the bottle, slumdogs. Now please go home. We are getting our careers back. Go drive a cab or something -- you don't deserve a nice cube with a view.

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Tunnel Rat posted on February 19, 2009 17:03

According to ET, State Farm has terminated its contract with Satyam (ie, "Truth", hehehehe, typical Hindu lie) and sent 170 slumdogs home.

The executive said most of these employees were technical and support staff who were involved in delivery management and support to State Farm Insurance operations. “The disengagement took place in an abrupt manner. Satyam staffers were not allowed to access the computers and their belongings after termination of the contract,” he said.

WAIT! I thought all H-1Bs were rocket scientists or brain surgeons, not "technical and support staff."

But there seems to be some confusion, or denial amongst the Desis working for State Farm. Here's a sampling of their comments, of course in typical H-1B Pidgin English :

Jangar Shayi, CA, says: I was one of the guy in Infosys been asked to go back to India due to onsite effort rationalisation. I know there were close to 200 others been sent back. I also know Infosys fired close to 25 sr positions at US during Dec and another 20 EMs from BCM practice in Feb 09... If sending staff back to offshore is bad, Infosys, Wipro, TCS etc are the worst companies than Satyam which just sent 37 staff back!

Roby, Bloomington, says: Know the facts before putting on paper , your story on State farm insurance is totally false .There are H1's and L1's . Managers screwed up everything . only 37 are returning to satyam Hyderabad . others have changed the companies. Sack all the managers who are associated with these clients as they are not able to retain the projects and convince clients. State Farm Insurance don't have ethics and used other vendors for their welfare and put Satyam employess in jeopardy all Indian companies should teach them a lesson .

And here's a gem:

Nikky, Dublin, says: All these innocent employees who have faced the humiliation at the client site and have to return abruptly must file a criminal case against Satyam(R Raju) in India and Government of India should get them compensated. They should definitely form a group and try get the legal consultancy on this matter.

What about all the Americans that faced "humiliation at the client site" and had to train their H-1B replacement? Just who the fuck are they supposed to sue?

Also 7,000 Satyam slumdogs are in America with H-1Bs, and now will be promptly sent home. Looks like they were here illegally:

"It is possible that Satyam's I-140 petitions, whether pending or approved, will be denied or revoked for fraud. An essential piece of an I-140 petition is the petitioner's showing that it has the ability to pay the beneficiary's proffered wages. Satyam has admitted to accounting fraud, meaning that the I-140 petitions all necessarily relied on fraudulent documents..."

Here are some comments, which are almost beyond translation:

Two things possible for your frustrations:
1. You didnt have the 70 plus aggr whcih enables u to sit for IT aptitude tests. All your frnds would have got through and you're nopw jealous
2.U studied ina time pass college where no IT companies comes. So u missed out...

Satyam is in the process of sending all consultants on bench to India. A lot of my friends were working in Peoria, IL for Caterpiller and they were hired in the US. Some of my friends have kids that are US citizens and go to school here...

Now, Satyam is forcing them to resign or go to India. How can employees that were hired in the US go to India in the middle of a school year? What about their commitments? The credit card bills? The car payments? The student loans? The Green Card Applications? ...

[What about the American programmers replaced by low-skill, low-wage Indians? What about their bills, their kids? You should be ashamed of yourselves, Desis, for committing this fraud for over 10 years. It's time for some payback.]

Satyam's management is showing a very callous attitude and forcing their associates to either go to India or resign. In fact Satyam does not even have a point of contact in the US. Most associates are desperately calling people in India and unfortunately for them, the management is not picking up their phones. There is zero accountability in Satyam today...

Satyam is worse than any desi consulting company today forcing people to go on leave without pay if they not have projects. Frankly, this itself is an immigration violation and the DHS should investigate Satyam for not paying associates while on bench....

I understand ur passion for Telugu folks. But look at any fraud resume. It most likely will have last names like Reddy, Naidu, Palli, Bheemu, Akku, Yedda, Chiluka, Saddi, Bheemareddy, Lakhireddy, Moola, Mukkala, Mukka etc which are all AP last names...

YSR and the great Chandrababu Naidu also faked export numbers for AP and they claimed that they were # 1. Look at what happened today. AP falls from grace. Thats why faking wont help and Andhra wont prosper...

And this about sums it all up, from a guy named Amar Kumar:

Typical gult life:
fake degree, fake experience, fake resume, fake consulting, fake references, fake paystubs, fake marriage, fake orgasm...totally fake life..pooor gult...

But what really struck me while reading all those comments was the shear vitriol and hate Indians have for one another. Man, I thought I was a hater, but this was crazy:

In Maharashtra, most non locals are getting beaten up since the last 60 years. In Tamil Nadu, they hate all non tamils. In Karnataka, they have Karnataka rakshana vedike etc. The same is the case with Punjabis,Bengalis and Gujaratis...
Hay! don't say Bengalis. Bengalis are living in Calcutta and it's surrounding ares lika an outsiders and quite offen get beaten by BHAIAS(from UP and BIHAR)and MADRASI (from Tamilnadu). Bengalis are the most tolerant community in India...
Go to any tamil based company and find out the number of tamils employed there. The regionalism of any other community doesnt even come close...

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Tunnel Rat posted on February 19, 2009 15:19

WashTech has a new YouTube video:


What is shocking is the guy who had to train H-1B replacements in not ONE, but TWO jobs. He finally said fuck it and is training to become a nurse. And the upper-cast Desis froth at the mouth when you mention Priyanka Joshi, because she is Indian, (and a woman), and on to their scam.

My favorite Indians are the women like Joshi, and the blogger of A Zillion reasons to escape from India; I am pretty sure she is a woman. That site has all the gory details about the damage done to India by its upper-caste minority. Ironically, on her About page, she has this message:

"So here I am, Hindutva idiots, Call me Chinese. Pakistani or Terrorist, You can target me or add in your ever increasing hit list."

Add me to that list also, motherfuckers.

Evidently, the only people trying to fix your basket case of a country are the women, you greedy shrimpdicks.

I also like the guys that work at the local smoke shop where I get my Macanudos. I was driving there today with my daughter and told her she could come in and meet the Indians that run the place (they were fascinated with my tales of the Curry Den).

"But I thought you hate Indians, Daddy?" she asked. She's been in the room when wifey teases me by putting on those reality shows with the giant Indian weddings, and I make a big scene of running out of the room, screaming.

"No, pumpkin, not Indians, just the ones called H-1Bs."

"What, they are Indian bees?"

"No, they are people that come here and lie and cheat so that Daddy has a hard time getting a job. They are called H-1Bs."

"Well, that's not nice," she said.

"No, it ain't babe. But things are startin' to change," I told her as we strolled into the cigar place. "They're going to get sent home."

Meanwhile, I've been getting a ton of traffic from the Desis working at Oracle, Motorola, Google, Cisco, and Morgan Stanley and ironically, George Mason University.

That last one explains the fist-typing slumdog trolls with Turret's that flood my comments section with illiterate rubbish -- they are the sons and daughters of rich Hindutvas sent here to learn at our great universities (odd, since India is supposed to have such great schools, but no foreigners go to those). And these spoiled rich-kid Desis do nothing all day but troll on sites like mine. They even have a term for my blog -- "Time-Passer," which in India means a school that teaches you nothing and is just a place to pass time (like almost all Indian institutions).

As for the traffic from corporate America, all those big companies have giant Indian-only I.T. ghettos. And it is there that the "best and the brightest" spend their time spewing shit on my blog and trying to defend their monopoly of the programming trade.

It is there that the battle will be waged.

Load and lock, bitch. Its time to police up the industry and get rid of the fakers, schemers, and hackers.

Thanks to all the lurkers out there, dropping off the recon about all sorts of shit the Desis don't want America to know about, like:

Indian Sex Predators in America

Well, that stands to reason. If you smuggle in young males from a foreign country, don't pay them well, steal their passports, and make them live ten to a room with nothing but basic cable and the internet, there is a good chance that they may resort to trolling for your girls on the web and get caught by Chris Hansen of Dateline's "To Catch A Predator."

Oh, and I got a call from the NAACP. It went something like this:

"We hear you been pissing off a bunch of Indians. Well, ain't that the shit! Those mofos been treating us like crap ever since they took over the I.T. biz. We muthafuckers can't even get jobs as janitors for the racist muthafuckers. Keep up the good work. Semper Fi."

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tunnel rat posted on February 19, 2009 13:15

That’s what my doctor asked me today, right before he gave me a prostate exam. How ironic.

“It’s supposed to be for guest workers. I’m sure you’ve got a lot of talented Indians in your field, but they have flooded the I.T. business, and they’re not the best and the brightest,” I told him. “They come over on a so called ‘H-1B’ visa, which was designed for guest workers to fill spots that supposedly no American can fill.” So, have you seen 'Slumdog Millionaire'?

“Oh, yeah, we got that too, with radiologists. And they’re pissed. I mean, anyone can send a chart digitally and have someone in India analyze it,” he said.

“Yeah, I got no problem with sending work overseas, but with H-1Bs, they ship ‘em in, and trust me, they aren’t rocket scientists. Then they get their wives over here with an H-4, and they aren’t supposed to work here, but they do. And they have totally destroyed my business. They can’t code, can’t communicate, nothing.”

“Bummer. Now bend over, rest your elbows on the bed. Here’s a napkin to cleanup.”

I did as I was told.

So, with his fist halfway up my ass, he goes "So, have you seen 'Slumdog Millionaire'?"

I made that last part up.

Man, it amazes me how clueless most people in America are about the whole H-1B and L-1 scam that has been going for years. The State Farm guy I talked to, my doctor, my white-trash neighbor with the pot-head son who lives next to the slumdog clown house (the one with the sheets over the windows), none of them have any idea.

But the word is getting out. Google H-1B and the results aren’t pretty. Among the usual “How To Scam The Visa System” types of articles, you get a lot of results like this:

Feds (finally) cracking down on H-1B abuses...

Fed indictments tell how H-1B visas were used to undercut wages...

H-1B visa racket busted in US, 11 Indians arrested...

How did H-1B get such a bad reputation? - Network World...

Amardeep Singh: Maltreated H-1B Workers Begin to Find a Voice...

It’s not looking good. H-1B is now almost synonymous with exploitation, fraud, and greed.

H-1B – Bad for America, worse for the slumdog, even worse for the American programmer.

Time to abolish it.

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Tunnel Rat posted on February 17, 2009 13:22

From the Seattle Times:

Don't think for a minute that the H1-B's are innocent. Now that they have moved up the corporate food chain, I have had to report to India H1B IT leads on three contracts now. The first lead took me behind closed doors and told me to go find another job because they had a friend in India that they wanted to give my job to. The second India lead was making up fictitious verbal requirements for me to recode so I would miss my deadlines. Upon my resignation from that company, another consultant from India confirmed for me that my work was being sabatoged so if a layoff were to occur, that India lead could justify laying me off first because I was an American worker. And on this last contract, I was hired to replace an India consultant that had lied on their resume and could not do the job and was let go. I had to report to an India lead that was upset because an American had replaced a fired India consultant. Within two months on that contract, somebody took a chisel to the front fender of my car. Just prior to this vandalism, my India manager left early and asked me out of the blue 'What type of insurance do you carry on your vehicle?'. There is no doubt in my mind who vandalized my car that afternoon. So for all of you liberal softies who cry, give these poor foreigners a break, I say wake up and smell the coffee. It is time to give the American worker a break..!!

This was is more along the lines of "cultural differences make it almost impossible for Indians to write software:"

I worked, until the end of last year, as a freelance software engineer at a Swiss private bank.

Some years ago, they outsourced a conversion project to India, since the cost would be 2M instead of 3M Swiss francs. Once they got the conversions back, they simply didn't work! The problem was, the programmers did exactly what they had been told to do, without asking whether it made any sense or not. On the other hand, the analysts had assumed certain base knowledge that was lacking.

The end result was that a special team was put together, along with the 5 top Indian programmers who came to Switzerland, to correct the problems. The costs were over 1.5M. At an overrun of 0.5M, plus nearly 18 months delay, they finally got their system.

The problem with not questioning the specs lies in a cultural problem in much of India: questioning authorities is simply not in it. I have this information from a good Indian friend of mine, who says that the greatest thing that ever happened to him was to study in America; it opened his eyes to the advantages of not assuming
that the bosses and analysts know what they are doing and what they want.


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Tunnel Rat posted on February 16, 2009 16:23

Priyanka Joshi of WashTech was quoted in a Seattle Times article about the impact of the economy on H-1Bs. In just one day, that article has almost 400 comments, with tons of H-1B horror stories. Many people are coming forward to document the discrimination of Americans by Indians in I.T.

Here is just a sample of the comments:


I was recently laid off so an H1B visa holder could keep their job. We both worked for the same boss, who you guessed it is here from the same country as my former co-worker and she protected his job. And guess what. Her boss is also here from the same country. So all three of these foreign workers kept their jobs and protected their own, while I was laid off. And the person who kept tehir job was paid more than me and had about 15 years less experience. So I know this program is being abused and used against American citizens.


My husband worked at a Bellevue education start-up company, and I can attest to the H1B visa fraud that takes place in this country from my husband's work experience. The company he worked at was actually headed by a man that originally came to this country on a H1B visa. He surrounded himself with fellow Indians, some on H1B visas. One particular H1B visa hire that came aboard was one of the company's worst employees but ironically was a longtime friend of the company head. This person was originally denied his H1B visa, but this did not stop the company from fighting this denial. My husband was actually asked by this person if he could back date the job post. The company went on to conspire to get this person's H1B visa and was successful. In the wake of recent layoffs at the company, this H1B visa holder still has a job and so do almost all the Indians while all the non-Indians have been laid off. This company probably has less than 8 non-Indians and at least 30 Indians and H1B visa holders. You tell me, is there something wrong with this picture?


Another important issue to remember about H1B visa holders, especially those from third world/developing countries is HEALTH INSURANCE. I worked for a small consulting firm in 2002 and they could not get group insurance because the H1Bs and their families ran up claims that were exponentially higher percentage wise than normal. This is because they did not have good medical care at home, so with their families, they came here and decided to get all their health care problems taken care of on the company's dime. This included heart surgery to repair a congenital heart defect on one worker's wife and also reconstructive surgery to correct orthopedic problems that another one's wife was born with. There were numerous other medical and dental issues that were attributed to the lack of good medical care in the home countries of these workers. This resulted in the company having to become 'self insured' and it created a hardship for everyone else. I know this information because it was quietly shared with non H1B workers by HR and other employees at the company. Oh and the best part, our premiums tripled.


What tends to happen at a certain large software company is that entire development groups become small ghettos of Indians. If a non-Indian applies for that job he will get an interview but won't be accepted for the position. This whole process is a type of colonization. The system becomes rigged in favor of the foriegners.

Also, there are stories where Indians will employ family members that are not entitled to work in the US, like the wife, to develop code. He effectively multiplies his productivity but he is still only paid one salary. Of course the company is quite happy with his high level of productivity.


MSGeek, your description sounds a lot like my husband's former work situation. He told me numerous stories of how the company weeded out non-Indian resumes from their open positions. Several Indian directors in the company would not even interview non-Indians no matter their work history or expertise. His company made a concerted effort to only interview Indians for many of the open positions. He said even when they interviewed some Indians for positions and gave across the board "no hire" that other Indians in the company would override their decisions because their Indian friend needed his H1B visa.

He also has tons of stories where new employees would suddenly show up to work. Several of the Indian executives or directors would simply hire their Indian friends on a whim without even going through the proper interview loop channels. My husband started investigating this practice and found many of these guys played on cricket teams together and were longtime friends. Also, he found their job histories were all very similar. He said they had a history of getting their Indian friends jobs at every company they were at.

To add insult to injury, it became clear a lot of these Indians with MS and grad degrees from Indian institutions were suspect. It became clear that many of these India based universities were merely degree mills.

Sorry folks, even playing the race card will not silence us. The truth is out, Desis -- you can't code, you cheat, and you discriminate.

Now please go home.

Tunnel Rat posted on February 15, 2009 22:50

For those of you following along, you know that I got a call from my recruiter Saturday mornging after she found out I quit the Curry Den.

I recorded the whole thing.

She ain't too swift, and she tried to guilt trip me into at least giving notice or working something out with her client. The bimbo just wants her commission, but after I got thorough with her, she was offering me another gig, a full-time position at another client.

But what floored me was how clueless she is about the impact that the Indians have had on I.T. She has also seen her commissions drop because the rates have been gutted by the flood of cheap CEWPs, yet she thinks it is because the industry is cyclical. Cyclical my ass, it has been down for ten years and will go lower until we kick all the slumdogs out.

She also said that there are a lot of .NET guys looking for work, so I told her to get someone else in the Hindu dungeon. But her saying that is yet another nail in the coffin of the "programmer shortage" cannard peddled by the H-1B lobby, immigration lawyers, and dumbass CTOs.

I sliced up the audio and scrubbed out any incriminating evidence. For your listening pleasure, here are the clips (sorry, no Hindu version):

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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- Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies

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